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What’s In Store For You: Amazon FBA Shipping Service

Diana Zheng
January 3, 2022

It is not an easy task to ensure that your business management stays organized. You can be problematic about product designs, customer service, digital marketing, and other business concerns that would have been easier to settle if you have a specialized team to assist you and your company.

As an online seller or e-commerce business owner, you want everything you need in one place as much as possible. With the help of advanced technology and other innovations, it is not wrong to dream of a system that saves time, effort, and a lot of resources.

If you’ve never dealt with shipping services and you’re a first-time online seller, perhaps a manager of a startup business, the road wouldn’t be any easier amidst the harsh competition. Skip all the shipping hassles and entrust this matter to the best shipping partners and programs. 

The most common program that business owners would enroll in is Amazon FBA where transactions are automated and everything can be done in the comfort of one’s home. Based on figures, 66% of the top 10,000 sellers choose the Amazon FBA Shipping Service into their business lines. The reason behind the rise of FBA is the desire of online sellers to save time, energy, and money. What makes this framework extra special is its advanced fulfillment networking, convenient shipping services, and use of up-to-date technology for faster yet smoother trade and delivery.

We believe you deserve this quality of shipping service, which is why this article will focus on how an Amazon FBA Shipping Service works, what seven (7) marketing strategies you should apply to your business alongside the FBA shipping program, and what Stallion Express can do to give you the best quality of Amazon international shipping. Read on to find out more!

Amazon FBA Shipping Service: What is It?

If you have zero background in shipping procedures, you more or less have never heard of FBA which stands for ‘fulfillment by Amazon.’ Think of it this way:

  • Amazon coordinates with you and receives all of your products.
  • Amazon places these products in one of its warehouses for safekeeping.
  • A customer places an order on Amazon and settles their payment on the checkout page.
  • Amazon receives information regarding the customer’s order and takes action.
  • Amazon immediately packages, ships, and monitors the whereabouts of the package.
  • A customer receives information about their parcel’s current location and estimated time and date of arrival.

It’s that simple, and it all happens with just a few taps or clicks on one’s device. Aside from the above-mentioned responsibilities, Amazon is also tasked to fulfill other assignments such as product returns and refunds. Contrary to popular belief, in the Amazon FBA Shipping Service program, there are many professionals working hand in hand to deliver favorable results.

Besides their truck driver and packaging personnel, they employ a 24/7 customer care staff of Amazon Stellar, monitor local and international shipping costs, and give online sellers like you access to unlimited storage space and global fulfillment networks.

There are four main benefits of entering this program and why it is highly sought after:

  • There is an opportunity for you to decide on what you want to sell.
  • You are offered a partnership with a reliable supplier for your merchandise.
  • An easy-to-navigate shipping network is streamlined with your Amazon business.
  • Your products are protected and professionally packaged and shipped to a customer.

With this brief background regarding what Amazon FBA shipping is, you may not help but think about shifting to this framework. All you just need to do is look back on your financial capability to afford an FBA program, coordinate with an accountant or bookkeeper, and ponder on what values in your business jibe with the principles of the shipping partner.

To give you a better angle of the way the FBA program operates in an established or startup business, the next section will discuss the detailed processes of FBA.

The Detailed Process

The general points mentioned above may take a while before you clearly understand what they are all about and what exactly happens during those steps. For this part, we will throw light on the step-by-step procedure of integrating your business with an Amazon FBA program:

  • When started, you send specific products to Amazon by listing them out and informing Amazon regarding the kind of products your business sells. You need to establish this right away so that you would have an estimate of the projected expenses and what other requirements you need to fulfill.
  • Amazon will take note of your requests and ask for further information including the location of the warehouse where you want to base your goods and products. You need to be wise when it comes to selecting the area and be sure that you aim for where most of your target market is nearest.
  • Amazon receives your products via pick-up or drop-off arrangement. Afterwards, Amazon will store them in the warehouse you chose out of all their approximately 100 million-square-foot-storage warehouses.
  • Amazon sorts these products in storage and regularly checks your inventory. This is where you need to be keen on replenishing stocks that are about to run out. For cases like damaged items in the warehouse, Amazon will immediately grant a reimbursement.
  • While your products are under Amazon’s custody, you need to standby until a customer places an order for your shop. This is where most of the challenge is present; when it becomes a waiting game, your business will suffer and won’t profit from the FBA shipping program.

What should happen during this time is to entrust your PR and digital marketing team to find ways to attract viewers and convert them into buyers. There are multiple marketing strategies to get by the waiting game. These marketing strategies will be discussed in the next portion of this article.

  • Amazon handles the transaction such as accepting the mode of payment, updating your inventory (it should reflect on your Amazon account) and neatly packaging the product using state of the art technology and robots before loading them into a vehicle or cargo.
  • Amazon ships the product safely and promptly to the customer’s receiving address. When that is done, Amazon provides customers with a link that will redirect them to the parcel’s location. At the same time, their customer service remains open for any client concerns or inquiries.
  • Amazon’s customer service team contacts the client after the product has been received to ask for customer feedback in the form of a newsletter, survey, or personal thank you message. This is also an opportunity to deal with product returns, obtain points of improvement or highly suggested testimonies, and for customers to complain privately.
  • Your business acquires information on the customer satisfaction rating. During this time, you may want to look at your product listings for any customer reviews and address any issues that may have been brought to your attention online.

