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5 Reasons Why Amazon FBA Shipping Service Will Make Your Business Boom

Diana Zheng
May 7, 2022

“Success usually comes to those who search for it.” Henry David Thoreau, a famous philosopher, said. You have found yourself reading this article because you want to answer the question in your mind on how you can secure your Amazon store’s success. You are looking for assurance and answers if Amazon FBA shipping service can play a role in making your business boom. Indeed, you have read several articles showing you the pros and cons of the FBA Amazon shipping service, making you think whether the service is worth the costs and troubles of learning it. 

Hence, we will provide you some details to oppose the disadvantages of the Amazon FBA shipping service. We have listed here the five reasons why the FBA Amazon shipping service is the way to go. 

#1 Acquire the reputation of Amazon FBA shipping service. 

When a buyer sees FBA Amazon shipping service and the Amazon PRIME symbol to your product listing or sponsored ads, they see more than just a logo. Your customers see reliability and authenticity. 

Reliability because Amazon PRIME has a two-day shipping service, which ensures that products reach your customers quickly. Amazon PRIME also offers free shipping, which is a massive hit to shoppers and sellers like you. 

Authenticity as your product bears the mark of Amazon itself. Amazon is known to value customers above all else. Hence, they will not allow their symbol to be used loosely. It is an assurance to buyers to see the Amazon PRIME symbol. They know they will get only authentic and original products. 

#2 Your volume of sales will overshadow all your spendings. 

Amazon FBA shipping service rates are not worth it, some people say. What shipping fees are these? Here they are:

  • FBA fulfillment fees for standard-sized package
  • FBA fulfillment charges for oversized packages
  • Dangerous goods separate fees
  • Payment for Multi-channel fulfillment if you availed it
  • Fees per unit sold
  • Monthly charges for storage
  • Long-term storage fees
  • Return and refund processing fees
  • Repackaging cost of returned but functional items
  • Payment for packages for removal from Amazon warehouses
  • More services related to the category of your goods
  • Fees for unplanned services for actions completed by Amazon when you failed to adhere to the packing guidelines

You will not pay all these but only those that apply to what you are selling. Hence we beg to disagree that the cost is not worth the Amazon FBA shipping service subscription. We think that if you have done all the steps to optimize your business, perfect your products, and deliver quality service to your customers, you will succeed. The use of the FBA Amazon shipping service and the fees you need to pay will be nothing with all the soaring sales you will have. 

#3 24/7 Customer service to any Amazon FBA shipping service concerns

Customer care is another crucial factor you should always consider when selling on Amazon. Amazon is a customer-pleaser. They will do everything to harness the satisfaction of their customers. That is why the fulfillment services handle all customer concerns regarding the FBA Amazon shipping service.

When you sell in Canada, it is easier to communicate with your customers as you live in the same time zone, country, and background. Nonetheless, when you start growing your business, you will have customers from all over the world. Shipping to Amazon FBA USA and delivering your goods to American customers means dealing with time differences. The same applies to international buyers. The customer service Amazon FBA shipping service ensures that buyers see you as responsive, professional, and has attentiveness to their needs. 

#4 Availability of all statistics on Seller Central

Numbers don’t lie. Validate the success we are talking about using the statistics available on your Seller Central account. We suggest having a comparative study of the duration you aren’t using the FBA Amazon shipping service yet and the time you started using it. Through this, you can see whether the use of the Amazon FBA shipping service made a difference and whether you should continue using the service. 

Aside from validating the FBA Amazon shipping service’s efficiency, you can also track all transactions done using Seller Central. For instance, the returns and refunds are all accessible on your account. Returns from customers will be there too. Fees accumulation? It’s also there. 

#5 Amazon FBA shipping service knows no limit on storage. 

There is always enough space for all the packages coming from all over the world to Amazon warehouses. When you think there isn’t enough space, Amazon offers the Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF). 

MCF allows sellers to store their packages and products in Amazon warehouses even if they are not selling on Amazon. Do you have stores on Shopify, Etsy, or eBay? You can also enjoy the convenience of shipping to Amazon FBA USA and other parts of the world. A separate fulfillment fee applies for MCF. 

For Amazon sellers, note that Amazon will charge monthly storage fees and long-term storage fees to you. Hence, create a game plan to dispose of and sell the items you have stored. Set a goal on when you want your products to be sold. Match this plan with effective Sponsored Ads to ensure that enough people view your listing, get awareness, and an excellent impression of what you are selling, and eventually buying. This strategy will also keep you from removing items on Amazon storage just to cut the cost. Careful planning is the key. 

How to ship (Amazon FBA)?

Now that you have known the different advantages of using the Amazon FBA shipping service, let’s talk about how you can get started through these easy steps:

  1. Set up your selling account.
  2. Go to Seller Central, where you can begin setting up Fulfillment by Amazon.
  3. Add your products and inventory. 
  4. Pack the products you will store on Amazon warehouses.
  5. Ensure that you follow the packaging guidelines Amazon has set to avoid any challenges.
  6. Ship your properly labeled products to the Amazon warehouse.

Registering for Amazon FBA shipping service is easy. Being an Amazon FBA seller will boost your business and help you reach target customers in no time. However, before you can achieve this, it would require you finding the finest shipping partners the industry has to offer. If you want to integrate your Amazon and Stallion account, check this article out

What Stallion Express Offers

Stallion Express can be your partner in shipping to Amazon FBA USA. We know the ins and outs of how to ship (Amazon FBA) to the US. If you want your packing to be handled professionally and per Amazon guidelines, we also got you covered. More than this, we will handle border clearance for your items USD800 and below, therefore eliminating the need for a customs broker. 

Contact us at 877-863-7447 for any inquiries. You may also visit our website to know us more. 

Final Thought

After discussing the five main advantages of using the Amazon FBA shipping service, you may still have doubts. Nonetheless, remember that there is no harm in trying. Besides, if this is your first time to try Amazon FBA, you have no way but up. If it works, you get the financial goals for your business. If you fail, you earn business lessons you can use when you try again. 

Get started today! Ship faster, smarter, cheaper with Stallion.

Get Started Today.  Sign Up for Free!
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