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Amazon FBM Canada: How Can Canadian Sellers Maximize Their Profits?

Aman Chopra
March 29, 2024

Amazon FBM Canada provides Canadian sellers with many eCommerce opportunities and challenges. But you don't have to worry because this guide will help you. Let us explain everything you need to know about selling on this platform. In this article, we will discuss:

  • Local market trends
  • Improving logistical operations
  • Discover what Canadian shoppers want

In addition, we will also explore tips and tricks to help you boost your profits and be a successful Canadian seller.

Key Takeaways

  • Amazon FBM allows Canadian sellers to have control over the entire fulfillment process. This includes storage, packaging, and shipping to customers. Sellers can manage their inventory, order fulfillment, and customer service.
  • FBM differs from other Amazon fulfillment methods like Amazon FBA and Amazon SFP. FBA offers convenience that neither method can provide. This includes more control over their brand, pricing, and shipping methods.
  • There are many ways for sellers to maximize profits. This includes pricing strategies tailored to the Canadian market. By focusing on these tips, Canadian sellers can enhance their competitiveness and long-term success.

What is Amazon FBM?

a laptop and phone on a yellow surface

Amazon FBM stands for "Fulfilled by Merchant." It is a selling option on Amazon where sellers handle the storage, packaging, and shipping of products directly to customers. With FBM, sellers have control of the entire fulfillment process. This includes inventory and customer service.

How To Create An Amazon FBM Account

To create an Amazon FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant) account, follow these steps:

  1. Visit Amazon Seller Central. Go to the Amazon Seller Central website, sign in with your existing Amazon account, or create a new one.
  1. Register as a Seller. If you're not already registered as a seller on Amazon, you'll need to complete the registration process. This includes providing information about your business, such as:
  • Business name
  • Address
  • Contact details
  • Tax information
  1. Set Up Your Account. Once registered, log in to your Seller Central account. Go to the "Settings" or "Account Info" section to set up your account details. This includes setting up your business information, payment methods, and shipping settings.
  1. Enable Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM). In your Seller Central dashboard, locate the "Settings" or "Fulfillment by Amazon" section. Here, you'll find options to enable FBM. Follow the prompts to activate FBM for your account.
  1. Create Product Listings. After enabling FBM, you can create product listings for the items you want to sell on Amazon. Go to the "Inventory" tab in Seller Central and select "Add a Product" to list your products. Provide an accurate product detail, including:
  • Title
  • Description
  • Images
  • Price
  • Shipping settings
  1. Set Up Shipping Settings. Configure your shipping settings to specify how you'll handle shipping and fulfillment for your orders. You can set shipping rates, choose preferred carriers, and define the types of shipping methods and delivery times.
  1. Manage Orders. Once your product listings are live, you'll begin receiving customer orders. Use the "Manage Orders" section in Seller Central to view and fulfill orders as they come in. Pack and ship the orders to customers according to your chosen shipping methods.
  1. Provide Customer Service. As an FBM seller, you're responsible for handling customer inquiries, returns, and issues. Check your seller dashboard for customer messages or inquiries and respond promptly to ensure a positive buying experience.

By following these steps, you can successfully create an Amazon FBM account and start selling your products to customers in Canada.

How Can An Amazon Seller Account Utilize Amazon FBM

An Amazon seller account can use Amazon FBM in several ways:

  1. Listing Products. Sellers can create listings for their products on Amazon's platform. They can provide details such as price, description, and photos. They have complete control over the product listings and can optimize them to attract potential buyers.
  1. Managing Inventory. Sellers are responsible for storing their inventory of products in their own facilities. This could be a warehouse, office, or home. They must keep track of stock levels and replenish inventory to fulfill orders.
  1. Order Fulfillment. The seller will pack and ship the orders directly to the customer. This involves:
  • Selecting the suitable packaging materials.
  • Putting the correct package labels.
  • Arranging the packages for sending through a preferred carrier.
  1. Customer Service. Sellers handle all customer inquiries, returns, and issues directly. They are responsible for providing timely and helpful customer responses to ensure a positive buying experience.
  1. Shipping and Logistics. Sellers have control over the shipping and logistics of their products. They can choose their preferred shipping carriers and methods, negotiate shipping rates, and optimize shipping processes to cut shipping costs and delivery times for international and domestic shipping.
  1. Brand Control. With Amazon FBM, sellers have greater control over their brand image and customer experience. They can include personalized packaging, promotional inserts, and branded materials to enhance their brand presence and build customer loyalty.

