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Canadian eCommerce selling strategies, resources and hacks to grow your online store.
Stallion 101: Measuring & Weighing Your Shipments

Ever wondered if you’re measuring your shipments properly? Not doing so risks the possibility of either returning the package to the sender with postage due or continuing the delivery of shipments while still charging the pending credits to the seller, also known as postage adjustment. Below is an example of what is referred to as […]

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2022 Survival Guide for Handling Holiday eCommerce Shipping

Imagine the hundreds of customers ordering from your store after you announce a 50% off sale! Your phone may be buzzing with notifications for orders to be fulfilled while others inquire about your product. How do you handle the holiday rush and the plethora of Christmas sales? Don't worry because we have created this survival […]

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What is the Best Shipping Company for eCommerce?

Due to the rising number of eCommerce stores in the country, offering something that can give you leverage over your competitors is something you must consider carefully. Shipping is one of the major factors that customers consider when purchasing online because it is the process of getting the products from the seller to the customers. […]

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PostNL Intl shipping service to GB & AU

Attention Canadian online sellers! A cheaper and faster way of shipping to customers in the United Kingdom and Australia is now live.  In partnership with PostNL, shipments will be delivered to your recipient with faster delivery times of 4 to 7 business days to the UK and 7 to 13 business days to Australia. Additionally, […]

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Your eCommerce Checklist with Standard Shipping in Canada

Creating your eCommerce website is common nowadays, especially since many people find purchasing online more convenient than going to a physical store. According to the latest survey conducted by Statista, about 29 million Canadians are expected to buy online in 2022. For this reason, stores offer standard shipping Canada to ensure that every item ordered […]

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Delivered but Not Received Shipment? Steps to Take as a Seller or a Recipient

A shipment that is confirmed delivered when, physically, no package was received is among eCommerce seller’s letdowns. Whether you’re an eCommerce seller or a recipient of the shipment, we’ll break this down into two parts for you to easily navigate your way through finding a resolution to the case.  Are you the online seller shipping […]

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6 Quick Facts On The Right Shipping Partner for your Ecommerce Business

Logistics form a core part of any online business. With the rapid globalization of online selling, it has become necessary for entrepreneurs to have a shipping partner for ecommerce to reach local and international clients at the click of a button. Many ecommerce shipping providers have risen to answer this growing demand, innovating ways to […]

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Successful Ecommerce Store Tips From Top International Shipping Sites

The rapid growth of technology has put eCommerce in a very significant role for both buyers and sellers. Shopping and selling are now made easy in just a few clicks on all devices. Because of this, the demand for satisfactory services drastically increases, and businesses compete for the best service provider.  Your eCommerce business starts […]

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Beginner's Guide for eCommerce Shipping

Taking chances in the world of eCommerce requires some serious work, especially if you and your team are starting from the ground up with nothing but patience, determination, and self-education as your only arsenal in this thriving business. From thinking of a catchy business name to selecting shipping logistics that resolves your pain points, knowing […]

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Market Analysis for Ecommerce Border Shipping Services

Suppose you're planning to expand your business to an international level. You have excellent products or services to introduce to a bigger audience. While looking into eCommerce shipping solutions, you thought about working with reliable border shipping services.  A border shipping company is an excellent option to help you manage costs, customs, and other vital […]

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Shipping and Mailing Service: The ABC of Basic Shipping Terms

If you are new to the business, understanding specific shipping and mailing terms can make transactions easier. It will also help you find your brand's most reliable shipping partner. This is highly important considering the rapid growth of eCommerce. You might wonder whether you need a shipping or mailing service. This article will discuss the […]

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Gear Up For Global Expansion And Growth, Know All These eCommerce Shipping Options

Benjamin Franklin, an American author and diplomat, mentioned that, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” will serve you well in your search for the best shipping services in Canada and overseas.  Before you decide which shipping option to use for your growing business, make sure that you have explored all options and researched […]

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