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Stallion Express Goes to London, Ontario!

For all Canadian e-commerce owners in London, it’s time to brace yourselves! We at Stallion Express are proud to announce the opening of our most-awaited branch in London, Ontario! Our London location will join the 2 other branches we have across Ontario starting Monday, July 5.  Londoners can finally send their shipments and pick up […]

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How to Find Affordable International Shipping in Canada

Did you know a well-planned shipping strategy can be one of your killer marketing tactics? Customers will sing praises about your high-quality products and fast and reliable shipping. Such is the power of word of mouth, an authentic, no-nonsense and free form of advertisement. All that thanks to your 360-degree marketing strategy. But where can […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Domestic E-Commerce Shipping Solutions in Canada

Table of Contents: E-Commerce Shipping Solutions and Strategies in Canada Setting Up Your Shipping Rates Mix n’ Match Strategy Packaging Methods Keeping Your Margins Profitable Turn Your Packaging Into a Marketing Opportunity Tracking and Insurance Choosing Your E-Commerce Shipping Solutions in Canada The Types of Domestic Carriers Stallion Express Conclusion So you've put in the […]

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Canada Day Hours 2021

Happy Canada Day, everyone! Please be guided on our operation hours this holiday for a seamless transaction. Here's the rundown of dates to take note of: June 30 (Wednesday) - OPEN, Regular hours of 11AM to 7PM USPS, Stallion Economy USA and APC shipments will be handed to the carriers on Thursday as per usual […]

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Top 3 Reasons You Should Opt for Border Shipping Services

Canadians are regulars over on Amazon.com because it has lower prices and better options compared to Amazon.ca. It's no wonder why border shipping services are in demand right now.   In border shipping services, instead of delivering the package directly to your buyer’s address, carriers will drop it off at a border town nearest to […]

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A 2021 All-Inclusive Guide to International Priority Shipping

Regardless of distance, customers want their ordered packages at their doorstep as fast as possible. However, distance is significant when it comes to shipping services. Rates will differ depending on various factors, such as location of both origin and destination, package dimensions, customs and taxes, and more.  International shipping is especially sensitive to these details. […]

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Amazon com Shipping to Canada

With over 42% of Canadian households using Amazon Prime, many wonder if Amazon.com shipping to Canada is possible. Despite how near the United States and Canada are to each other, some still have difficulties getting their products shipped from the Land of Liberty to the Great White North. That’s why we will dig further into […]

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Canada To US/US To Canada Shipping Cost: Shipping Options For You

Canada and the US are located in such proximity that inhabitants from both countries share valuable resources-- socially and economically. Historically, the two countries have had close ties and that remains until today. When it comes to business, business owners from both countries see each other as market expansion opportunities. If you are one of […]

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How Amazon FBA Works and What An Amazon Shipping Company Does

One of the perks of selling on Amazon is that you have a choice of letting the largest online store in the world fulfill your orders through Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). That draws an assumption that an Amazon shipping company exists. Well, who delivers your customers' orders?  As a business owner, it is understandable […]

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Drop Ship to Your Heart’s Content: International Shipping Rate Calculator

Drop shipping is a way to fulfill customers’ orders without keeping products in stock. Instead, you accept the orders, and then your supplier completes them and sends the products directly to your customers. It is one of only a few business models that require little or no money upfront, even when you need to send […]

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