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Choose the Best Shipping Partner for International Shipping

When you infuse a well-planned marketing strategy with a credible shipping partner, you can expect a smooth transaction process and an increase in net sales. This plan can go well, significantly if you are growing a business. However, you might wonder how shipping partners affect the net sales, as they only send the products to […]

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Factors to Consider to Minimize Canada Shipping Cost When Importing Supplies

Finding the perfect manufacturer can be challenging because they affect the pricing and overall brand reputation. You cannot easily choose the supplier just because they offer cheap rates. You also have to consider the end product quality before deciding. While Canada is filled with manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors to supply materials for your products, exploring […]

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How to Ship Internationally? 10 Things to Learn and Consider

While many online sellers are venturing into international shipping, some are still cautious and apprehensive as they do not know what to do. International shipping is not new among businesses, even for smaller ones, as there are many eCommerce platforms to help make selling internationally possible and efficient. However, being inexperienced in international shipping limits […]

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Upgrade Your Business By Shipping From Canada to US

The United States of America and Canada do not only have the world's longest international border. Both these two nations share a long history of commerce and trading, allowing businesses to grow and prosper. For over centuries, many Canadian sellers have shipped their products across the border, hoping to find success in their business venture.  […]

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Amazon Global Shipping: Expand Your Online Opportunities

We have seen the rise of online companies during the pandemic, as many consumers opt to purchase digitally. However, many online entrepreneurs struggle to keep up as the world shifts back to the NEW NORMAL. Social and eCommerce platform competition is one of the challenges that many entrepreneurs face in 2022. For example, Tiktok has […]

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The Benefits of Expedited International Shipping to Your Growing Business

An excellent shipping strategy is one of the features you can boast as a business. It will give you numerous advantages, which will become more apparent if you ship internationally. International shipping is expensive and often takes multiple weeks before arriving at its destination. This shipping rate and transit time are not ideal, especially if […]

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Shipping from Canada to US: 4 Common Surcharges and How to Avoid Them

This year's current events have given serious financial repercussions to businesses. For most companies, operating expenses are at an all-time high, while income is relatively low. In fact, the shipping and logistics industry is one of the hardest-hit areas as countries exercise extra caution with movement in and out of their borders. This is why […]

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What is the Best Way to Ship Package Internationally? Let's Find Out!

Whether you have been in the eCommerce industry for quite some time or have just started a small business, shipping overseas is still one of the most complex and risky markets to enter. Due to geographical location, time and weather differences, and cultural dissimilarities. However, it does not mean that you will no longer consider […]

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Upcoming Rates Increases July 2022

Note the two service rate increases going into effect on July 10, 2022 for USPS services and July 17, 2022 for Stallion US Returns. Plan ahead for the changes and any impacts it may have on your business. Read on for the details below.  USPS Rate Increases The United States Postal Service is applying their […]

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Stallion Express June 2022 Recap

As the month of June flew by at full speed, there are service notifications from our partner carrier and other Stallion news that we cannot wait to share with you! Now, let’s get into the big news: General Updates Stallion Account Address Validation June 30, our IT included an address validation feature that you can […]

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The Perks of Express Shipping USPS

Susan Niczowski, one of the top Canadian entrepreneurs, once said, "Keep putting back into the business, so (that) you can get the most back out." This quote is proof that investing in the business is necessary to get the most out of it. If you aim to expand your business, funding is essential. It means […]

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Top 7 Mistakes You Must Avoid When Shipping from Canada to the US

Mistakes are inevitable parts of life. It happens to the best of us, and all we can ever do is learn from them, take note of them, and make sure to do things differently the next time around. The same law applies to eCommerce and shipping. Even seasoned business owners who ship internationally still find […]

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