How Much Is Shipping Cost With Amazon FBM?

a hand putting a coin into a delivery truck

Shipping costs with Amazon FBM aren't fixed because they depend on a few things:

  • Shipping Carrier: You pick the carrier, like Stallion, USPS, or FedEx, and their prices vary.
  • Package Weight and Size: Bigger or heavier items cost more to ship.
  • Delivery Speed: Faster shipping options cost more.
  • Customer's Location: Shipping farther costs more than nearby.

To estimate your FBM shipping fees:

  • Amazon Seller Central Shipping Settings: Set up shipping templates to see estimated costs.
  • Carrier Websites: Use their rate calculators to get quotes.

Costs involved:

  • Amazon FBA Fee: There's no separate FBM fee besides standard seller fees.
  • Your Shipping Costs: Pay the carrier based on package details and destination.

How Is It Different From Other Amazon Fulfillment Methods (FBA and SFP)?

Let us identify the differences between Amazon FBA, SFP, and FBM. Understanding what sets them apart from each other is crucial for sellers. This can help them optimize their operations and meet diverse customer needs.

Amazon FBA Vs FBM

Fulfillment by Amazon or Amazon FBA and Amazon FBM offer different ways to fulfill orders. Unlike FBM, FBA sellers only need to send their products to Amazon's fulfillment centers.

Then, when the customer orders, Amazon handles storage, packing, and shipping. They also manage returns and provide seller customer service, improving the operations.

Plus, most FBA products often receive Prime eligibility. This offers customers fast and reliable shipping options. However, sellers must pay for storage, fulfillment, and other associated services. Meanwhile, products under FBM lack Prime eligibility by default unless enrolled in Seller Fulfilled Prime.

Amazon SFP Vs FBM

Amazon SFP or Seller Fulfilled Prime is another fulfillment method on Amazon's platform. Like FBM, Amazon SFP sellers also handle order fulfillment. However, they must follow Amazon's regulations to meet fast and reliable shipping requirements and maintain Prime eligibility.

This offers the advantage of reaching Amazon shoppers focusing on products with Prime shipping. Additionally, SFP sellers have control over their inventory and fulfillment processes. But, unlike FBM, they have the benefit of being Prime eligible.

While there are no separate fulfillment fees, SFP sellers pay for shipping and meet Prime delivery standards. This can vary based on shipping distances and carrier rates. Customers expect Prime-level service, including fast shipping and reliable delivery.

How Can Amazon Sellers Take Advantage Of Amazon FBM?

For Amazon sellers, using the right fulfillment method can be a game-changer for success. Let us understand the benefits of FBM and learn practical strategies to succeed. Additionally, let us know how Amazon sellers can capitalize on the flexibility and control offered by FBM.

Manage Inventory Easily

a person holding a tablet, looking at the box, and managing inventory

It is easier for sellers to manage inventory with Amazon FBM because they keep the products in their own space. They have direct control over how much stock they have and can easily access it whenever needed.

Since they handle everything themselves, there's no need to worry about sending products to Amazon or waiting for them to arrive at a fulfillment center.

This means sellers can quickly adjust their inventory levels based on demand, ensuring they always have enough stock to fulfill orders promptly and keep their customers happy.

Cost-Effective Pricing

a person in a warehouse with a pallet truck

Amazon FBM is more cost-effective for sellers because they don't have to pay specific fees for storage, handling, and shipping services. Instead, they handle these aspects themselves, which can result in lower costs.

They can choose their preferred shipping carriers and negotiate better rates. Additionally, they have more control over their inventory management, which can prevent overstocking or unnecessary storage fees.

Flexibility in Pricing and Promotions

a person holding a tablet with a Black Friday deal on the screen

Amazon FBM gives sellers more freedom to set prices and run promotions than other Amazon ethods. Sellers can adjust prices whenever they want and offer deals without waiting for Amazon's approval. Since sellers handle shipping themselves, they can choose cheaper options.

