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Top 5 Shipping Services in Canada You Can Rely On

Aman Chopra
April 22, 2022

Many countries have gained power and a rising economy once they've established business relations with Canada. With the number of products being consistently imported and exported out of the country, it's obvious that Canada has managed to keep the spotlight on them. However, it's not only Canada that has managed to succeed in making international business relations possible.

It's the various shipping services in Canada that continue to serve everyone everywhere to ensure goods from all over the world reach the country safely, efficiently, and intact. Despite experiencing a global lockdown, eCommerce businesses have continued to resume in peace and at a safe social distance.

However, you're probably wondering how many operational shipping services are available in the country to manage a 6.2% increase in Canadian exports and a 5.8% increase in Canadian imports as of 2018. Well, today, we'll learn more about how Canada has made this possible by giving a quick overview of the different shipping services operating to ensure this success!

But before we get started on knowing what shipping services these are, we must first understand what makes a shipping service great, what factors and aspects we should consider to give everyone a better understanding of why they made this list.

What To Consider When Choosing The Right Shipping Services in Canada

Whether you're a local or international business owner, there are many things you're investing your money into. Sometimes, you need to know if you're putting your money in the right things and on the right people, especially when you're an eCommerce business owner.

Aside from operations and manufacturing, shipping and logistics is probably the other aspect of where your money goes to eCommerce. But how do you know you're working with the right shipping service provider that will not only ensure customer satisfaction but also somehow help you increase your profits?

Their reputation must precede them.

No matter how reliable a shipping company tells you they are, you can't fully guarantee that until you've experienced it for yourself. However, your personal experience shouldn't be the only way to decide this, too. You must scour the internet for reviews, whether bad or good, to weigh out the company's pros and cons. Asking other people for information about the shipping company will also help you choose the right shipping service provider for you.

They should be able to provide you with the option you need.

Despite the number of shipping services in Canada, not many of them can offer you the option you need. If you're planning to expand your business internationally, then a shipping company that provides you with an international shipping option is what you should be looking for. Knowing what you need and what you want helps you narrow down the list of options you have. Aside from that, the shipping options that companies on your list should also match or at least be close to the budget you've already prepared. That way, you won't have to make any major changes to your business' financial plan.

There must be communication platforms available.

One of the key elements of a successful business is communication. If the shipping company you're currently checking out can provide you with access to their real-time tracking programs and platforms then, it's a plus. It'd even be better to provide you with different ways to get in touch with the courier in-charge to make your deliveries. It's not only a way to ensure that your business' processes are streamlined but also a way to guarantee customer satisfaction. For example, Stallion Express has partnered with Aftership for better and more reliable tracking updates. You don’t need to worry about where your package is because Aftership provides its customers with transparency as to anticipation of delivery, etc.

Considering all the various information listed above will help you decide which shipping company is the best for you and your budget. If you can establish a relationship with your shipping service provider, then you might even receive perks such as shipping discounts and rates that will lead to you working with the cheapest shipping service in Canada!

So let's start rounding up the best shipping services in Canada!

UPS Canada

UPS—stands for United Parcel Service—is a multinational logistics and shipping company that continues to operate following its establishment as American Messenger Company back in 1907. The shipping company has managed to evolve and adapt to modern times as they offer various services ranging from packaging and shipping to freight forwarding.

The company continues to develop new ways to integrate and streamline its operations to ensure its customers worldwide get the high-quality shipping service they deserve. UPS has been at the forefront of the shipping and logistics industry, which some companies have modeled after. Through the different locations existing worldwide, it's no wonder that UPS also has a Canada division.

From domestic to international shipping, UPS has a variety of services for you to explore! With the huge network they have built over the years, the business has certainly created different ways for you to enjoy the low shipping fees they continue to offer. And we don't just mean the cheapest shipping service in Canada, but also they offer more affordable rates for you to send any packages internationally.

Overall, UPS works great; however, due to their premium service, they often have a higher price compared to Canada Post. It would be best to hear out the various experiences from other people to evaluate UPS' performance and reliability as a shipping service provider.

Besides, they have different rates for the various shipping services that UPS offers. To better understand this, they have integrated a shipping calculator to make the whole process easier for you! Their shipping services might be the cheapest shipping service in Canada that suits your needs and budget.

Stallion Economy Canada

Unlike UPS, Stallion Economy Canada has not been around for a long time. However, it does not mean it is the inferior one. In the past years, they have proven to provide high-quality and reliable service to its customers. 

Stallion Economy Canada does the final mile delivery taken care of by Canada Post, which is something you should try. With this shipping service, you can monitor the status of your parcel using its tracking page. The package should arrive within four to eight days. 

Stallion Economy Canada line hauls to the most convenient Canada Post Hub of the end destination with three strategic Canada Post hubs for delivery: Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto. But, the downside is that you might not see any updates on the carrier tracking page up to the last few days of your package's delivery. 

Canada Post

If experience is the way to decide how one becomes part of Canada's top shipping services, then Canada Post wins by a landslide. As a domestic shipping service provider founded in 1867, Canada Post has built its own offices in different locations throughout Canada.

However, Canada Post doesn't only operate domestically. This company is currently making a million deliveries daily both domestically and internationally! Their quick and affordable shipping services in Canada and out of Canada have made them among the top shipping services in the

country. Aside from the network they've managed to build over the years, they've also established a good rapport with customers for the efficient and timely delivery.

But despite their experience, their international shipping services tracking information may not be as detailed compared to what other shipping companies can provide you with. If you're concerned about real-time tracking, then Canada Post may not be the one for you. Still, we can't deny how fast, efficient, and reliable their domestic and Intra-Canada shipping services are!

Canada Post is the largest and most preferred domestic shipping company in Canada when it comes to volume shipment. But this doesn't mean they only cater to large volumes of deliveries, too. They have a wide variety of shipping services for you to choose from! Plus, they've also created online tools you can check out and possibly even integrate into your eCommerce store! If not, you can always check out Stallion Express, as we've also partnered with Canada Post for your eCommerce needs! Who knows, Canada Post might be the cheapest shipping service in Canada that suits your local business needs.

What to do next?

In conclusion, Stallion Express offers Canada shipping services, Canada Post, UPS Canada, and Stallion Economy CA* (only for ON region), which can help you grow your business. Besides that, you might be able to find a company that can help you offer the cheapest shipping service in Canada and even out of the country.

Overall, experience and reliability is the most important thing to think about when choosing a shipping company. With that being said, Canada Post is still ranked as the most visited and most trusted shipping company in the Canadian market. Imagine having a more seamless logistics and shipping process with the help of Stallion Express's integrated tools! Your eCommerce business is sure to boom.

Stallion Express's expertise and online integration make it easy for you to manage your deliveries and packages, as well as make it easy for your customers to keep track of their purchases. What are you waiting for? Reach out to Stallion Express today!

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