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Three Essential Tips to Maximize Canada to US Shipping Time

Pramod Bhat
August 23, 2020

According to Statista, the United States continues to dominate the trade and e-commerce industries after it racked up a total of $193.6 billion in net sales. With the coronavirus outbreak restricting the movement of people around the world, making online purchases seems to be a part of our "new normal." 

If you're a Canadian entrepreneur, it's only natural that you eventually set your eyes on the American market as a customer base. The US is hungry to shop for products that appeal to their eyes, but Canada to US shipping time might be in the way of positive customer experience. If your products arrive late, you lose trust with your customers and damage your business reputation.  

For this reason, you need to know what goes on with your products' movement when your shipments arrive at your customers' doorsteps. This article briefly dives into everything you need to know about Canada to USA Shipping time.

Canada to US Shipping: How Long Does It Take?

On paper, standard shipping from Canada takes between 3 days and a week to get to its American destination. However, some customers have repeatedly mentioned experiences where it took 2 to 3 weeks for their shipments to arrive. Standard shipping from US to Canada destinations is no different.

The delays are mostly caused by customs and the overwhelming number of shipments that cross the US-Canada border every day, and this is simply the disadvantage that comes with high demand. Since most entrepreneurs cannot control how long their shipments are in transit, they simply follow steps to ensure that shipped products do not get rejected before shipping or do not ever return to their warehouses. 

Find the right packaging materials.

While packaging mostly depends on the type of product that you have, most shipping companies recommend choosing a rigid shipment box that's firm enough to hold your goods together. Some ideal materials include moulded polystyrene, wood, or thick cardboard. Both corrugated and cardboard boxes are recyclable, so some resourceful entrepreneurs remove old shipping labels and reuse their old boxes.

There are also DIY packaging materials that may help reinforce your shipments. If you have extra duct tape, kraft tape, styrofoam, or bubble wrap in your home, you can use them for your products.

Take note of Canadian export and customs requirements.

An effective precautionary measure to manage Canada to US Shipping time is to be aware of Canada's export and customs requirements.

For instance, Canada Post requires all shippers to fill out a customs declaration form before shipping a product to the US. This form should be stamped near shipment labels. If you have certain goods that require additional customs documentation (e.g., tobacco/alcohol/cannabis products, money, or prescription drugs), you will need to submit permits to the appropriate government departments.

Canada's customs agency also requires a shipping from Canada to US customs fee. Costs are currently calculated on a product value basis, but on average, customs fees fall between $26.22 and $508.70. 

Find the right shipping company.

As a business, one of the worst decisions you can make is to agree to collaborate with a shipping company that will not meet your needs. You spent your time and money crafting the best product for your customers, so you shouldn't let random couriers damage or lose a shipment during transit. These are problems that can be solved with the right research and planning.

To start, the right shipping company should have the following:

  • Competitive pricing;
  • Effective performance;
  • Wide reach, and
  • Stellar customer service.

You can try checking out shipping companies like Stallion Express to ship your products to the US safely.

Stallion Express giving package to customer


The continuous demand for e-commerce is great for generating revenue and income, provided that you have all processes smoothed out and ready to go. Managing Canada to US shipping time is no different. If you fail to streamline how your shipments move every day, you might be faced with additional costs. Naturally, how to ship from US to Canada is a different story— if a product is returned to your warehouse, you have to pay additional fees.

If you're interested in hiring a team of shipping professionals to assist you with your shipping needs, we at Stallion Express can help you deliver your products to the US for a fair price. Book an appointment today!

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