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Tips that Can Help Online Entrepreneurs Minimize Your Express International Shipping Cost

The rise of the eCommerce industry paved the way for many online sellers to open a business. Although starting a small business has never been easy, technology provided start-up businesses leverage over the traditional ones. Plus, with the power of social media, like Tiktok, Facebook, and Instagram, many people are enticed to purchase items overseas. […]

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6 Best Practices in eCommerce Shipping and Receiving Services

Suppose you’re steadily growing your eCommerce business. Congratulations! The next essential step you have to take is making sure your shipping and receiving services make customers happy.  There are instances when unexpected eCommerce shipping issues pop up. You might encounter miscommunication with manufacturers, suppliers, or your customers. Shipping internationally might be a challenge. There could […]

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7 Questions about Canada US Border Shipping

Many Canadian sellers consider expanding their online businesses beyond the border and into the United States, entering one of the largest eCommerce markets worldwide. However, many are having second thoughts due to the lengthy process of Canada US border shipping. Plus, shipping products from Canada to the US is costly, be it across the extensive […]

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Beginner's Guide for eCommerce Shipping

Taking chances in the world of eCommerce requires some serious work, especially if you and your team are starting from the ground up with nothing but patience, determination, and self-education as your only arsenal in this thriving business. From thinking of a catchy business name to selecting shipping logistics that resolves your pain points, knowing […]

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A Seller's Guide to Amazon.com's Shipping to Canada Through Amazon FBA

Canadians are a big fan of the American eCommerce giant, Amazon, and they especially love shopping on their American site. With affordable prices, great deals, and a wide selection of items, it's not hard to see why Canadians prefer to shop on Amazon.com. Amazon has earned $1.18 billion last 2018 from Canadian shoppers. It's no […]

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Top 5 Tips for Int'l Shipping

Taking your online business to an international level can sound intimidating, isn’t it? But once you understand the twists and turns of the global market, you can tap into your eCommerce business’ fullest potential. Get yourself familiarized with these tricks of the trade by keeping in mind these pointers: Know what products tickle your customers’ […]

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Market Analysis for Ecommerce Border Shipping Services

Suppose you're planning to expand your business to an international level. You have excellent products or services to introduce to a bigger audience. While looking into eCommerce shipping solutions, you thought about working with reliable border shipping services.  A border shipping company is an excellent option to help you manage costs, customs, and other vital […]

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APC Int'l Shipping: DDP vs. DDU

Check out our full interview by clicking here. Speakers: Diana Zheng - Head of Marketing Marc Zazeela - eCommerce Growth Creator - https://www.apc-pli.com/  As an eCommerce owner building a good name in the global market, you know there’s no chance of escaping tax and duties. The process is a chore, but with a clear understanding […]

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Small Business Shipping Canada: Worry-Free Shipping Management Tips

Management is a make-or-break process for any merchant, but it is especially crucial for small businesses. As someone who’s just starting out, many factors will leave you feeling overwhelmed.  With difficulties in services brought about by the pandemic, shipping becomes especially challenging for many businesses. However hard, shipping is also vital—especially for customers stuck at […]

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Amazon Shipping from Canada to US and Vice Versa: Factors That Increase Your Expenses

Why is shipping from Canada to the US costly? Why is shipping from the US to Canada so expensive? The answer depends not only on the charges passed on to eCommerce sellers, especially on Amazon but also on every businessman’s knowledge of working around the fees.  If you are using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) or […]

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Enhancing Your FBA Business With An Amazon US Ship to Canada

Having everything you need in one place saves you time, effort, and a lot of resources. It is no surprise why many enroll in an FBA program where automated transactions are being fostered, benefitting online sellers amidst the pandemic. If you have your Amazon business established, you would most likely choose an FBA business model […]

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Shipping Products from Canada to US: Is Cross-Border Shipping Worth It?

While we can blame the pandemic on the economic crisis the world went through over a couple of years, the eCommerce industry helped boost it. In Canada, the number of eCommerce users increased by over 27 million, or about 72% of the country's population. Although Canada is one of the biggest Internet users, Canadians aren't […]

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