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Cheapest Shipping Options: Domestic, US, and International Shipping (2024)

Aman Chopra
March 2, 2024

Finding the most cost-effective shipping solutions is crucial for Canadian sellers. Efficient and cheap shipping options impact customer satisfaction and significantly influence overall business expenses. This explores the top 10 ways Canadian sellers optimize their shipping costs.

From leveraging national postal service and regional carriers to utilizing other alternative methods and embracing innovative online platforms, this article will help you better understand the cheapest shipping options.

Key Takeaways

  • Efficient and cheap shipping options are crucial for Canadian sellers, impacting customer satisfaction and overall business expenses.
  • Efficient packaging, including lightweight materials and size-appropriate boxes, can save on shipping costs and contribute to eco-friendly practices.

Impact of Shipping on Individuals and Businesses

a person holding a box and talking on the phone

Shipping is crucial for Canadian sellers as it directly affects both individuals and businesses. Swift and budget-friendly shipping brings joy to customers, ensuring prompt order delivery and fostering positive reviews and repeat business.

On the business side, effective shipping directly influences the bottom line. Efficient cost management in shipping enables businesses to provide competitive prices while sustaining robust profit margins. Additionally, reliable and expedited shipping contributes to customer trust and loyalty.

Regular Canadian sellers can elevate customer satisfaction, draw in repeat buyers, and establish a thriving and sustainable business by comprehending and optimizing their shipping strategies.

What is the cheapest way to ship packages domestically?

Navigating the realm of domestic shipping can be a puzzle, with various factors influencing the cost of sending packages. For sellers seeking the most economical solution, the quest to reduce shipping costs when sending packages domestically involves strategically considering factors such as size, weight, destination, and available shipping methods.

Choosing ground shipping is generally the most affordable option, but it takes longer than other choices. Canada Post's Expedited or Regular Parcel services are solid options for smaller packages.

  • Small and Lightweight. Canada Post provides the most budget-friendly rates for individual or occasional small business shipments. Their Expedited Parcel service presents a cost-effective option for smaller packages, adhering to specific weight and dimensional limitations.
  • Large or Heavy Packages. Opting for Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) shipping is often the most economical choice for large and heavy packages. Companies like Stallion specialize in LTL shipping and can offer competitive rates.

Consider Stallion for heavily discounted rates from Canada Post (versus going through Canada Post directly). Stallion also specializes in LTL shipping, offering competitive rates if you're dealing with larger or heavier shipments. Check our pricing here.

What is the cheapest way to ship parcels to the United States?

Finding the most cost-effective way to ship parcels from Canada to the United States is crucial in eCommerce. Having the best and most affordable solution requires balancing several criteria while dealing with the challenges of cross-border shipping.

Package Weight and Dimensions

Lighter and smaller packages usually cost less to ship. Try using flat-rate boxes from Canada Post or USPS for packages under a certain weight, as adhering to major carriers' weight limits can be a savvy choice to keep those shipping costs down.

Delivery Speed

If you need speedy delivery, choose options like expedited or express, but they cost more. If saving money is the goal, go for slower choices like surface mail or standard shipping – cheaper but take more time.

Here are some specific options for the cheapest shipping from Canada to the United States:

  • Canada Post Small Packet. Here's a wallet-friendly choice for small, light packages. Remember that no tracking or insurance is included, which might take a while. Also, it is not always an option for every destination.
  • Stallion. Specializing in cross-border shipping between Canada and the US, this service provides a range of shipping options at the most competitive rates. It's an excellent choice, particularly for businesses engaged in frequent shipping activities.
  • USPS First-Class Package International Service. A budget-friendly choice for packages weighing less than 4 pounds, this option comes with tracking and limited insurance. Keep in mind that delivery times may vary based on this service.

What is the cheapest way to ship products internationally?

Overcoming the complexities of global shipping demands a strategic approach, considering factors like size, weight, and destination. Let's explore the avenues that lead to the most cost-effective international shipping solutions for sellers like you.

