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Shipping to Amazon Fulfillment Center: Key To US Sales Growth

Diana Zheng
June 4, 2023

If you're a starting Canadian business owner, you should know that you can actually expand your market sales in the USA by selling on Amazon!

Amazon is one of the most powerful eCommerce platforms today with over 300 million active global customer reach. As a Canadian seller, you can also take advantage of the platform by streamlining your business and shipping to Amazon Fulfillment Center.

So, whether you're a new seller or looking to upscale your business, read on to discover how selling your products on Amazon can boost your sales and what benefits you can enjoy when you ship to Amazon Fulfillment Center with Stallion Express. Let's get started!

Ship To Amazon FBA Warehouse and Boost Sales In The US

Ship To Amazon FBA Warehouse and boost your sales in the US

The Amazon Fulfillment Centers can be a game-changer for Canadian online sellers wanting to boost their sales in the US. Through this, they can take advantage of the increased visibility, which can lead to more sales.

Amazon allows sellers to store their products in Amazon US fulfillment centers, which are prepared and shipped by Amazon. 

Amazon has state-of-the-art warehouses that can store and ship products sold on Amazon by small and big businesses. By sending your products to the Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) warehouse, you can use Amazon's shipping plan, which includes advanced and global delivery networks, to get your products to customers in the USA quickly and efficiently.

What Can You Get From Shipping Via Amazon FBA?

shipping to Amazon FBA

Get rid of fulfillment headaches and start maintaining a good inventory by creating your seller account on Amazon and shipping your products to the Amazon US warehouse. Here's more of what you can gain by taking advantage of the services offered by Amazon's fulfillment centers.

Increased Customer Trust

Increased customer satisfaction

Selling your products on Amazon can actually help you increase customer trust and satisfaction.

Amazon offers a range of services that can add a positive customer experience, including fast shipping, easy returns, and Amazon's A-to-Z Guarantee. Through Amazon's fulfillment service, you can ensure that your products are delivered to your customers quickly and efficiently. Plus, your customers are assured they can shop confidently, knowing Amazon's guarantee protects them.

Take note! You can work on maintaining a good record and gain more positive reviews through excellent customer service and high-quality products. After all, positive reviews from satisfied customers can go a long way in building trust and growing your business.

Fast Delivery and Affordable Shipping Costs

shipping with a courier

Canadian sellers can ensure that their FBA shipments are shipped quickly and efficiently by the Amazon-partnered carrier. Plus, customers can shop with confidence knowing that Amazon's guarantee protects them.

FBA sellers can take advantage of Amazon's fast delivery and affordable shipping costs by using FBA's specialized services. Through this, you can offer your customers Amazon Prime benefits, such as free two-day shipping and free shipping on eligible orders, which can increase sales and customer satisfaction.

Increased Product Visibility

Create your Amazon seller account to increase your product visibility

Increasing product visibility is key to increasing profit while selling products on Amazon, and it involves a combination of strategies and tactics designed for an Amazon seller's specific product categories and target audience.

One way to increase your product visibility is by optimizing product listings using high-quality images, detailed product descriptions, and accurate item keywords.

Also, ensure you actively monitor and respond to customer inquiries and feedback. Sellers may establish a reputation for dependability and trustworthiness by promptly responding to customers' concerns and constantly offering top-notch customer service.

Increase the visibility of your products, draw in more customers, and expand your businesses by utilizing the different tools and services provided by Amazon.

Benefits When You Ship to Amazon's US Warehouses With Stallion

Benefits when you ship your products to Amazon’s warehouses

Let Stallion and Amazon be your partners in growing your sales in the USA! Make use of Amazon's FBA inventory management, and Amazon's trusted FBA customer support by creating your Amazon seller account.

Enjoy these features when you ship your goods with Stallion:

  • Up to 60% off on shipping fees to Amazon FBA USA
  • Stallion clears customs clearance on your behalf
  • No additional customs fees

How Does It Work?

Be one of the Amazon sellers now!

Here's how Stallion's shipping process to Amazon FBA works:

            Step 1: Attach the shipping label from Amazon Seller Central to your packages.

            Step 2:  Enter your tracking number. Then, print, pay, and attach your Stallion Express QR code labels.

            Step 3: Bring your FBA shipments to any of our drop-off locations nationwide. You can also contact our customer service to arrange pick-up.

            Step 4: Stallion will clear your goods at the border on your behalf, and Stallion's partner carrier, UPS, will pick up your packages.

            Step 5: UPS will complete the final mile delivery to your Amazon FBA warehouse.

Important Points To Remember

Other important things to remember when shipping to Amazon’s FBA warehouses.

How Much Are The Rates For Amazon FBA Shipment?

Here's a guide on Stallion's handling fees* for FBA shipments:

  • Less than 10 lbs - 2.99 CAD
  • 10 - 20 lbs - 4.99 CAD
  • 21 - 40 lbs - 8.99 CAD
  • Over 40 lbs - 11.99 CAD

*Please note that the prices above are for handling fees only. You may purchase the postage through your Amazon Seller Account.

Are There Any Items Not Allowed To Be Shipped?

Stallion ensures that your packages are smoothly delivered to their destinations. That is why we strictly comply with the US customs regulations on prohibited items.

Please note that Stallion is not a licensed carrier to ship dangerous goods. Stallion prepared a list of items that cannot be shipped that you may use as a reference. You may also contact our customer service if you need clarification on the item you're shipping to the US.

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