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The Success Behind Small Businesses Shipping in Canada

Diana Zheng
February 18, 2022

With the world becoming more and more digital, small businesses have begun to use this new landscape as a means to not only survive but thrive. Shipping has become a vital part of getting their businesses off the ground and reaching new and exciting heights. This transition is why shipping companies all over Canada have offered discounts to small businesses shipping in Canada.

Shipping companies now offer services and perks to small Canadian businesses to encourage them to take their product outside the local farmer’s market. This revolutionizes the online market, helping new brands take off with more varieties of goods. The cheapest shipping in Canada for small businesses is now more attainable than ever.

Ground shipping is also an excellent way to help you keep your costs down. It is much cheaper than having your merchandise shipped via planes. Managing to keep shipping costs down is how small businesses offer free shipping. Not only will this drive prices down, but free shipping can be used as a way to entice prospective buyers into patronizing your business.

Ground shipping is one of the best ways to market your business on an international scale without breaking the bank. Our southern neighbors will be thrilled to learn about your store and will be more than happy to purchase from you when they know how affordable the entire process is. Small businesses shipping in Canada and now globally ensure that this transition will do more to their business than just survive.

This scaling will significantly benefit stores that sell Canada-exclusive items—gradually expanding markets to potential international patrons. Aside from showcasing what Canada has to offer to the global market, a significant increase in sales and, by extension, your profit margins are just around the corner. Since ground shipping is considerably more cost-effective than air shipping, selling globally would be just as economical as selling locally.

For any partnership to work, communication is key. Another great way to cut down on shipping costs is to talk to your account manager and see what kind of deal you can work out to ensure that your businesses boom at the least expense. These discounts offered to small businesses by shipping companies give them a fighting chance to compete internationally. The availability of options for the cheapest shipping in Canada for small businesses proves that transitioning to the digital platform is a major step in boosting your business.

In eCommerce, your shipping provider is your friend. It’s just as important to them that your business is a success. In the past, high shipping costs were used to keep small companies locked in their relatively local markets, making large brands and corporations the only people to sell their items outside of Canada. But with the help of local shipping companies, that has all changed. Free shipping for small businesses via Canada Post might be another thing that piques your interest!

Ways for Small Businesses Shipping in Canada to Get A Good Deal on Shipping

Small business owners think that they’re at the mercy of their shipping providers and don’t realize that they have some negotiating power. If you’re a high-volume shipper and you don’t take advantage of this relationship, you’re missing out, friend. In business, those who take the initiative get rewarded the most. Take the first step and don’t wait for your shipping company to come up to you and give you a discount. And if you don’t know where to start, here are a few tricks to help.

Build rapport with your account manager.

Contact the account manager assigned to your company, get in touch with them, and establish a healthy working relationship. Work with them to help make their jobs easier, inform them when a spike or a dip in deliveries is on the way. Take the time to get to know them, keep it friendly, and they’ll remember you when the time comes to negotiate your rates.

Know when to compromise when talking about small businesses shipping in Canada.

If your company is currently shipping a particularly steady amount of goods every month, initiate a conversation with your account manager to give you volume discounts. It might not be as appealing as a regular discount on all your shipping transactions, but it will save you some serious headaches when it comes to shipping finances and logistics.

Let the numbers speak for themselves.

When you’ve finally set up a meeting with your account manager, make sure you have all the facts and figures lined up. Show them historical data on your sales volume in the past months, your average shipments made in the last month, and the latest sales trends for your shop.

Combining discounted shipping rates and eCommerce’s international reach, small business owners now have the necessary tools to play on the global stage, taking down the old barriers that have kept businesses trapped in the small pond. Exporting has also proven to be a significant factor that continues to help these small businesses out.


Small businesses have come a long way since the times of old mom-and-pop shops and local farmer’s markets. eCommerce sites are slowly bringing the world closer together and allowing entrepreneurs of all sizes to compete on equal footing. While big businesses have had the lead for the longest time, lowered shipping rates have allowed small and medium-sized companies a leg up in the competition.If you’re planning on setting up a new online store, it’s best to choose a shipping company you can rely on. Contact Stallion Express today to learn more about how we could help expand your business today.

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