Destination Country

Stepping into international shipping means exploring varied rates and customs rules across different countries. Navigating this diversity is key to finding the most cost-effective solutions for shipping your products globally.

Delivery Speed

Bear in mind that opting for speedier international deliveries usually comes with a higher price tag. It'd be essential to balance your need for prompt shipments with cost considerations when seeking the most economical global shipping solutions for your products.

Here are some specific options for international shipping:

  • Flat Export. Consider this cost-effective choice for lightweight packages (under 2 kg) to most destinations. Provided by Canada Post, delivery usually takes 4-8 weeks. Understanding the affordability and timeframe of this option helps streamline your international shipping decisions, especially for lighter packages.
  • USPS. The United States Postal Service (USPS) presents competitive shipping rates for sending packages to the United States and several other countries. This option allows Canadian sellers to explore cost-effective solutions when shipping internationally to specific destinations beyond the U.S.
  • Canpar. Canpar stands out by providing budget-friendly international shipping services that include both ground and air delivery options. Canadian sellers can leverage these cost-effective choices to cater to various international shipping needs, offering flexibility and affordability to their global customer base.
  • Stallion. Specializing in international shipping for eCommerce sellers, this company goes the extra mile by providing discounted rates from various carriers. This tailored approach empowers Canadian sellers with cost-effective solutions, making global shipping more accessible and economical for their business ventures.

Key Factors Influencing Shipping Costs

a hand holding a green arrow and a toy truck

Let's break down the essentials to help you make informed decisions that streamline your shipping processes, reduce shipping prices, and contribute to overall cost savings.

1. Shipping Rates

holding stacks of coins

Comparing rates from different shipping companies is crucial for Canadian sellers to find the most cost-effective shipping options. This simple step can save money and ensure the best shipment deal. Consider using online shipping rate calculators and aggregator services, like Stallion, to quickly compare the cheapest parcel shipping rates from various carriers in one place.

These tools simplify the process, helping you make informed choices. Also, don't hesitate to negotiate shipping rates with shipping carriers, especially if you have a substantial shipping volume. Building a good relationship can lead to discounted rates, further optimizing shipping costs.

2. Package Weight

weighing scale with boxes on it

For Canadian sellers, the weight of your packages is a big deal when it comes to shipping costs. Here's a straightforward principle: the greater the weight of the package, the higher the potential cost for shipping. Think of it like mailing a letter versus mailing a box of books - the parcel is heavier, so it costs more to send.

Keep an eye on the weight when you send out products, especially in larger quantities. Consider lighter packaging or smaller shipments to save on shipping costs. By understanding how weight affects the shipping price, you can make smart choices about shipping providers that help your bottom line as a Canadian seller.

Here are some examples of the cheapest way to ship packages for different weight categories:

WeightShipping Options
Under 1 lb (or under 450g)Canada Post LettermailPurolator CourierUPS Surepost
unchecked1 to 5 lbs  (450g to 2.26kg)Canada Post Expedited ParcelPurolator GroundCanpar Ground
Over 10 lbs (over 2.26kg)Dicom ExpressFedEx FreightCanada Post Expedited Parcel

3. Package Size

package size and dimensions

The package size matters a big deal for shipping costs, especially when dealing with bulky items. Picture this: a big box takes up more space on a delivery truck, costing you more money to ship. Imagine placing a giant puzzle piece into a smaller slot—it becomes more complex and can result in higher costs.

So, consider how much space they occupy when sending out those larger or bulkier items. Sometimes, choosing a more compact package or breaking up the shipment can be a savvy move. A minor adjustment can save you from effectively managing and controlling your shipping costs.

4. Delivery Speed

delivery rider on a yellow scooter

Shipping involves balancing cost and speed, much like choosing roads for a road trip. Priority shipping is the express lane—fast but pricier, standard shipping is the balanced middle road, and economy shipping is the scenic, budget-friendly route.