This can affect how they price their products and set their deals. Sellers can also sell on other platforms besides Amazon. In return, they can change their prices accordingly. It is easier for FBM sellers to adapt to different situations and reach more customers.

Customized Shipping Services

a clock next to a delivery van

Amazon FBM sellers can offer more personalized shipping services because they handle the shipping process directly. Since sellers handle everything themselves, including:

  • Picking which shipping companies to use
  • How fast to ship products
  • Choosing what materials to use for packing

This means sellers can offer different shipping options to fit what customers want. For example, they can provide fast shipping for customers who need their items right away. They can also offer eco-friendly packaging for those who care more about the environment.

Additionally, sellers can negotiate with carriers to get better prices and save money. Overall, Amazon FBM sellers can effortlessly meet customers' needs in different ways.

Brand Control and Amazon Customer Experience

a person sitting at a desk looking at a computer screen and creating brand logos

Sellers in a merchant-fulfilled network have more brand control and influence on customer service. Because they handle everything, they can design their packaging with logos and messages. Sellers can also respond to inquiries and problems, making the experience more personal. In short, with Amazon FBM, sellers can make their brand stand out and create a more special customer experience.

Geographic Expansion

a block with a red cube with store icons on each cube with white lines connected to it

Amazon FBM sellers can reach more locations because they ship products to customers. As mentioned, they can choose the shipping provider. Thus, they can go with one that can ship to most places. Sellers can cater to customers in remote areas or regions without Amazon fulfillment centers.

Additionally, they can fix shipping fees and delivery times based on customer location. This can make their products more accessible to a broader audience. Amazon FBM allows sellers to expand their geographical reach and tap into new markets.

Diversification of Sales Channels

a close up of a screen with online marketplace icons

Amazon FBM sellers have more channels because they can connect their Amazon sales with other sales channels. With FBM, sellers can fulfill orders through different platforms, including:

  • Amazon stores
  • Their own website
  • Third-party platforms
  • Brick-and-mortar stores

This means sellers can reach customers through many channels at the same time. This helps sellers broaden their reach and expand their sales channels. Additionally, FBM sellers can use different marketing strategies and promotions across these channels. In return, they can attract new customers, drive sales, and boost profits.

Key Factors Influencing Profit Maximization

As an Amazon seller, maximizing profits is crucial to keep your business going. However, it includes different factors that will help you succeed. Let us explore the key factors influencing Amazon sellers' performance and learn practical strategies for optimizing earnings.

Pricing Strategies Tailored for the Canadian Market

Amazon sellers who want to succeed in eCommerce must create pricing strategies that work for the Canadian market. Before taking the first big step, sellers must consider the following factors:

  • Distinct economic conditions
  • Varying consumer trends
  • Competitive market

Canada has a diverse economy, and each province has different buying power. Sellers must plan pricing strategies to ensure affordable and competitive products nationwide. Sellers need to check and adjust prices to keep making money regularly.

This can help them adapt to changes in how much the Canadian dollar is worth than other currencies. Plus, they need to consider taxes, fees, and shipping rates to set prices that Canadian customers can afford.

Understanding what Canadian customers like to buy and how they shop can also help sellers do well in the market. With these adjustments, sellers can sell more products and earn more profits.

Inventory Management and Forecasting

Having too much stock can tie up money and lead to storage fees. However, with good inventory management, Amazon sellers can ensure they always have enough products to meet customer needs.

Also, by predicting future demand with forecasting, sellers can avoid running out of stock or having too much inventory. Since FBM sellers handle their own inventory, they need to:

  • watch how much stock they have
  • order new items on time
  • study sales patterns to keep costs low and products moving.

By doing this, FBM sellers can make customers happier, sell more, and make more money.

Shipping and Fulfillment Optimization

At Amazon, excellent customer service and more sales rely on efficient shipping and fulfillment.

Sellers must manage packaging, shipping, and delivery well to ensure customers get their orders on time and in good shape. Sellers should partner with trusted carriers and learn how to negotiate reasonable rates. This can save them money on delivery costs and boost profits.

