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USPS in Canada: Tracking, Options, and Costs

Diana Zheng
April 29, 2024

Do you want to understand how USPS in Canada works? Do you feel anxious when you send mail for the customer’s orders because they might be delayed, damaged, lost, or arrive in the wrong post office boxes? If you answer yes, this blog post might pique your interest.

Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways

  • When shipping from Canada to the US, Canada Post handles the package until the US border, where customs clearance is conducted. After customs, USPS takes over to complete the delivery.

  • USPS does not offer direct international shipping services within Canada, but multiple USPS services are available for Canadian customers shipping into the US.

  • Tracking packages involves a unique tracking number, allowing users to monitor their package’s journey from Canada Post to USPS.

How does USPS in Canada Work?

The United States Postal Service (USPS) doesn’t actually deliver mail directly within Canada. If you’re shipping orders from Canada to the US, here’s how it works:

1. Canada Post Handles It Up To The Border

You give your mail or package to Canada Post in Canada. They will take care of the shipping until it reaches the US border.

2. Customs Gets Involved

Canada Post will complete the process when the sender fills out the customs forms. Once at the border, a Canadian customs officer will inspect the items.

3. USPS Takes Over

After clearing customs, USPS, the US’s national postal system, takes over and completes the final leg to the recipient’s address.

What international shipping services are offered to Canadian customers?

Unfortunately, Canadian customers don’t have any USPS international shipping service while in Canada. Their services are shipping from the US to other countries, including Canada.

However, you have these options if you need to ship something into the country:

Global Express Guaranteed

Global Express Guaranteed (GXG) is the fastest, delivering in 1-3 business days. Additionally, they also offer next-day deliveries to some Canadian locations.

Priority Mail Express International

While it is slower than GXG, Priority Mail Express International still has a faster delivery time than standard shipping. This option offers reliable service within 3-5 business days.

Priority Mail International

Priority Mail International is the most suitable service for a budget-friendly option. It balances speed and shipping cost well, delivering within 6-10 business days.

First-Class Package International Service

This is the most affordable option, ideal for lightweight packages (up to 4 lbs) and valued under USD 400.

You can find more details and compare rates on the USPS website.

What is the tracking process for USPS packages?

Tracking packages online.

Tracking USPS packages from Canada to the United States involves a seamless collaboration between the United States Postal Service or USPS (the postal service of the United States Federal Government) and your chosen shipping provider. Both parties work together to ensure timely and accurate tracking numbers for cross-border and international shipments.

You can check the overview below of how to track USPS shipments sent from Canada to the US:

Tracking Number and Generation Format

Canada USPS tracking number and bar code.

If you send a package from Canada to the US using a USPS shipping option, you will receive a unique tracking number as its crucial identifier throughout the journey. This number allows you and your customers to check the package’s progress. Once the package enters the US, USPS takes over, providing updates on its location and movement until final-mile delivery.

The partnership with USPS and your chosen shipping provider will affect the tracking and mailing process itself, your confidence, and the customer’s trust in your brand.

Step-By-Step Process Of Tracking A Package From Canada to the US Postal Service

USPS facility.

Tracking a package involves a straightforward step-by-step process to help you track the package seamlessly:

  1. Get the tracking number.
  2. Visit USPS or your chosen shipping provider’s website.
  3. Locate the tracking tool.
  4. Enter the reference number.
  5. Initiate tracking.
  6. View real-time updates.
  7. Secure location and delivery status updates.
  8. Sign-up for notification. Note: This step can be optional.
  9. Monitor via USPS mobile tracking. Note: This is also an optional step.
  10. Reach out to the shipping provider’s customer support or USPS.

Available Tracking Updates And Their Meanings

USPS tracking into Canada: search form and tracking number.

You can see different package tracking updates if you want to track packages from your from Canada to the United States through USPS. These updates tell you the package’s location and delivery status during the shipment.

Item Accepted. This update means that the shipping provider has accepted the package, and the mail item is officially in their possession. It marks the beginning of the shipping process for mail items.

In Transit. This status means the package is moving and en route to its destination. The mail items could be travelling between the local post office and postal facility or during transit from Canada to the United States.

Arrived at USPS Facility. This update indicates the package has come to a USPS sorting facility in the United States. It may also show the specific facility location.

Processed Through Facility. This update means the package has been processed by postal workers at a USPS facility, including sorting and customs clearance procedures.

