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Choose the Best International Shipping Company to Meet Holiday Rush Demands

Diana Zheng
September 8, 2022

Many customers are starting to feel the holiday rush as September comes in. Although Christmas is still in four months, many people are already buying items as presents to avoid the rush. If you have already established your brand outside Canada, expect a higher volume of orders, especially during this season.

The Christmas season is the busiest time for the shipping industry. Thousands of products are delivered back and forth, ensuring everything arrives on time. While you cannot do anything to change this situation, you can find a way to ensure that your customers can receive their items without delay.

The only way for your small business to keep up with demands and fight against the holiday rush is to create a shipping strategy and choose the best international shipping service. How? Discover the answer in this article. Read now!

Meet Stallion

What is the best way to ship internationally? The best way to send your items overseas is to carefully plan your shipping calendar to avoid overlooking orders and delaying any shipment. Additionally, shipping calendars allow you to choose the most convenient international shipping service without haste.

Stallion Express is an international shipping company you can trust with all your shipping needs. It is the cheapest and best international shipping carrier in Canada, with branches in Ontario, British Columbia, and Quebec and five other drop-and-go locations within Ontario.

Like its beloved clients, Stallion also takes pleasure in being a small neighborhood business, which is why it understands the struggles many entrepreneurs, especially start-ups, currently face. Because of this, Stallion makes it easier for clients to reach them for any concerns and questions. You do not have to undergo several processes to talk to their live customer support.

International Shipping Partners

Stallion believes that partnering with an international shipping company will make the shipping process more efficient and convenient. However, Stallion does not want to limit the client with one courier service as an option only. So, they collaborated with not one but two of the best international shipping companies worldwide, offering diverse shipping options.

APC Postal Logistics - With over two decades of being an international courier service to more than 200 countries, APC proved that it could provide incomparable shipping solutions to its partners. It is an international courier service with solutions for any international shipment to boost your eCommerce company's growth, reach, and quality of service.

PostNL - While PostNL is one of the most sought-after shipping companies in the Netherlands, it has also established a name for itself as a competitive international shipping service.

International Shipping Rates

When Stallion says, they offer one of the best international shipping rates in the industry, believe it. It is more than just the marketing style because it is legit. Stallion provides up to 80% off than the national carrier. Whether you send a package to Latin America, Europe, or Asia, expect to save a considerable amount.

With Stallion, you can obtain speedier, tracked delivery to your consumers anywhere in the world while saving up to 75% on postal costs.

For example, if your customer from London, England, orders a package weighing 113 grams or 4 ounces, they only have to pay around CAD 6.20, compared to about CAD 41 of the national carrier. As for the package weighing 425 grams or 15 ounces, shipping to Hong Kong will only cost CAD 12.19 compared to CAD 58.30 for the national carrier.

Offering the lowest shipping rates will persuade them to choose your brand, as you can help them save, especially if they still have to purchase plenty of Christmas presents.

Transit Time

Many overseas customers avoid ordering international items because of the long delivery time. However, Stallion offers a solution, so Canadians can still compete with other international sellers. Customers do not have to choose international priority shipping options, like priority mail express international or first class mail international, to get their packages faster.

It only takes four days to reach its destination, which is a couple of days earlier than the national shipping carrier. What's more impressive is that after Stallion receives the parcel, you do not have to process anything, including customs clearance. Stallion Express will do everything on your behalf.

Note that you must follow the general guidelines about the prohibited and restricted items to avoid delays. You do not want to be delayed this season because millions of packages are sent abroad.

Integration Platform

If you have more than one online shop from these eCommerce platforms: Shopify, Etsy, eBay, and Amazon, you should ship with Stallion. Having a store on different platforms means checking and managing each website, ensuring that all orders are acknowledged and taken care of.

Stallion's integration platform allows you to oversee all eCommerce platforms in a single location, minimizing the hassle of shifting from one platform to another. Moreover, you can streamline your shipping process by incorporating your online store with Stallion without additional charges. You can utilize this service for free!

Reliable Customer Support

Customer support is essential because they are the front liners of the company. Apart from answering the clients' questions, they also ensure that every parcel is delivered correctly and received by the client's customers as soon as possible. Thus, Stallion commits to invest sufficiently in maintaining the quality of customer support services.

The seller's customer support differs from the customer support the shipping partner offers. Why? While it is the seller's responsibility to find a reputable international shipping carrier and lower the shipping cost incurred in the shipment, they cannot do anything about the situation once they turn the parcel over to the shipping partner. So, choosing a company that offers superb customer service is a must.

Every time you call Stallion's customer support, you are greeted by real people, not bots. Therefore, you can ask multiple questions without getting redirected somewhere. Additionally, they can provide you with better advice about how to save on shipping.

Key Takeaway

As the seller, your primary concern is your business. Let Stallion handle all shipping and delivery matters so that you can put all your effort and time into growing your brand.

Contact us at +1 877-863-7447 for more information about Stallion's other shipping services!

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