Understanding customer needs means balancing urgency with budget. Offering various shipping options lets customers choose the speed that fits their preferences, finding the right route to keep them satisfied while sensibly managing costs. Think of it as roads: toll for speed, regular for balance, and a scenic route for savings. Considering customer preferences ensures both sales and satisfaction stay on track.

5. Destination

pin delivery locations

Think of distance like gas for your shipments! The farther the destination, the more it can cost to ship. It's like a road trip - longer distances mean more miles and more expenses. So, when sending packages, consider the shipping cost to far-off places might be a bit pricier. Keep in mind, especially for international orders. Choosing carriers that offer competitive rates for longer distances can help you manage costs better.

6. Calculate Shipping Costs

calculator and delivery truck

Calculating the shipping costs is like planning your route - crucial for staying on budget. It ensures you don't overspend on high shipping costs, keeping more money in your pocket. Picture it as budgeting for a road trip; you want to know how much gas you'll need. Similarly, knowing your shipping costs upfront helps set fair product prices and prevents surprises.

Use online calculators and tools to estimate costs accurately, making your journey in eCommerce smoother, cost-effective, and customer-friendly. It's the key to navigating the marketplace while keeping your finances in check.

7. Package Optimization

folded shipping boxes

Innovative packaging is like packing a suitcase efficiently. Choose lightweight materials and size-appropriate boxes. It's like fitting more clothes without the extra weight. This not only saves on shipping costs but also makes your products eco-friendly. Efficient packaging keeps things light on the wallet and the environment.

Use recycled and reusable packaging—like hitting two birds with one stone. Not only is it eco-friendly, but it also cuts operating costs down. Think of it as packaging that keeps giving. Your customers will love the Earth-friendly approach, and you'll save on materials.

Here's another pro tip: fill those empty box spaces with packing peanuts or air pillows. It's like a cozy hug for your products, preventing damage during transit. Plus, it keeps things light, saving on shipping costs.

8. Alternative Shipping Service

fragile boxes in the palette

Exploring various shipping methods can be key for Canadian sellers. For heavy items, flat-rate shipping, such as USPS and UPS Flat-Rate Boxes, provides predictability with a fixed cost, making it advantageous for heavier items. However, it may only sometimes be the most economical choice for lighter packages. Media Mail, offered by USPS for educational materials, is budget-friendly but comes with additional handling fees and a trade-off of slower delivery times.

Regional carriers offer competitive rates. However, they may have limited coverage, making them ideal for nearby shipments but less practical for broader destinations. Choosing the right method depends on your specific products, destinations, and cost considerations.

9. Package Consolidation

boxes inside the big boxes

Combining multiple items into one shipment is like packing all your essentials for a single trip instead of separate journeys. It not only streamlines the shipping process but also trims down expenses. For large orders, think about using consolidation shipping services.

These services gather your items into one shipment, reducing overall costs. Consolidation ensures a smarter approach to shipping packages, optimizing both time and money. So, when sending out those packages, think big and bundle up for savings.

10. Free Shipping Strategies

toy truck with free shipping and several  boxes

For Canadian sellers, embracing free shipping can be a game-changer and competitive advantage in attracting buyers. To make it work, factor shipping costs into product prices. It's akin to a bundled deal, ensuring your shipping expenses are covered while providing a transparent shopping experience. Consider offering free shipping for orders above a certain threshold.

This strategy entices customers to add more to their carts, maximizing sales and making the free shipping perk a win-win. It's a smart way to stay competitive, keep customers happy, and boost overall satisfaction with your Canadian business.

What is the cheapest way to ship your products?

speak with an expert

Stallion emerges as the key to unlocking the most cost-effective solution for shipping your products anywhere. By strategically considering numerous factors, Stallion ensures you efficiently navigate the shipping landscape.

Stallion is your trusted guide in making savvy shipping decisions. Remember, the cheapest way to ship parcels lies in the strategic choices empowered by Stallion, propelling your business toward economical and successful shipping ventures. Saddle up for savings and seamless shipping with Stallion as your trusted companion.

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