Customs Clearance. This update indicates that the package has passed through the customs clearance process in the United States. It is an essential step for international shipments.

Out for Delivery. This status means that the package is out for final delivery to the recipient’s address. It’s the last step before the parcel reaches its destination, and is subject to the courier’s delivery standards.

Delivered. This update confirms that the package has been successfully delivered to the recipient. It may include a text message with the delivery date, time, and recipient’s name.

Items Redirected. This tracking status indicates a change in the package’s delivery address or some other delivery instructions. The package may be redirected to a new location, and you may be sent a delivery notice card requiring your signature confirmation to pick it up.

Delivery Attempted. This update means that a delivery attempt was made but was unsuccessful. The reason for the unsuccessful delivery attempt may be mentioned.

Items Held at Customs. This status indicates that the package is being held at customs for inspection or clearance. Delays in customs processing may result in this update, as well as an extended delivery time.

Why do you need tracking numbers?

Tracking airmail shipping online.

A tracking number or reference number is a vital tool for anyone sending or receiving packages. It provides real-time updates on the package’s whereabouts and journey, offering peace of mind and transparency throughout shipping. With a tracking number, you can monitor the status of your shipment, ensuring it’s on the right path and estimate its expected delivery time.

Also, in case of any unexpected delays or issues, the tracking numbers allow you to proactively address the situation with the other shipping partner or carrier.

Can I track A USPS Package in Canada?

USPS packages delivered on the front door.

Yes, USPS package tracking is possible. The USPS offers international mail tracking services, including shipments from Canada. Furthermore, there are two ways in which you can continue USPS-certified mail tracking.

  1. You can track your package through the tracking tool provided by the shipping provider using the USPS tracking number attached to your shipment. You can also find the tracking number in the package’s mailing label.
  2. You can track a USPS package using the tracking tool on the USPS website.

Common Issues and Solutions with USPS Tracking from Canada to the US

Scanning a shipping QR code with a phone camera.

USPS tracking can encounter specific common issues requiring attention and solutions like any shipping process.

Let’s see the potential challenges faced during cross-border shipments and provide practical solutions to ensure a smooth and successful tracking experience. Understanding these problems and finding ways to fix them will give you the confidence and efficiency you need to use USPS tracking, from customs delays to misrouted goods.

Delays in Tracking Updates And Their Possible Causes

Frustrated sender with multiple unlabeled packages.

Delays in package tracking updates can happen due to multiple factors. These delays can be frustrating for both senders and recipients, as they may result in uncertainty about the package’s location and status.

The following are some potential reasons for tracking update delays:

Customs Processing. Customs clearance involves inspections, documentation, and adherence to import regulations, sometimes taking longer than expected.

High Shipping Volume. During peak shipping seasons or holidays, USPS may experience a surge in package volume. Due to the increased demand, tracking report processing and updating may take longer.

Transit Time. International packages can involve multiple transportation stages, including air and ground transportation. Delays may occur during transit, leading to a lag in tracking packages’ tracking details further.

Data Entry Errors. Mistakes in manually entering a tracking number can cause delays in updating the package’s status. While we can correct these mistakes, it will still take time to reflect accurately in the tracking system.

Weather and Natural Disasters. Extreme weather conditions or natural disasters in the origin or location of the destination can disrupt transportation networks, causing delays in package movement and tracking notification.

Technical Glitches. Technical issues with the tracking tool or data processing can delay updating the package’s location and status.

Incorrect or Incomplete Tracking Number. If the tracking numbers provided are inaccurate or incomplete, it can prevent the system from recognizing the package’s whereabouts, resulting in tracking delays.

Parcel Held for Inspection. The customs officials may hold an international shipment for examination, which may cause brief delays in tracking notifications.

Lost Or Misrouted Packages and How to Handle Such Situations

Lost or misrouted packages can be distressing for both senders and business customers, but there are steps to address such situations.

If you suspect your package is lost, check the international tracking data for any updates or delivery attempts. If no progress is evident, contact USPS customer support to open a case and file a missing mail search request. Provide them with the tracking numbers and relevant details.

For misrouted packages, allow some time for redirection. If the issue persists, reach out to USPS for assistance. Maintaining clear communication and promptly reporting concerns can increase the chances of the postal service or postal employees successfully locating or rerouting the package.

