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USPS Canada - The Hidden Secret To Saving On Shipping Costs

Aman Chopra
May 26, 2023

With the number of eCommerce businesses continuing to increase annually, having the upper hand will make you stand out in the industry. Getting that leverage will help your brand reach out to more customers and compete against other sellers. This tip is significant, especially if you plan to introduce your brand to the US market via USPS.

Leaf through this blog post to learn how USPS Canada shipping to the US can help you reach more customers at a lower shipping rate.

Does USPS ship from Canada to the US?

Absolutely YES! Through the efforts of Stallion Express, you can ship from Canada to US via USPS and get a significant discount on the shipping rate of your package. You have multiple shipping options, such as standard, priority mail, and priority mail express. You can track your package either with USPS package tracking or Stallion tracking. 

Plus, Stallion Express offers Stallion Economy USA, which helps you further reduce shipping cost. Stallion Economy cuts the distance shorter, bypassing the New York USPS facility. So, shipping from Canada to the US via USPS becomes cheaper. This makes us a great alternative to companies such as Pirate Ship which operates only in the US.

eCommerce businesses need to save on shipping

What makes Stallion more convenient than other shipping providers? You don't have to process customs clearance (and fill up the customs form) or go to the post office to complete the shipment because they will do it on your behalf. Once you input all your information on our dashboard, we take care of the rest, tax and duty-free. 

Don't have time to pack and ship the orders? Consider using Amazon FBA! Let Amazon complete the fulfillment process, market your business, and ship your products. Stallion will handle your products and deliver them to the Amazon US warehouse. 

In short, you can avail of discounted USPS shipping labels exclusively through Stallion Express to compete with US-based sellers.

How Can You Save on USPS Canada Shipping Rates?

Once you decide to branch out your business and cater to more customers, the next place you should consider shipping your products to is the United States. However, we know how many sellers, including you, feel about cross-border shipping: tedious shipping process and expensive shipping rates.

So, Stallion is here to help you reduce shipping costs and get significant discounts on USPS Canada shipping rates on your cross-border shipment.

This is the best way to save on USPS shipping as you get the exact same service at a much lower cost.

Here is a sample of our shipping rates to the US:

Stallion Economy USA

3-5 business days
YesOptionalStallion's flagship service - using USPS for final-mile delivery for the lowest prices.

USPS Parcel Select Ground


2-3 business days
A ground delivery service offered at very affordable rates for large or heavy packages.

USPS Priority Mail


2-4 business days
YesOptionalInclude the option of sending mail based on weight and dimension or via Flat Rate envelopes or boxes.

USPS Priority Mail Express


2-3 business days
Quick delivery to most U.S. addresses every day of the year, with a few exceptions.

Why Consider Stallion Express For USPS Canada Shipping?

Apart from getting access to discounted USPS labels, Stallion Express is one of Canada's most reputable shipping providers serving its customers with excellent shipping service. We have established their brand to help sellers, especially the small ones and start-ups, grow their businesses across Canada, the United States, and internationally. 


By working with Stallion, you are entitled to a significant discount with the United States Postal Service (USPS).

Stallion is the best shipping carrier to partner with if you are looking for the most cost-effective way to save on shipping costs. You can save up to 75% off shipping than shipping with the national courier.

Shipping Process

Stallion wants its customers to feel the worth of their every penny. Our outstanding shipping service consists of a more straightforward process on their Stallion dashboard. Plus, you don't have to switch from one platform to another; you can do the entire process inside.

To access the dashboard, one must create a Stallion account. You must fill up the necessary details correctly to avoid issues when shipping. To remind you, Stallion is exclusive to its users. So, it is required to sign up and create your account to take advantage of its services.

 Once logged in, click CREATE SHIPMENT and input the package details correctly. Ensure you double-check the information you have put in to avoid issues during transport. Choose the most suitable postage option, upload credits, and pay for shipping. Once done, print the shipping label and attach it to the parcel.  

If your package is ready for shipping, you can drop off the goods at the nearest Stallion branch or schedule pickup*. From there, Stallion will handle everything for you. All you have to do is wait for the items to arrive at their destination.

*Stallion has two options for pickup. Stallion Direct Pickup and UPS Pickup. Stallion Direct Pickup is a complimentary service offered within a specific route and a specific number of shipments weekly. 

On the other hand, UPS Pickup is an additional service Stallion provides to customers outside the pickup route and lower shipment volume. If you want more information, call customer service at +1 877-863-7447. 


Stallion is more than just a cheap delivery service. With convenience as its middle name, you can guarantee multiple advantages. 

  • Faster delivery time! It only takes two (2) to four (4) business days* for the package to arrive at its destination. It is three days earlier than shipping with the national carrier. 

In the business industry, the delivery time is always the make or break of a company. While the business is not solely accountable for delays and mishaps during transit, customers still find the sellers liable for any logistic issues. Thus, Stallion allows you to prevent this from happening.

  • No more tax and customs duty for shipments with a total value of less than USD 800 per address per day, allowing you and your customer to save more on overall expenses!
  • You don't need to visit the post office, fill up the customs form, or complete customs clearance to ship each package because Stallion will do it for you.
  • You have multiple shipping options when you choose Stallion: USPS priority mail, priority mail express, or parcel select ground, among many other options. So, you can get a service that matches the budget.
  • You can design and print the shipping label within the dashboard. So you don't have to use other tools to do it. 
usps canada shipping made easy

Is USPS Tracking Canada Possible with Stallion?

Absolutely! You have three ways to track your parcel. 

1) You can check directly on the Stallion dashboard. 

2) You can use the tracking tool on the website. 

3) You can check the parcel's delivery status using the USPS tracking tool on the USPS website. Meanwhile, your customers can also track the package on the USPS or Stallion website!

Does Stallion Offer A USPS Flat Rate Shipping Option?

While Stallion does not offer USPS flat-rate shipping, we still have the most competitive postage rate in the industry . We highly recommend using our pricing calculator to see our rates for yourself. Our shipping rates are based on the product’s weight, dimensions and final destination.

Did you know you could also use USPS to get deliveries within Canada?

Key Takeaway

Availing of USPS shipping from Canada to the US is possible through Stallion Express. The low shipping rates and vast infrastructure in the US make USPS a top choice for many Canadian E-commerce sellers. Also, Stallion Express has its own flagship economy service to help save you even more when shipping to our neighbours. These low shipping rates will help you compete effectively with U.S.-based sellers while maintaining profitability.

Get started today! Ship faster, smarter, cheaper with Stallion.

Get Started Today.  Sign Up for Free!
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