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Why Standard Shipping From Outside of Canada Works Best For You

Diana Zheng
January 19, 2021

As the world’s largest global internet retailer, it’s no shock that Amazon ships up north. If you’re like the millions of Canadians who love to shop at instead of, you have probably encountered challenges when shipping your items into the border, especially if you opted for express shipping or something similar.

Don’t you worry, there is another option available to you that is easier and more affordable. Standard shipping from outside Canada is the most common way American sellers ship their merchandise due north. Compared to express shipping or same-day shipping, which uses airplanes, standard shipping uses trucks and other ground vehicles for shipping—cutting shipping costs by a considerable margin and saving you some extra cash.

Amazon has moved past its humble beginnings from selling books and DVD’s online and has become a global superstar providing other products such as clothes, toys, and even technology. Especially when going outside comes with its limitations and air travel is restricted, standard shipping is the best choice.

Why is standard shipping from outside of Canada the best option for you? 

Air travel is limited right now, and even when they can travel across the air, governments across the country are keeping air traffic to a minimum so as not to risk contamination. Airports can be Petri dishes for diseases and other illnesses, so couriers all over Canada are wary of taking shipments coming from airports.

While all international shipping services are expected to encounter delays, standard shipping will continue. After all, harsh weather conditions and intense climate shifts tend to delay package and parcel receipt. Instead of using airplanes to transport items to Canada, standard shipping uses trucks and other land vehicles to send packages. Standard shipping from outside of Canada makes it safer for those who handle it because there are fewer chances of exposure to the virus.

If you have multiple orders, standard shipping is the best way to get all your packages in one sitting. So instead of paying higher shipping fees for multiple items, you can pay a low shipping fee in one go. Not only does this save the carrier’s time, but your time as well. There will be no more waiting at the door, wondering when the next piece of your package might arrive. Now, all your items will be delivered right at your doorstep in one day.

How long Canada’s standard shipping takes

Compared to express shipping, where you can have your item in just two to three days, standard shipping, unfortunately, takes some time — four to eight days, to be exact. Now, if you’re in a rush to get the latest gaming system or a new microwave, we suggest taking the express route. How long standard shipping takes in Canada will always be included in how people view your business. It will cost more, but if time is of the essence and you’re willing to shell out an extra dollar or two, by all means, take the express shipping route.

But, if you have patience and you can afford to wait around a few days before your package arrives, then you will be rewarded. Not only will you save money by choosing standard shipping, but Amazon also rewards you. Sometimes it’s in the form of a free movie rental on Amazon Prime or an open book on Kindle. Sometimes, it’s a credit on your next purchase. So if rewards are something that excites you, we recommend standard shipping.

On the other hand, if you’re an Amazon seller based in Canada and need your items shipped south of the border, you have nothing to worry about. Standard shipping is still the best way to ship your items to the United States of America. However, time isn’t the only thing that should concern you when opting for standard shipping. You might want to look into how much your total would be regarding shipping from Canada to the US customs fees.

How much does standard shipping from Canada to the US cost?

Usually, it doesn’t cost much to get your items shipped from Canada to the US. At most, 20$ to 25$ would be enough for your item to get to the States. But, the beauty of standard shipping is that shipping costs can go lower, sometimes even free.

Depending on your receiver’s location and the number of items they need to be shipped, their shipping costs can be divided among the things they will be receiving. So instead of paying $25 five times for every delivery you expect when you choose the express shipping option instead of the standard shipping option, you only need to pay $25 one time for all five of your items.

Work with your shipping company of choice to negotiate how much you should be charging your customers for shipping. When shipping from Canada to the US, customs fees will always be a part of the equation. Because of the current pandemic, Canadian customs has allowed companies an extension for them to pay the proper custom dues and fees. Giving you leeway to charge, but if you decide to include that in your shipping costs, you are free to do so.

Shipping from Canada to the US costs only a portion of your income, and the customs fee is usually meager and only amounts to 0.3464% of the goods’ value. The customs don’t cost much, but you need to consider a minimum and a maximum amount. But if you’re sending an informal parcel, you only need to pay $2 to $6 per package.

When you’re locked in your home, unable to go out to shop for items you want, online shopping is the way to go, and with air travel taking a big hit, standard shipping seems like the only way to transport your purchases. And when you’re talking about standard shipping, think of Stallion Express.

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