Benefits Of Tracking Shipping

Tracking shipping offers numerous benefits for both senders and recipients. It provides real-time visibility of the package’s location and movement, ensuring transparency throughout shipping. With tracking, business customers can stay informed about delivery times and track their orders, enhancing their overall shopping experience. For businesses, tracking offers better logistical management, quick problem solving, and increased customer happiness, all of which help to boost their brand’s reputation and encourage repeat business.

Prevent Further Expenses

A tracking system is vital in the eCommerce industry, providing more transparency and communication between the seller and their customer. Therefore, lessening the customer tickets inquiring the most popular questions: “Where’s my package?” and anything related to the parcel’s delivery status.

All tracking information will be given to every customer when the business model is implemented correctly. Thus, it reduces additional expenses, as you do not have to employ other people to do other tasks. Plus, you can spend more time accomplishing other business aspects, such as marketing and administrative tasks.

Efficient Shipping Process

Unfortunately, not all shipping companies provide updates to customers in instances that something happens to your parcel. With the help of a online tracking, you can immediately notice if problems in the shipment occur, such as package loss or delays.

Enhances Customer Service

In general, most companies find it challenging to cater to all customer concerns due to the numerous inquiries they get. Customers need to wait in a queue to talk to live customer service representatives (CSR) to attend to their questions.

However, when customers use online tracking to know the full tracking number and info of their packages, you save them time and effort. They do not have to wait for the CSR to respond to the question since they will input the correct tracking number and information in the system to know where the goods are.

Ensures On-Time Delivery

With proper usage, shipment tracking can improve your odds of timely delivery, which means that all packages will arrive at their destination right on schedule. This positive result is due to the system’s high level of transparency and accountability. The customers will immediately receive notice of any abrupt changes.

Improves Communication

Since the tracking system will already notify you about changes in delivery instructions and the package’s status, Every shipment will be an informed delivery, so there will be no more unexpected arrival of items.

Comparison of Shipping Costs and Delivery Times

OptionShipping TimeCost
First-Class Package International Service7-21 business daysStarts at $15.75
Priority Mail International1-15 business daysStarts at $30.35
Priority Mail Express International3-5 business daysStarts at $54.75
Global Express Guaranteed1-3 business daysStarts at $71.10

Importance of Receiving A Shipping Confirmation Email

It is important for customers to receive a delivery confirmation email as it gives them peace of mind and improves their purchase experience. It assures customers and fosters trust between them and the seller by confirming that the order has been processed and is on its way.

Customers may track the movement of their packages in real-time using the tracking information included. By keeping customers informed in a timely manner, you maintain transparency and are able to resolve problems right away. In general, a front shipping label and confirmation email is essential for keeping clients informed, satisfied, and involved during the delivery process.

Consider Shipping with Stallion

Save yourself the trouble of finding the best USPS cross-border shipping solution by choosing Stallion as your shipping partner. We collaborate with major courier services, such as USPS, to provide Canadian online sellers package tracking and comprehensive shipment protection with the lowest price you can find in the industry.

Stallion streamlines the safety of your package through tracking and protection that covers a full range of risks, including the physical loss of your package on its way to its destination. The flat rate pricing and hassle-free claims processing ensure that your package gets the best protection — or you get your money back.

Can You Track USPS in Canada?

Absolutely! You can easily track your package using Stallion’s tracking tool. You may also track the USPS package shipped through Stallion via the USPS tracking system as it makes its way through the US.

Price Rates

While the price for package protection is flat-rate — that is, applicable to all packages regardless of its size or destination — the rates for shipping from Canada to the US vary according to several factors, including the package’s origin, destination, size, and weight. Regardless, customers get the lowest possible shipping price that the industry can offer, allowing them to increase their profit margins and even be competitive in the US market.

Postage Option

Postage OptionRatesDelivery Time
USPS Parcel Select GroundCAD 11.372-4 business days
USPS Ground AdvantageCAD 11.370-1 business days
USPS Priority MailCAD 11.492-4 business days
USPS Priority Mail ExpressCAD 45.782 business days
Stallion Economy USACAD 10.394-6 business days
FedEx GroundCAD 23.193-5 business days

Contact Us

Ready to take your eCommerce business to the next level? Partner with Stallion and take advantage of our top-notch tracking and full-coverage package protection services. Contact us today to get the lowest-priced shipping and the peace of mind knowing that your package will safely arrive at its destination and that you are covered in case of any uneventful circumstance.

Get started today! Ship faster, smarter, cheaper with Stallion.

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