For unsatisfied customers, the solution to this is to send a discount voucher, coupon, or freebie instead of losing countless potential buyers.

  • Amazon sums up your sales and deducts seller fees, direct personal bank deposits, and computes the income you have earned on the e-commerce platform once every two weeks. You may need to set a meeting just in case you want to enhance the turnout or work on optimizing the results for the next couple of weeks.

Given this lengthy and exhaustive procedure, it is apparent that the FBA shipping program is meant to benefit online businesses. All that’s left is to have the right cards in hand by developing effective marketing research strategies, having a benchmark for your sales, boosting your arts and media sector, and exploring various digital marketing strategies.

In the next part of this article, we will check out the seven (7) marketing strategies which you can employ in your business.

Shipping Service

Amazon FBA Shipping Service and Business Strategies

You’ve already heard about Amazon FBA in a nutshell. Now, we will redirect our attention to what should happen during the ‘waiting game’ or the vacant period when customers ought to be placing their orders from your shop. Where do you start taking action? How should the Press, your PR, and your talented pool of artists behave?

Your focus should be fixed on promoting your brand and products online since you are an online seller. If you have no clue, just observe your competitors—how do they go about it? You’ll see tons of ways to stand out and garner sales for as long as you put your name out in the open and advertise visually promising bundles or deals.

Many startup businesses may veer away from several e-commerce marketing strategies especially if it appears costly. Luckily, there are low-cost e-commerce solutions to promote your brand and products on the internet. Here are some widely accessible strategies to capture your target audience, convert them into buyers, and generate sales in the process:

  • Optimize your website’s search rankings. A search engine optimization (SEO) team plays a crucial role in making sure that your website is discovered by more viewers by using keyword research. Before you realize it, your site has been visited many times by thousands of viewers; just imagine the sales you can make out of these real-life numbers.
  • Incorporate positive reviews and high ratings on your business pages. You may assign a copywriter and graphic designer to create banners and visual copies containing a positive customer review. 84% of people are more likely to trust your brand when they see fellow buyers enjoying your products.
  • Apply content marketing strategies. This can be executed by having a blog section where your audience will acquire all the information they need concerning the themes covered by your brand and products. Using these blog posts, you can stimulate community engagement, offer a fun newsletter subscription, and redirect them to your Amazon store for the coolest products on sale.
  • Write and publish guest posts. Extending your reach to popular blogs and letting them feature your content through their articles is a great way to convert viewers and generate sales. When submitting a guest post to another business blog, be sure that you turn in high-quality content with high authority publications that have an engaging community.
  • Expand your business reach on social media. There are over millions of users around the world who may stumble upon your advertisement. What makes marketing on social media great is that it is entirely free except if you outsource your page. From still images, carousels, to dynamic content, you’re sure to boost your community engagement, build brand awareness, move downwards the funnel, and earn more.
  • Hire influencers and train them to promote your products or services. Having connections with public figures and individuals who have an impressive set amount of followers are more likely to convince a number of their fans to buy from your business. In exchange, you need to offer a token of appreciation, a discount voucher, and exclusive thank-you packages. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.
  • Make use of Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads. Let’s say you have some spare cash to fund your campaigns. What you can do with that money is to advertise on Google, Facebook, and Instagram. It has worked well for many business pages, and for sure, it would work for your business too.

How Stallion Express Does It

The FBA shipping program surely has a lot of perks, all the more if you work side by side with a reliable Amazon shipping company. Here at Stallion Express, we guarantee affordable shipping without compromising the quality of our services.

In addition to the quality service, the process does not take too much time and effort to fulfill. You only have to complete 5-easy steps to do it. 

Prep – Set a shipment plan using your Amazon Seller Central account to print the UPS label. A “Ship From” address, which you can get from your Stallion account, is necessary to complete this process.

Print & Pay – Use your Stallion Express account to make a shipping label indicating the item description, weight, etc. You can complete this process through two different methods:

a. Use the ‘New Shipment’ tab (for a single box)

b. Use the ‘Default Template,’ which you can find on the ‘Import’ tab.

After entering all the necessary form fields, print the QR code that Stallion Express uses for scanning. You need to attach this QR code label and your UPS label from Amazon Seller Central. 

Drop – Drop off your items in any branch location across Ontario or British Columbia.

Clear – Stallion Express completes border clearance on your behalf.

Arrive – UPS will complete the last mile and deliver your package to the Amazon FBA USA warehouse as per the label. 

With discounts up to 87%, Stallion Express aims to cultivate business growth through shipping services starting at $2.99 CAD. This is the perfect choice for e-commerce businesses that are currently following a strict budget. Streamline your Amazon business with Stallion Express, where you can sit back, relax, and free yourself of any shipping hassles.

If you’re looking for a sign, then this is it! Enjoy fast and fantastic Amazon FBA shipping services with Stallion Express today!

If you need more information concerning Amazon FBA with Stallion Express, you may contact us. We also offer free consultations, all you need to do is just book an appointment with our specialists by registering today.

Get started today! Ship faster, smarter, cheaper with Stallion.

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