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Tips, tricks, best practices and hacks to level up your shipping game - from warehouse operations & fulfillment, to buying postage labels online.
What You Need to Know About Bulk Shipping Solutions

For each day that people are awake, the shipping business never sleeps. They work to ensure delivery, 24/7. Moving around and living in other parts of the world means you’ll pack your things and fly away. Everything becomes challenging when you move across continents. Hence, one solution you can think of would be to utilize […]

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5 Questions You Need to Ask About Amazon International Shipping

Are you an Amazon seller? Do you plan to sell on the global market? If you do, then that’s great! Because Amazon operates in over 16 online stores worldwide, it has over 150 million paid Prime members and over 300 million active customers! With Amazon International shipping, you can introduce your products to millions of […]

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Answering the Million Dollar Question: How Much is Amazon Shipping?

Amazon, the go-to site of consumers and businesses, has shipped over 2.5 billion packages in the U.S. through their logistics company Amazon Logistics. It has been estimated that by 2022, it will double to 6.5 billion packages per year. Due to the number of benefits offered by Amazon FBA, merchants are encouraged to avail of […]

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Boost Your Sales with Lower Amazon FBA Shipping Rates

FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) sales is a scorching topic nowadays. For sellers who like taking risks, it’s like manna from the gods. However, it’s not the same for people who want total control over every aspect of their business. Furthermore, there’s the matter of the fees that Amazon requires of its sellers.  Does Amazon FBA […]

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Using International Priority Shipping as a Strategic Advantage for Retailers

The retail business is in its finest hour. The need for Canadians to stay at home because of the pandemic has forced them to rely more on eCommerce for their daily needs. In 2020 alone, the global sales for online retail has jumped from $3.5 trillion to $4.13 trillion in 2020, and the year isn’t […]

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International Shipping Rate Calculator | How to Understand Your Shipping Cost

Have you ever wondered what’s included in your shipping cost? Sure, people can understand that shipping costs are rising because of the pandemic. However, wouldn’t it be better if the charge given by a company’s international shipping rate calculator was broken down? This would help many shippers and buyers understand the factors behind the rising […]

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6 Most Common Issues Affecting Canada to USA Shipping Time and Costs

Trade between Canada and the United States has always been good. With Canadian exports totalling $354.7 billion in 2018, one can’t help but wonder how businessmen arrange cross-border shipping. Canada and the United States’ culture and commerce might be similar, but it’s essential to remember that they’re still separated by a border. Each country has […]

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8 Reasons Why Standard Shipping Canada to US is Delayed and How to Avoid Them

There are an estimated 2.05 billion digital buyers in the world in 2020. That’s over 25% of the total world population of 7.7 billion people. With that amount of buyers, shipping is an integral part of these people’s lives. Almost everything can be bought online nowadays -- food, cleaning products, pet supplies, and even plants.  […]

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Door-to-Port International Shipping vs. Door-to-Door: Which Is More Suitable for You?

Business owners are constantly on the lookout for new ideas to streamline their processes. In most meetings, the words liberally used are efficiency and reliability, that’s why there are instances when managers look for better ways to improve their business practice. There might be times when your company needs to use Door-to-Port International Shipping instead […]

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Shipping from Canada to US Cost: 3 Areas You Can Save Money

In 2019, consumers spent $601.75 billion with US ecommerce merchants. Looking at this figure, it’s immediately apparent that the United States is a giant in ecommerce. However, there’s no reason for Canadians to not get a share of that 600 billion. All it takes is a shipping strategy that saves you money and gives your […]

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