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Shipping Services in Canada: One Shipping Software to Rule Them All

You can’t run an e-commerce business without thinking about shipping. Nothing affects so many parts of your business more than your delivery system. In fact, some shoppers abandon their carts when there’s no free shipping.  The need for good shipping services in Canada is absolutely crucial for any business, especially when it comes to e-commerce. […]

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Introducing Stallion Economy USA

Access the lowest rates in the industry for US Shipping, with USPS final mile delivery. Stallion Economy USA is officially launching on Tuesday, June 8! Shipments will be fully tracked, from dropoff to final delivery. Once inducted in the US, your shipment travels to the nearest USPS hub depending on your shipment’s final destination. Here’s […]

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Fast Amazon FBA Shipping Charges for Your Online Business

It is, indeed, a dilemma to be in a situation where you need to look out for your sales, handle customer service, create reliable content, and still struggle with how to store, package, and deliver your client's products to their doorstep within the day. Given that, not all online sellers operate in a team, but […]

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Types of Vessels for Bulk Shipping Solutions

Regardless of small or big brands, bulk shipping can be a breath of fresh air to businesses. From affordable, complete shipping solutions to package quantity and security, bulk shipping solutions have strong points to offer a business. Sea shipping is the most preferred method for transporting goods. If you ask, “what is the best way […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Amazon FBA Shipping Rates

If you’re looking into Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), your mind must be filled with questions regarding FBA shipping rates and Amazon fulfillment shipping rates. These become more troubling once you expand your business internationally, especially in the US.  We got you! Included herein are the details about Amazon FBA, so you can finally decide whether […]

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Shipping from Canada to US Customs Fee: 4 Factors That Inflate Your Bill

The United States is home to the most active online shoppers in the world. With e-commerce making exporting easier than ever, you should definitely consider offering your products to the US market.  However, while the opportunity is present, the cost of getting your products across the US border can cause some serious financial repercussions if […]

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Frequently Asked Questions About Amazon Fulfillment Services Tracking

Shipping is a vital part of order fulfillment. However, it’s entirely out of the seller's control because a third party fulfills the task. Thus, it’s understandable if both sellers and buyers grow anxious while the package is on its way.  Fortunately, Amazon offers a tracking system to aid sellers and buyers in monitoring their parcels. […]

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What Does Insured Shipping Mean? A Guide to Doing Business Properly

Businesses rely on couriers to get their products to customers. Most times, the delivery process is reliable, but sometimes packages get damaged or lost. Both the seller and the buyer should be prepared for that. According to SaleCycle, 80.2% of online purchases are returned because of damage, and most customers returning products want expedited shipping […]

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Ultimate Guide to Shipping Products from Canada to US and Vice Versa

The thought of expanding your business abroad is one of the most exhilarating feelings for any business owner. This is especially true for small businesses that grew because of persistence and smart tactics. Finally, you’re seeing growth! Here’s everything you need to know! Shipping Requirements: Canada to US The first office you’ll be dealing with […]

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The Beginner’s Guide to Shipping Prices: Canada to US

Canadian e-commerce businesses have undeniably grown in the past years and even had a total retail trade sales of CAD1.85 billion in 2019. With the current trend brought about by the “new normal” that more and more Canadians are becoming more trusting and reliant on online purchase and selling, transactions are expected to skyrocket in […]

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