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The Top 5 Tips on How to Save on Shipping

Jenna M
January 26, 2021

Advice on how to save on shipping costs can be found everywhere. However, scouring the web to look for the tips that really work can be burdensome.

So, to save you time, we have formulated an easy-to-remember list on how you can save on shipping locally or international shipping fees.Think of these suggestions as sacred. Whenever you are shipping, create  a checklist in your mind to tick before sending packages to different parts of the world. Without any further ado, here are the tips you should remember. 

Tip #1: Keep your packaging dimensions to a minimum.

Amazon has a tedious list of packaging and preparing requirements for your items if you sell on this platform. The same goes for other shipping companies. Your shipping costs for eCommerce will depend on the dimensions and weight of your package. So, you might not have a lot of wiggle room in terms of the weight, but you can always adjust the package height and width to save on costs. Here are some tips:

  • Think ahead and plan your product packaging wisely. How do you ship packages locally? How do you ship internationally? The game plan begins in designing your product packaging. Think not only of the aesthetics when creating your product package but the convenience and economics of shipping. If it’s possible to use a compact package, go for it. You will thank yourself for it when shipping. 
  • Repackage items if boxes are too bulky. If the first suggestion is already impossible to do, your plan B would be to repackage. Repackaging works best for a few items you need to ship. You may opt not to use the original packaging and transfer the unit to a more compact one. On the other hand, if the boxes are too big and can insert more product, you can fit more than one item in a single packaging.
  • Partner with experts who can pick, pack, and deliver for you. Skip all the hassle and let experts do the packing for you. This choice is more efficient because you will not only save money but time as well. All you need to do is send your partner shipping company an inventory, and they will pick, pack, and send your products. 

Tip #2: Be a standard shipping advocate.

Save on shipping by being a standard shipping advocate. Standard shipping can successfully occur if you plan your shipping calendar. Whether you are shipping a few items or in bulk, going for standard shipping can save you a lot of money. For instance, UPS delivery commitments vary depending on the speed of delivery. Nonetheless, with quick deliveries come higher costs. 

For a detailed computation to know how to save on shipping costs, pricing samples for standard shipping are available online and express delivery costs. See for yourself the dime you can save to inspire you to plan your shipping. 

Tip #3: Know that Amazon FBA is an excellent shipping option.

Shipping via Amazon FBA is another excellent option to cut shipping costs for eCommerce. This process is when your products are shipped to Amazon warehouses. When you get a purchase, Amazon will take care of customer communications and shipping. However, before you get to that stage, you’ll need a shipping company to send your packages to Amazon FBA warehouses. You can expect a cheap international shipping fee of  CAD20 for a 15” square box at 30lbs from Canada shipped to Newark, California.

More than the shipping costs you save, Amazon sellers know that FBA is an excellent way to boost Amazon product listing. Using this fulfillment method is like hitting three birds in one stone:

  1. You will have the convenience of shipping.
  2. You will save costs.
  3. You have an instant boost on your listing rank. 

Tip #4: Know your options when shipping internationally. 

Save on shipping by knowing your options for international shipping. Here are some of the choices you can check. 

  • Partner with a local shipping company. Look for the company that offers the cheapest international shipping fee. Know that you can ship from Toronto to London with a price as low as CAD6.20 for every 4oz weight of a package. Toronto to Hong Kong shipping can be as low as CAD12.19 for every 15oz weight of your item. Your CAD11.16 will allow you to ship from Toronto to Sydney, Australia for every 4oz weight of your shipment. This standard shipping option can send your items to their destinations in 4-12 business days only. 
  • FBA Export Program. As a seller, do you want to save on shipping? Then this is the fulfillment method for you because it comes at no cost. The buyer will handle all the fees. Though this may seem optimistic, you should also be prepared with the possible challenges, such as buyers turning back after seeing all the costs they need to pay. It is Essential to set expectations with your potential customers regarding the payment they need to handle to avoid negative reviews and feedback.
  • Shipping via US address. Another option on how to save on shipping costs when shipping in the US is using a US address. Shipping via a US address may come in handy when you have family, friends, and acquaintances there. The item you ordered in America will be shipped to them. Even if you do not know any person in the US, shipping via a US address though a local shipping company is possible. Some companies who provide US addresses and will ship the packages to you. Anything is possible these days!

Tip #5: Partner with shipping experts. 

Partner with us here are Stallion Express, and we’ll provide you with ways you can save on shipping.

Our Services include shipping within Canada, shipping to the US, shipping internationally, and Amazon FBA. You may also interpret your online stores with Stallion Express for easier transactions. 

We do not only offer quality service, but we assure you that we are also among the cheapest shipping service providers in Canada. Contact us at 877-863-7477, so we can explain to you our services. You can also visit our website to know us more.

Get started today! Ship faster, smarter, cheaper with Stallion.

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