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FBA Amazon Shipping: How Profitable Is Selling in Amazon in 2022?

Diana Zheng
May 1, 2022

Being the most widely used eCommerce platform, with over 200 million members, Amazon helped connect retailers and consumers across the globe. Customers find it easier to buy from Amazon because they don’t need to go out of the comforts of their homes to purchase the things they need to buy. With just a few clicks, it directly shows them a long list of options for what they wish to see. 

On the other hand, it also supports many small business owners in bringing their products to potential customers quickly and hassle-free. Furthermore, it gives its sellers the freedom to be as creative as they want regarding their packaging, marketing strategy, and branding. 

However, some sellers find it exhausting or demotivating to see all their stocks pile up in their homes or workplace. Of course, studies show that many people feel uninspired if their workstation is disorganized or there are plenty of things going on. Moreover, it can be tiring to process all the orders, from receiving to shipping, all by yourself. Good thing Amazon has a solution for this issue. 

If you also struggle juggling your business and everything else in between, Fulfillment By Amazon (Amazon FBA) might be the quick fix to the troublesome situation. However, before we directly discuss FBA Amazon shipping, let us first discuss how profitable Amazon is in 2022?

What Are The Hot and Trendy Items to Sell on Amazon?

As an Amazon seller, you don’t need to focus on what sells the best on the platform because you can find the most unexpected and weirdest products on Amazon that people actually love. If you haven’t known, Amazon marketplace has a dedicated bestsellers section allowing you to see the trendy products frequently purchased. This section is updated hourly, so you can see and analyze the products’ real-time rankings.

You just have to research what is necessary for your target audience. However, if you are still starting your journey as an Amazon seller, here are some ideas of the commercial products consumers mostly purchase.


Despite the rise of technology, books never lose their spot in people’s hearts. You might not have noticed it, but plenty of people still find joy in reading physical books. As an Amazon seller, this niche is simpler to handle than other products. The most popular and bestselling fiction genre is Romance, while Religious and Inspirational are the most popular ones for non-fiction. If you happen to be a writer and have self-published work, feel free to sell it on Amazon.

Shoes and Clothing

Shoes and clothing are tricky products to sell because of the tough competition. You need to have the right ingredients for an efficient marketing strategy. Show your products’ unique qualities and what makes your products special.

Beddings and Home Decorations

Room makeovers are popular nowadays. You can sell beddings, pillowcases, and other home decorations to your customers. Popular designs are natural textures, earth tones, and classic designs.

Sports and Outdoor Equipment

During the height of the pandemic, many people purchased sports and some outdoor equipment to keep their bodies fit and healthy at home while the gyms were closed. However, many consumers continue to buy sports equipment because they find it more convenient to exercise at home.

Nonetheless, you can check and maximize your Amazon seller central in marketing and selling your products. Don’t forget to check FBA-regulated items to know if you can send your products. 

What Are The Benefits of Fulfillment By Amazon?

Several perks are awaiting those who want to become an Amazon FBA seller. Convenience is one evident advantage of an FBA seller. If you don’t have enough time to process any Amazon order, you don’t need to create your shipping plan! Let Amazon FBA work for you instead.

a. Low-Cost Shipping

If you want a low shipping cost, Amazon fulfillment offers competitive shipping fees. As they are partnered with big shipping carriers, you can feel significant discounts on fulfillment fees.

b. Fast Delivery Shipping

While Amazon provides a faster shipping method, Amazon Prime members can also receive free shipping and next-day shipping as perks for being a subscriber.

c. Inventory

Aside from the FBA shipment, Amazon also offers FBA inventory to ensure that you know your sales development.

d. Customer Service

Since Amazon takes care of your goods and processes order fulfillment, you can expect that Amazon can also provide reliable customer service.

Does Amazon FBA Cater to Non-Amazon Products?

The answer is, “YES!” You don’t need to offer your products on Amazon to take advantage of Amazon FBA shipment. You can continue your FBA Amazon shipping without becoming an Amazon seller. All you need to do is send your products to the nearest Amazon fulfillment center, and they will pack, put the shipping label, and send the order.

How Much Would the Amazon FBA Shipping Charges Cost?

The shipping charges can vary depending on the product category and shipping service you will choose. The usual price starts around $14 for international standard shipping and $16 for international expedited shipping. However, there are other Amazon FBA fees you need to think about, like a monthly inventory storage fee, long-term storage fees, removal and disposal order fees, returns processing fees, and unplanned service fees.

How can I reduce Amazon FBA shipping fees? image

How Can I Reduce Amazon FBA Shipping Fees?

You might think there’s no way to lower your Amazon FBA shipping fees, but there’s a technique to do it.

– First, input the package dimensions correctly. If you put the incorrect labeling, Amazon will issue unplanned service fees.

– Second, maximize your product borderline. Fulfillment fees are initially based on product size. However, payments vary depending on the product weight tier, so always check this one out to ensure that you optimize everything.

– Third, prepare everything to minimize additional unplanned service fees. If you don’t know what to do, always consult with the seller central guidelines as they have numerous articles to respond to every frequently asked question.

What are my FBA Delivery Service Options?

Amazon has partnered with big reputable shipping carriers to bring your package safely right at your customers’ doorsteps. However, you can still choose your shipping method, whether you want to have standard or expedited shipping.

How long does the shipment take? image

How Long Does the Shipment Take?

It depends on which continent you will be sending your products to. For example, if your customer lives somewhere in Asia, they can expect to receive the products within more or less 20 days. On the other hand, it takes a rough estimate of two weeks or 14 days before the package arrives in Australia. You can check Amazon’s global shipping time list to see a better projection of how long each shipment takes.

Does Stallion Express Offer Amazon FBA Services?

Stallion Express can help you bring your products to the US Amazon FBA warehouse with ease! We can help upscale your business and reach more customers across the U.S.

Contact us now and know more about our Amazon FBA delivery service!

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