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Top 3 Things To Know About Standard Shipping From Canada to the US

Cyrel Nicolas
May 13, 2022

You may have already guessed that the United States of America is the biggest trading partner of Canada. In 2020 alone, these two nations' traded goods and services reached $614.9 billion. This business relationship is why shipping to and from the United States is vital to Canadian citizens and companies. Stallion Express has helped businesses and consumers alike in all their shipping needs—from appliances to other available products.

And while Canadians love to shop in the US and ship it back home, our friends south of the border also like what we offer and would love to have a taste of that sweet Canadian kindness. To help you with your shipping problems, we've compiled everything you need to know, which guarantees your packages' safety and security when opting for standard shipping from Canada to the US. Besides the fundamentals of standard shipping, you will also learn about shipping from Canada to the US! 

What does Standard Shipping mean?

As the name suggests, Standard Shipping is your standard delivery service. It's not immediately delivered at costly rates overnight, but it's also not using slower tracked mail systems. This shipping option is perfect for non-urgent deliveries that can afford to wait a few days. And this usually won't cost you extra since there are no notable additions to the package, more on that below.

When choosing standard shipping as your primary shipping method, note that it is the seller's responsibility to select a carrier when shipping products from Canada to the US. So when choosing who will be shipping products from Canada to the US, sellers must find carrier companies that provide affordable, secure, and safe shipping services to ensure their clients' packages arrive safely and customer satisfaction.

Standard shipping is the most common option for people who purchase online. There aren't any extra shipping costs and expenses similar to those included in express shipping or fancier tracking methods that will increase your package's travel time. This shipping option also helps you avoid the unnecessary spike in shipping costs and fees. Standard shipping from Canada to the US is relatively cost-effective. In fact, in some instances, customers can even get the free shipping option. When asked, "how much is shipping from Canada to the US," there is no definite or constant amount to give since many factors play into fees and shipping costs.

Most sellers online even include a breakdown of the receipts of the client's purchases, which consists of a quick detailed list of what they're paying for in shipping. An e-commerce store is a better place to shop because of the different features that vary on each seller's platform. Some sellers even include an international shipping rate calculator, which helps their customers learn more about Canada's shipping products to the US.

What other options are available aside from standard shipping from Canada to the US?

In this time and age, many shipping companies have made their services available and affordable to boost their relationship with other businesses and increase their company's online presence and reach. Some companies even create new shipping options for both the seller and buyer. 

For example, Stallion Express offers free pickup service to its customers sending large volume packages regularly within their pickup route. In this way, you as a seller, can save time, money, and effort from dropping your items to the branch location yourself. Additionally, Stallion, together with its partner companies have numerous express shipping options. 

These postage types are still available for Stallion U.S. Shipping but we still need to receive the items at our branch location first. These are the express shipping options: FedEx Overnight, USPS Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express. You can choose any of these options in your Stallion account. You can choose any of these services depending on your shipping preferences.

What other things to consider when using the standard shipping method for businesses?

Each package's weight and dimension are accounted for.

Since standard shipping often uses surface courier services to deliver your items, how large and heavy the parcel is may delay its arrival. If these products are too big or too heavy, they may not take priority when being loaded with our partner carrier’s since they take up more space in the truck. Chance of the item not being able to stack.

We suggest working with your courier of choice to negotiate on prices and how best to ensure that the costs of having an item delivered across the border won't break the customer's budget. It helps having multiple carriers and postage type options to shop between with your shipping partner - since there are pros/cons to each option depending on your business. You must keep communicating with your customer, explaining the reasons behind a delay in delivery or why they had to pay so much for shipping. From standard Canada-US border shipping, you'll get the more options at low-rates you're looking for!

The item's "for-and-to" also matters when opting for standard shipping from Canada to the US.

The farther you are from the nearest Amazon fulfillment center, the more it would cost for couriers to get your purchase to you, which is usually the case for Amazon and for people who work with Amazon. Shipping companies use zones to determine shipping rates to calculate how far your location is from the shipper's location.

If you're a seller, you need to know this information before shipping your products out to the US:

  1. Find out if your items are allowed to cross the border. If they are not, it's best to communicate this with your buyer and therefore look for a shipping option that does not deem your item as prohibited/restricted.
  2. Prepare the necessary documentation you might need for your merchandise to pass over the border. If you want to save time on paperwork, Stallion Express can prepare the documents for cross-border shipment. They can have you skip all the tedious paperwork as they will do it on behalf of you.
  3. Find out which places allow your items to save yourself some time.

Standard shipping is best used by customers who don't mind waiting for their product and prefer to save money by opting for the cost-effective route. But if you need to get an item as soon as possible, we recommend sticking with express shipping to ensure your shipment arrives as early as possible with faster delivery times.

Shipping across country borders can be challenging, but you will sail through this endeavor with a breeze if you communicate with your courier and customer. There are many perks when choosing standard shipping from Canada to the US instead of express shipping. Aside from the lower shipping rates, it also works great for items that don't require urgency in shipping. And even though it can take a while, the savings and the object itself are worth the wait. 

If you're looking for a reliable shipping company to work with, you're in luck! Stallion Express provides extensive shipping options for you and your business to choose from. We at Stallion Express by your side, you'll understand more about shipping products from Canada to the US. You can get started by reaching out to us to learn more about guiding you through the rough logistics seas!

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