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Amazon Global Shipping: Expand Your Online Opportunities

Diana Zheng
July 13, 2022

We have seen the rise of online companies during the pandemic, as many consumers opt to purchase digitally. However, many online entrepreneurs struggle to keep up as the world shifts back to the NEW NORMAL.

Social and eCommerce platform competition is one of the challenges that many entrepreneurs face in 2022. For example, Tiktok has gained more popularity during the height of the pandemic and is highly used by many entrepreneurs to market their products and services. Unfortunately, brands with smaller followings have difficulties seeing high engagement levels as they compete for demographic interaction.

You do not have to limit your opportunities within domestic shipping, as there are more chances to grow and expand your business outside Canada's borders. You can use Amazon to reach international customers through Amazon Global Shipping. If you are unfamiliar with this Amazon service but want to learn more about it, check this article out!

What is Amazon Global?

Amazon Global is a service offered by Amazon to cater to sellers wanting to market their products outside the country. You might find a slight distinction between Amazon marketplaces globally, but the credibility and reliability of this platform remained the same over the years.

It is the best avenue for Canadian sellers to explore all international shipping opportunities through Amazon Global because, while Amazon Canada is still relevant among Canadian consumers, the competition among Canadian sellers has become fiercer. So, expanding to other countries is an excellent step to growing a business.

You can broaden your reach to Europe, Asia-Pacific, and other emerging countries, such as Singapore, Turkiye, and the Middle East. Amazon Germany and Amazon UK hold the second and third-highest number of Amazon users, next to Amazon USA, with 39.7 billion net sales combined.

Steps in Creating an Account

Before taking advantage of Amazon Global Shipping services, you must create an account first.

1. Choose the country and product to sell. Recognize what opportunities your company can get when selling internationally on Amazon. Learn which country you can sell on Amazon, the necessary document, taxes and regulations, and how to start a new marketplace strategically. Currently, Amazon has 16 marketplaces globally, providing you with numerous options for expansion.

Once you decide which country or countries you will sell to, you must also consider how proficient you are with the country's language to provide better customer service and amplify the customers' overall online shopping experience. You may consider language support if you are not fluent enough to converse with your international customers through Amazon FBA. However, if you can communicate with international customers in their local language, you can also do it instead.

You can also take advantage of Seller Central Language Switcher, where you can switch the local language to English to help you manage the business efficiently.

2. Create an account and list your products. Use Amazon tools to manage your seller accounts globally and your listings across multiple marketplaces. If appropriate, translate your listings. Your items are now on the market.

You can maximize Amazon Global's Build International Listing (BIL) tool to assist you in selling globally by introducing offers and aligning pricing across multiple marketplaces. BIL allows users to add multiple offers to additional marketplaces immediately. BIL then handles selling price offers throughout marketplaces for you via automated notifications based on the rules you specify.

When it comes to payments, you have an option to create a bank account in the country where you want to sell. However, this is more complicated, and you must discuss this issue with your legal, tax, and financial advisors before proceeding. You can utilize Amazon Currency Converter for Sellers if you want a more straightforward process.

3. Ship and fulfill. Amazon fulfillment services help to deliver products to customers all over the world effectively. Understanding the costs, shipping time, and requirements of shipping and fulfilling in various countries will help you correctly manage the expenses and provide perks to your customers. On the other hand, you can also learn international Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) solutions or do it yourself.

4. Oversee your business. As mentioned, you can provide customer service or take advantage of Amazon FBA. You can also utilize Amazon's tools and recommendations to increase international sales and globalize your brand.

Amazon Global Shipping Fees

There are slight differences in Amazon Global shipping rates when you ship and fulfill the orders yourself compared to maximizing Fulfillment by Amazon. If you send the products via a national carrier, the least amount you will spend will be around CAD 40.00.

Like any shipping and delivery service, Amazon Global also offers expedited, standard, and priority shipping. The standard shipping cost will start around US 4, while expedited shipping starts around US 9. On the other hand, priority shipping initially costs around US 8. However, the shipping rates vary depending on the item and destination country. The rates are apart from the fees you have to pay for your Amazon Global account.

 amazon global shipping time image

Amazon Global Shipping Time

Similar to the shipping rates, the shipping time will also vary depending on the service you choose and the country where you will send the item. For example, it takes around 18 business days before the parcel arrives in South Africa and seven business days to China for standard global shipping. On the other hand, it takes as fast as six business days to come to South Africa and China for expedited shipping.

To avoid unexpected delivery, you can also use Amazon Global Shipping tracking to know where your parcel is.

Benefits of Amazon Global

The most significant benefit that Amazon Global provides to its sellers is the opportunity to escape the congested Canadian online market. Apart from that, you have the chance to make your brand well-known internationally, as Amazon can reach millions of users worldwide.

alternative shipping solution image

Alternative Shipping Solution

If Amazon Global shipping does not align with your business goals, you will always have an alternative shipping solution. All you need is a proper marketing strategy and a reliable shipping partner, like Stallion. They provide the cheapest service, fast transit time, and reliable dedicated customer service.

Plus, you can integrate your other eCommerce stores apart from Amazon, such as Etsy, eBay, and Shopify, to manage your business efficiently. We are partnered with APC and PostNL in delivering the items to the customers to ensure a flawless shipment process.Please check their website or contact their customer service to know more about what Stallion offers.

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