They can also speed up order processing and packaging to save time and be more efficient. Sellers can use tools like shipping rate calculators. They can also refer to Amazon's shipping options so they can make smart decisions and determine delivery costs correctly.

For FBM sellers on Amazon, ensuring shipping and fulfillment run smoothly is super important. It helps keep customers happy, encourages them to return, and boosts success.

Customer Service and Feedback Management

In Amazon FBM, customer service and feedback management are essential. Sellers must ensure they handle any issues swiftly. In return, they can make their customers happy. They should also listen to customer feedback to improve their products and services. This helps sellers build customer trust and keep them returning to buy more. FBM sellers can improve their businesses and succeed on Amazon by focusing on customer service and feedback.

Overcoming Challenges

Many sellers face many challenges while using the Amazon platform. Here are some of the issues they encounter:

Competing with Other Sellers

Competing with other sellers means trying to stand out and sell more than them. It's like being in a race to get customers to buy your products instead of someone else's. But it takes a lot of work. The products must be unique and should offer something special.

However, how can sellers offer something different with thousands of online products? It comes down to providing cheaper yet better-quality products. Aside from that, sellers should use smart strategies to get their products seen by customers.

They can use keywords that people search for. Also, sellers can request reviews from happy customers. By doing these things, sellers can increase their chances of winning the competition and selling more on Amazon.

Navigating Canadian Regulations and Taxes

Understanding Canadian regulations and taxes on the Amazon platform is essential for sellers. Sellers need to follow these rules to avoid getting into trouble. For example, they might need to register taxes or get special permits to sell certain products.

Sellers also need to charge the right amount of tax on their products and make sure they pay it to the government. Following these rules can help run their businesses smoothly. Plus, they will avoid trouble and stay on good terms with the Canadian government.

Handling Seasonal Fluctuations and Market Trends

There's no such thing as constant. This means that sellers must be ready to deal with changes in market trends. Sellers should prepare for times when people might want to buy items for special occasions. They need to plan and ensure they have enough stock to meet demand.

Sellers also need to pay attention to what customers want and how they shop so they can adjust their products and prices accordingly. By doing this, sellers can take advantage of seasonal changes and market trends to sell more and make their businesses successful.

Consider Stallion To Be Your Amazon FBM Partner

a orange Stallion truck with a black and white logo and a sign indicating "Get Started Today"

Stallion offers several features that help Canadian Amazon FBM sellers to automate their shipping process. Here's how Stallion can help:

  • Automates shipping tasks. This can save Canadian Amazon sellers their valuable time and resources.
  • Allows sellers to handle multiple shipments at once. This simplifies the fulfillment process and boosts productivity, which can increase positive ratings on Amazon.
  • Stallion provides numerous shipping methods to suit diverse needs. It lets sellers choose the best option to match their budget and urgent needs.
  • Offers competitive rates and access to discounted postage. It helps sellers reduce shipping expenses and improve profit margins. This can also help Amazon FBM sellers compete with Amazon's rates.
  •  Ensures timely updates and tracking order information, enhancing customer satisfaction and reducing inquiries.
  • Provides reliable customer support to assist sellers with shipping-related inquiries or issues.

Other Automation Features:

  • Presets. Customize shipping presets for frequently used options (weight, dimensions, shipping method). This helps save time creating labels.
  • Bulk Actions. Edit and manage multiple shipments simultaneously.

Overall Benefits of Stallion for Automation:

  • Reduced Manual Work. Sellers spent less time entering data, creating labels, and managing shipments individually.
  • Improved Efficiency. Streamlined workflows can lead to faster processing and order fulfillment.
  • Reduced Errors. Automation lowers the risk of errors from manual data entry.
  • Increased Visibility. Real-time tracking information keeps you and your customers informed.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Canadian sellers on Amazon who choose to use FBM can take several steps to maximize their profits.

  1. Sellers should focus on providing exceptional customer service and fast shipping times.
  1. They should track their inventory levels and adjust prices to stay competitive.
  1. They can plan strategies to increase visibility and drive more sales.

With the correct method, Canadian sellers can position themselves for long-term success on Amazon FBM. Choose Stallion Express for the ultimate FBM experience, empowering Canadian Amazon sellers with seamless shipping solutions and unparalleled support.

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