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Cross-Border Shipping Services: What Do You Need to Know About?

Putting up a business may call for international shipping—deliveries to areas that have their own laws and jurisdictions. Dealing with customs may certainly challenge your business operations. It makes you wonder why some courier companies charge fees that almost reach the sky. Some businesses find it easier to conduct their business transactions within the area […]

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A 2021 Guide to Cheap Shipping to USA From Canada

Canadian online stores are increasing day by day, with a forecasted 5.21 million sellers this year alone. If that isn’t impressive enough, an estimated 230.5 million shoppers from the US are expected to rely on the web to purchase their wants and needs in 2021. The recent pandemic has caused many physical stores to close […]

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Cheaper Express Shipping: Canada Post to Amazon FBA Alternative

As an Amazon US marketplace seller based in Canada, you’ve probably been hassled by the shipping process one time or another. We get it; getting your items across Canada through customs and safely into an Amazon warehouse in the US can be a pain. Fortunately, outside of Canada post / poste Canada express shipping (which […]

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The Best eCommerce Shipping Options for your Online Store

The rise of the eCommerce industry has encouraged consumers to buy online rather than physically going to the mall to purchase their necessities. Amazon has grown even more when  COVID-19 started, where everyone is advised to stay inside. Moreover, it has put extra emphasis on convenience and shipping. Even though the two go hand-in-hand, we […]

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Holiday Shipping: Express Shipping Canada Post, USPS, FedEx, UPS, and DHL

Q4 is the busiest period every year in the realm of shipping and online selling. It is the time of shopping holidays, starting in October until December, such as Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Halloween, Green Monday, Free Shipping Day, Super Saturday, Boxing Day, and Christmas. It may mean more sales as a seller, but that […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Amazon FBA Shipping Service

Let’s face it. If you want to compete with other Amazon sellers, you need to bring your A-game. You need to offer your customers the most affordable and high-quality products and fast shipping service. The  best way to do it is to give them the shipping option of free two-day shipping. Yes, free two-day shipping! […]

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8 Useful Tips to Find the Cheapest International Shipping

Congrats, you've made a sale! And, whoa, the order came from an international customer. It is like you've hit the jackpot when a customer from another country patronizes your products. It just means they acknowledged how awesome your product is. But don't rejoice yet because they expect the product to be delivered to their home, […]

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Slash Your Amazon FBA Shipping Rates with the Right Shipping Service

Amazon FBA shipping rates can inadvertently hurt your bottom line. In general, shipping your inventory can be expensive. Besides Amazon FBA fees, you need to invest in high-quality packaging materials and hire a reliable freight forwarder. It would be more challenging when you are planning on selling on Amazon.com and shipping to Canada. This is […]

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2021 Beginner’s Guide to eCommerce Shipping: Best Practices and Solutions

Shipping is the make or break point for a buyer. No matter how carefully you have planned your listing, when your shipping option doesn’t meet your customer’s expectations, it will affect your business. You can even lose money with poor eCommerce shipping service.  Based on a survey conducted in November 2017,  73 percent of respondents […]

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Amazon FBA Shipping Charges: How to Avoid Unplanned Service Fees

It is understandable to become overwhelmed with the various Amazon FBA shipping charges or fees as a new seller. After all, your goal is to find a cost-efficient way of selling your products without being weighted by skyrocket fees. However, if you fail to follow Amazon's guidelines, you have to pay the price--literally and figuratively. […]

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