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A Guide to Standard Shipping From US to Canada

Pramod Bhat
December 22, 2020
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With the whole world transitioning to the new normal, the need for shipping and delivery services have never been this high. Various businesses and companies have chosen to address their logistics problems before making another sale or closing another deal, especially when it comes to international trades. Logistics is one of the main concerns each business should fix before anything else.

Canada, a country with a lot to offer in international trade, is currently well-known for the different products they ship locally and internationally. However, not all consumers are familiar with navigating the digital landscape, especially when it comes to standard shipping from US to Canada. Most people struggle with figuring out how the other shipping companies work.

Even figuring out the US to Canada shipping cost is among the most frequently asked questions you’ll see asked to different shipping companies. You’ll find this guide useful when going through other online shops one day at a time (or maybe even more.)

How does standard shipping from US to Canada work?

First, you should know how to ship from US to Canada and vice versa. Diving into costs and issues before understanding the usual procedure that most shipping companies follow might cost you more. Hastening the learning process would lead to a lot of unnecessary shipping hassles and mishaps when learning how to ship from US to Canada. You’re here to avoid all that.

It would help if you never underestimate the power of knowledge. Standard shipping from US to Canada and logistics can be a daunting and overwhelming subject to learn, but with enough experience, you’re sure to zoom through the various issues you might face in the future. It’s not something that’s only going to make you run things smoother but also a little something that’s bound to increase leads and even profits!

There are two essential things you should know about shipping from Canada to US.

  1. It’s different for households and businesses.
  2. There are specific rules for each shipping company.

You should pay more attention to how to wrap your package for shipping properly for individuals and households. The standard shipping from US to Canada is a process that not everyone is familiar with. Believe it or not, customs take proper packaging and labeling into account. You can always check the tips available online to figure out the best way to keep your package safe and secure! That way, you’ll be able to avoid the most exhausting part of the whole shipping process: customs clearance delay.

Aside from these useful tips, you’ll also find yourself learning more about the different services that each shipping company offers. These services come with the various features, options, and future costs in addition to the primary US to Canada shipping cost you might be paying for. However, it would be best if you didn’t worry about paying more than what you expect since you can always check how much these fees are before signing up through this shipping calculator.

Unlike individual and household shipping terms and conditions, businesses follow the same procedure but approach them in a more straightforward manner since they have people designated to do this kind of thing. Before shipping the package, the business should guarantee that the destination country accepts the item they plan to send. 

These companies must read up on non-mailable matters to avoid issues like this. You should know that aside from shipping companies, countries have their list of rules, regulations, and restrictions, too. Businesses should keep in mind that there are requirements to complete the shipping service. However, most companies have already chosen their shipping partners for their logistical needs, which isn’t something you should be worried about unless you plan to start your own business. It is highly essential for these businesses to figure out their procedure for their standard shipping from US to Canada.

These central ideas are only the icing on top of the cake. When trying to learn more about shipping from Canada to US, you will need to choose a shipping company that’s experienced in handling these kinds of things. Work with a reliable shipping company that provides you with affordable rates, which will lead to a fruitful partnership between both businesses.

What other things should you know about US to Canada shipping cost?

As mentioned before, there are different shipping options for you to explore. These options also come with their list of features, do’s and don’ts, and prices. Before deciding which shipping company serves you better and helps you save costs, you should know the variables that usually affect shipping rates.

What the package’s dimension is

You will need to refer to the size of the box’s you use for shipping the product. The dimensions will help calculate how much space will be required to transport the box to the shipping address you place in the information before applying for the shipping service. The bigger it is, the more space you’ll need, the higher the shipping rates you’ll be required to pay.

When the package is expected to arrive

In layman’s terms, this refers to how fast and when the customers expect the package. People may opt for the rush or priority shipping option provided by various shipping companies for those excited and in a hurry to receive their parcels. There are a lot to choose from, but you should also note that this option would result to you paying more than the standard shipping rate.

Where the package is headed to

Just like transportation services, where the package is headed is another variable you should consider when calculating the shipping expenses. The farther its destination is, the higher the cost. However, in international shipping, taxes and other duties are added to the shipping fee’s total. It would help if you also noted that shipping costs vary for commercial and residential addresses. 

How many packages there are and how much they weigh

All shipping service providers factor in the various items’ weights to finalize the shipping rates and fees. Weighing the items will help determine the costs of the item’s shipping. If the number of things you plan to ship increases, then the shipping rates and fees will also increase. It’s pretty easy to understand.

Now that you’ve learned about the different factors that determine your package’s US to Canada shipping cost, you should also learn about the various problems, issues, and concerns you will face when shipping an item. These are some issues that could cause delays in the delivery of your package.

Delays in Standard Shipping from US to Canada

These delay issues could lead to bad reviews especially if you are trying to ship a package internationally. You can avoid such problems; however, you’ll need to be the most detail-oriented version of yourself to make successful shipping happen.

You are getting your package cleared through customs.

One thing that can often cause delays in shipping is customs clearance. This process involves the customs authority, which collects all the various products to be shipped into the country. The customs clearance includes facilitating the import and export of a particular item, having an official document that shows proof of the duties’ payment, and the export cleaning of the shipper’s items.

Shipping from Canada to US involves a few specific documentation as part of the requirements for clearance. Securing these documents helps in reducing delays and avoid additional fees that are sure to hurt your pockets. However, you’re in luck! With customs services available 24/7, commodity and security inspections speed up the whole customs clearance process and smoothening package entries into different countries.

You should also consider placing the correct data and paying the required fees. Even little things, such as the incorrect tariff classification codes or the wrong product valuation and selecting the incorrect shipping term, can lead to a delayed shipment. Make sure that you don’t forget to take advantage of Canada’s non-resident importer program while also complying with the proper packaging and labeling requirements.

Making sure you’re properly communicating with your buyer.

Aside from customs, another thing that can cause delays is poor communication between the seller and the buyer. With US to Canada shipping costs getting higher, you’ll need to guarantee your buyer and ensure that both of you keep an open line of communication. No matter what type of issue should be present, a seller informs their buyer at all times. Poor communication is something you should avoid. You wouldn’t want a bad review, right?

These are only a few things that should be part of your checklist to achieving a seamless shipping process. You should also learn about other things, especially when you’re walking down the path of online selling. The whole shipping process gets easier once you get the basics down.

Final Thoughts

As a newcomer to the whole eCommerce platform, shipping from Canada to US can be daunting. It’s not something you can master in a day, but like all things, it’s one thing that gets easier the more you get used to it! Learn more by taking a look at the different options you have. There’s nothing wrong with asking. You’ll always have the support of your future partners who can guarantee that you’ll increase your business’ revenue and sales. If you’re also an individual trying to send care packages in and out of the country, logistics will always be a concern. Getting these things finalized is not something that can be done in mere seconds.

However, if you’re still having trouble with the whole process, you’ll need the help of experts! You can start by giving Stallion Express a call and discussing your future logistical needs that will surely improve your ratings and grow your business — in sales and organic reach!

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