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How to Ship Internationally? 10 Things to Learn and Consider

Diana Zheng
July 15, 2022

While many online sellers are venturing into international shipping, some are still cautious and apprehensive as they do not know what to do. International shipping is not new among businesses, even for smaller ones, as there are many eCommerce platforms to help make selling internationally possible and efficient. However, being inexperienced in international shipping limits numerous sellers’ potential.

Suppose you are an interested entrepreneur who wants to expand the business and know how to ship internationally; this article might trigger your interest. You will discover what you should learn and consider in venturing into international shipping.


“How much does it cost to ship internationally?” This question is common among entrepreneurs new to international shipping. Of course, minimizing costs will be your primary goal if you are still starting with your global expansion. So, learning these few topics will help you know how much you have to allot for this plan. 

Customs Duty

Simply put, customs duty is the tax we pay on inbound and outbound shipments. The primary goal of Customs Duty is to secure every country’s economy, residents, jobs, environment, etc., by monitoring the delivery of resources into and out of the country, particularly restrictive and prohibited goods. 

You must develop the skill of international trade to rise to the challenge in today’s competitive business environment, including understanding the complex nature of customs clearance. If the taxes on imported goods are not paid, the customs will seize the imports, which will freeze the profits.

As an entrepreneur, learning customs duty will help you minimize expenses, as you do not have to hire a broker. Furthermore, you will know how much taxes will it cost you to send a particular item. While you can impose the tax on your customers, it is better to allocate a budget to help alleviate the cost it will incur.

Package Weight and Size

Every international courier has terms regarding packaging and how much it affects the shipping costs. Learning each company’s international shipping rates will help you find a better partner that can accommodate your shipping budget. 

Nonetheless, the general rule regarding shipping an international package is to limit the usage of boxes and opt for packing bags because it is cheaper. However, if the orders need to be put in a box, ensure that the size is just slightly larger than the item. The space must be enough to hold the order, and some protection, such as packaging peanuts or bubble wraps to avoid unnecessary charges.

Most couriers do not just calculate the shipment by its weight and size, as they already include the height of the package too. So, if you send the parcel in a bigger box, you must pay more. 

Transit Times

The transit times will depend on your shipping service and international courier. It will be helpful to check how different the delivery time is among your top shipping options. For example, Company A offers a priority mail express international option with seven business days delivery duration, comparable to Company B’s standard shipping option, only cheaper. 

Providing cheap yet faster transit times will increase customers’ satisfaction because many shoppers want to receive their packages as soon as possible. So, accommodating this requirement will boost the chance of buyers choosing your business over competitors. 


How to ship a package internationally? There are requirements that you have to comply with when shipping internationally. 

Bill of Lading (BOL). A Bill of Lading is a legal requirement issued by a carrier to the shipper denoting the type, quantity, and international destination of the goods shipped. Furthermore, this document serves as a title document, receipt for shipment, and a contract between the carrier and shipper. It must contain the signature of the courier’s authorized representative, shipper, and receiver. The Bill of Lading can effectively deter asset theft when appropriately managed and reviewed.

Commercial Invoice. A commercial invoice is a necessary document for export and import clearance. It is the document that the customs officials use to evaluate import custom duties in the receiver’s country. Contact credible sources for country-specific requirements is best before accomplishing a commercial invoice for a different export destination. In some countries, the invoice must follow a particular format, while most countries accept the seller’s or exporter’s version as long as all relevant information is included. 

Certificate of Origin. A Certificate of Origin (CO) is a document stating which country produced the commodity. It also includes information about the product, country destination, and the export government. The CO is a basic form required by many treaty agreements for international trade, as it can ascertain whether the goods are eligible for import or are subject to duties. 

 transportation process image

Transportation Process

There are critical differences between supply chain, logistics, and transportation, so learning these distinctions can contribute significantly to how your goods are sent to the end consumers. Furthermore, you can find better techniques to develop the transportation process. Learning the transportation process will also help you better understand the most suitable shipping method for your next delivery. 

Restricted and Prohibited Items

Checking the restricted and prohibited items first will help you minimize errors that can lead to additional unexpected charges. Plus, shipping restricted and prohibited items can also result in a seizure. So, you have to pay the penalty and lose your products simultaneously. 

Shipping Protection Plans

While shipping issues are not everyday problems, it is better to have a protection plan to secure every shipment. You may consider this plan an additional expense, but if you think about it, you are saving your company from lost profit and a bad reputation once something happens to the parcel.

Shipping Terms

Learning the shipping terms is not mandatory but an advantage, especially if you are an online business. It shows the impression that you know the industry well. Furthermore, it indicates your credibility as a seller. You can check this article out if you want to learn basic shipping terms.


While there are topics you should learn, there are also things that you have to consider to ensure that you touch all bases. 

Product Overseas Demand

How to ship international products successfully? You must research if you want to make this venture successful. Each country has a different culture. Thus you must expect that there will be crucial distinctions. 

You must also check the competition for specific products in your chosen country in developing your marketing strategy. 


Apart from the marketing strategy that you will make, it would help if you also came up with an efficient shipping method to make the international customers feel satisfied. Furthermore, a shipping strategy will help you find the cheapest international shipping service.

Customer Perks

One of the things you have to consider is what to offer to international customers for them to choose your brand over your customers. Remember, there are more local shops they can buy from, so you must feature a unique quality that will persuade them to buy from you. Besides that, think of other perks they can get, like free shipping or free items. 


Shipping tools are essential to managing orders efficiently and competitively. You can choose the most suitable tools by identifying your goals. You can streamline tools with your eCommerce platform for a faster management process.

consider a shipping partner image

Shipping Partner

The correct shipping partner will minimize the shipping cost and provide you with an outstanding international shipping option that can help you succeed in shipping internationally.

Know About Stallion

To help online sellers to meet their customers’ demands, Stallion offers the cheapest international shipping costs, a straightforward shipping process, and a faster delivery time.

Time is always essential, so we want you to focus on developing your business rather than allot your time getting the requirements for the international shipment. Stallion can do it on your behalf.

We have branches in Mississauga, Markham, London, and Richmond. We also have our Drop & Go Locations in the East End of Toronto, Midtown Toronto, Kitchener, and Hamilton.

If you want to know more about how to ship internationally with Stallion, feel free to contact our customer service for any assistance you need. 

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