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Learn how to ship from the U.S. to Canada in 2021

With the rise of eCommerce, more and more businesses are entering the industry to grow their stores and gain financial success. Canada is a great target market for your business. However, some sellers get confused when shipping across the border. To ease your worries, we created a guide on how to ship from the U.S. […]

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4 Tips to Overcome Fulfilled By Amazon International Shipping Restrictions Due to COVID-19

Fulfilled by Amazon international shipping has been receiving bad rap these past few months. Due to the coronavirus outbreak worldwide, Amazon has made drastic and sudden changes to regulate shipments coming into their fulfillment centers. What Has Been Happening on Amazon Lately? The e-commerce giant announced last March 17, 2020, that they partially suspended the […]

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What Are the Best Ways to Ship Packages Internationally?

The e-commerce industry has been the fastest-growing industry in the world. With the continuous rise of Amazon and other e-commerce platforms, more and more businesses are jumping onto the trend. It was even foreseen that e-commerce sales are expected to rise by 17.5% by 2021. Plus, millennials will comprise 30% of spending by 2030! With […]

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How Long Does Canada Standard Shipping Take Without Delays?

"Your order might be delayed because a flock of migrating Canada geese blocked the aircraft that carries the cargo." Imagine saying this to your fuming customer over the phone. This might be a good conversation-starter to diffuse tension, but sadly, some customers have a one-track mind. Their focus is on receiving their package on the […]

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Crash Course on Amazon International Shipping

Have you been thinking of growing your business internationally? Do you plan on using Amazon International Shipping? If you have, then that’s awesome! Amazon ships to over 100  countries in the world. In fact, Amazon’s total shipping cost amounted to 37.9 billion U.S. dollars in 2019, and there are over  2.2 million third-party sellers worldwide. […]

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Finding the Cheapest Way for Shipping Parcels from Canada to US

When aspirants start their own business, different factors arise. First, how will products and services come to life? Another vital factor would be transporting the said products and services to their customers on time. Due to this COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses find themselves puzzled as to how to find the best and most affordable way […]

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5 Different Shipping Services in Canada You Can Choose From

LTL, FTL… uhh, wait… we are still talking about shipping services, right? Yes, and it is entirely reasonable that shipping lingo can sometimes be frustrating and overwhelming, whether you are a new or seasoned online seller. But as the saying goes, "knowledge is power." If you have an in-depth understanding of different shipping services, you […]

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Shipping from Canada to US Customs Fee | How to Calculate Your Duties and Taxes

Calculating international shipping rates can be tough. Besides the shipping and handling fees, you need to calculate the customs fees applicable to your packages. If you’re in e-commerce, it’s vital to learn more about shipping from Canada to US, customs fee & taxes, and the rates that could apply to your business. First, you need […]

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What is Route Shipping Insurance, and its Benefits to Online Sellers

What is Route shipping insurance? When you Google the answer to this question, the search results won't show you its definition or articles. Instead, the search results are all about the merchants who partnered with Route shipping insurance. That is how popular Route shipping insurance is. It quickly dismisses the cloud of doubt that hangs […]

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8 Tips to Reduce Shipping Costs for eCommerce

Shipping is one of the most tedious but essential parts of eCommerce that every company has to deal with. No matter the size of the company and years of experience you have in the business, you want to do it right. Since most consumers prefer free shipping and low shipping costs, you want to offer […]

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