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Enhance Your Customer-Centric Business with Expedited Shipping

Diana Zheng
July 4, 2022

For a small business to prosper, it should center its goals on what its potential customers need and want. Most customers want to receive their orders immediately, and you can make this happen by choosing the correct shipping option. Expedited shipping is one of the fastest delivery options available, yet it is also one of the most expensive choices. So, many customers and sellers do not opt for this option as it is not affordable. However, there are tricks that you can do to enhance your customer-centric business with expedited shipping without spending too much. Check this article to find out how.

Increase Brand Awareness

There are numerous ways to establish brand awareness, like creating shareable infographics and improving SEO ranking with user-intent keywords. Once you start rolling your goal, you can also partner with other brands with similar values and plans to increase trust from your audience. How does expedited delivery and shipping help brand awareness? Once a shipping partner offers the lowest shipping cost and faster delivery, you can also charge affordable shipping rates that appeal to customers. It includes express shipping, which tends to be a more costly option. In this case, you are now setting an identity that offers quality products and fast service. You also put expedited shipping meaning in your identity.

Utilize Email Tools

Email marketing is one of the top go-to methods of reaching your customers. You can create emails for different purposes, like “new arrival emails,” “promotional emails,” and “holiday emails.” Emails can help you show the value of your business and establish rapport with your audience, especially the potential customers. Furthermore, it keeps your business on top of your audience’s minds regarding product options.

When writing emails, you can subtly include your best and unique features, like the delivery services and fast shipping time. You can also put your expertise and creative side when writing emails to encourage healthy communication with your customers without gloating.

Take Advantage of Pop Ads

While many consumers are not pleased to see pop ads, again and again, there are advantages you can get from using them. First, it is an effective way to grab people’s attention because it is something hard to ignore. Unless the user uses pop-up blocking software, there is no way they can avoid seeing the ads. However, you should use and place them properly to prevent the negative impacts, like making the customers feel that the ads are being forced down their throats, which should not be the case.

Similar to any other ads, make the pop-up appealing and catchy. Add the valuable factors of the business and special promos, like free, fast shipping option that can attract more customers.

Optimize Your eCommerce Store for Mobile Apps

Optimize Your eCommerce Store for Mobile Apps

Although it may sound complicated due to some technical aspects, you can make it possible with the help of IT experts. Yes, it may incur some additional costs, but the effects of optimizing your eCommerce store for mobile apps are positive. Most, if not all, customers prefer to purchase online, especially on mobile phones, to avoid traffic and crowded places. Furthermore, buying through mobile apps is more convenient because they can do it anywhere.

Let your eCommerce store be inclusive and accommodating as much as possible. You can incorporate social media share buttons for customers to quickly mention and share their favorite products and purchases from your store to their friends and social media networks.

You may include different payment options, utilize photo galleries for every product posted, and indicate other shipping services, like standard shipping, express shipping, and ground shipping. It will also be an excellent idea to showcase your business’s numerous expedited shipping options. For example, show that you offer expedited shipping on Amazon if you also have a shop on the platform.

Integrate Social Media Accounts

Integrating social media accounts is the fastest way to get your brand noticed by your target audience. Social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok, have distinct functions in utilizing them for your business.

Facebook. It is one of the most popular social media sites in the world. The average age of users in the United States is around 25 to 34 years old, while the global average ranges from 35 to 44 years old. So, if your target audience is around these ages, then Facebook is the perfect app for you.

Instagram. This social media site is perfect for businesses aiming to showcase their products’ aesthetics. Furthermore, with the proper strategies, Instagram allows you to reach millions of people across the country and engage with the community. In fact, Instagram beats Facebook and Twitter in most engaging social media sites worldwide.

Twitter. This social media app proves that less is more. Due to the small limit of characters you can use when posting on Twitter, you must be more creative in your writing. Another good thing about using Twitter is its real-time updates about your contest, like express delivery discounts.

Tiktok. If you are a small business owner, Tiktok has introduced something you can take advantage of. It offers a “Tiktok Live” feature, which allows a customer to purchase directly from the app. You can consider partnering with a shipping carrier offering low-cost expedited shipping services and standard delivery to enhance your shipping method. Aside from this, you can also post about how your process the shipment and parcels.

Promote Your Top-Selling Products

Of course, you can use your social media apps to showcase your best-selling items and top-notch services. Consistently promoting your products will effectively help the target audience remember your business. While you have to pay more attention to the products that sell the most, you can still experiment with how to advertise these items from time to time.

There are factors why there are top and least-selling products, like the chosen target audience, the time and season you are selling these items, and the location, among others. You can also use your least-selling items as freebies, and fast delivery offers to attract more customers to purchase your top-selling products.

Showcase Product and Store Reviews

Don’t forget to include both negative and positive reviews. Negative feedback may sound bad for the business, but it balances and authenticates the positive reviews. Delivery services are some of the factors buyers consider when giving critiques, so choosing a suitable shipping carrier is best for your business. Furthermore, providing an affordable expedited shipping option can also be an element in receiving a good review.

Partner with Top Shipping Company image

Partner with Top Shipping Company

You would not be able to offer any expedited shipping service if you don’t have any courier service. Expedited shipping options, like priority mail express and next day delivery, can be expensive. Choosing the right shipping provider will help you ease the burden of providing a fast delivery service.

Consider Stallion Express

You don’t have to look far to find Canada’s most affordable shipment provider. Located in both Ontario and British Columbia regions, Stallion is the most affordable way to ship any product across Canada, to the US, and internationally. You can now offer free shipping and other discounts, even with expedited shipping.

Furthermore, they offer a faster delivery time your customers will surely be delighted. Also, you have a real-time tracking tool to know where the packages are, so there is no more unexpected delivery.You can also integrate your eCommerce platforms for easier order and shipping management, such as Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, and eBay.

An expedited shipping business can help your brand stand out despite the tough competition. Contact our customer service and be one of Stallion’s small business partners. 

Get started today! Ship faster, smarter, cheaper with Stallion.

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