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The Step-by-Step Process for Shipping and Receiving Services Process

Diana Zheng
April 6, 2022

The success of shipping and receiving services depends on the supply chain’s most fundamental part: logistics. That’s why it is crucial to choose a company that takes their inventory process seriously to ensure that the products’ quality is preserved. 

If, in the beginning, the load is not recorded correctly, the inaccuracy will affect the entire operation. The ineffectiveness of such an erroneous system could hurt the profitability of the business. So, it’s necessary to study and apply even the basics of warehouse management to prevent delays and mix-ups. Moreover, you can always ask for an international shipping rate calculator for your reference. 

How does the process for shipping and receiving services work?

The shipping and receiving services process is simply described in inbound and outbound logistics operations. With this step-by-step guide, it will be easy to understand each stage’s purpose and not miss one. It also helps the business improve if the problematic areas are easily identified.


  1. Pre-receipt, receipt, and recording

The primary step of the inbound process begins even before the products are received. There should be a proper recording of the receivables for tracking purposes. Every bit of information essential to the load should be noted.

This also speeds up the operations by reducing the manual input of data once the procedure is ongoing. 

Once the products are received, the receipt signifies that the task is completed,, and there is proper communication between the parties. 

  1. Arrival of load

During the load arrival, everything becomes more efficient once proper recording and receipt are done. With the help of a computerized program, human error is minimized, and scheduling becomes automatic. 

  1. Tracking of license plate

Essentially, license plate tracking is the most effective way to keep track of your logistics. Every warehouse management system applies this to all their vehicles, mostly trucking, to maintain control and tracing. 

  1. Closing receipt

The received products are then put-away, and the records are updated. Each load is appropriately and carefully classified before placement. At this stage, the associate should note that the container or trailer has been emptied and is now available for the next receipt. 


  1. Double-checking

As long as the inbound process is handled correctly, the outbounds will also be smooth. During order entry, the process is similar to the first step of the inbound method of a shipping or mailing service. There should be a deliberate validation of the order and checking for possible errors and duplications before checking out.

  1. Replenishment

This step is basically ensuring that the supply chain is continuously updated. At this point, there is a plan ahead of the future deliveries. With the help of a warehouse system, you can ensure that re-order requirement and schedules are already set beforehand.

  1. Packing and loading

Just as every step is important, the packing stage should also be meticulously planned. Everything should be inspected and labeled carefully before manifesting outbound orders. With this in mind that every customer has specific needs to be met and the business’s reputation is always involved. After which the products are loaded and the records are updated.

  1. Shipping

Finally, you ship the load to its arrival destination. This highlights the advantage of a warehouse system so everything is trackable and controlled. As the delivery is completed, the final task is logged in the system.  

Choosing the right shipping service

Each company is unique as they apply different approaches and strategies that work for them. So, it’s also important for you to know how to choose the right shipping service for your product.

  • The first thing to consider is the type of product you are shipping to your customers. Check out the company’s available carriers if it is suitable for the kind of package or load you have. Take note of the size, shape, and weight of the product and inquire if the company caters it. Also mention if your products fall under a restricted category, such as fragile, liquid, or related to food. One of the most common inquiries is, “Can you ship alcohol via US postal service?”  
  • Do you intend to ship locally or internationally? Not every shipping service offers both, so it’s best that if you need to ship internationally you should call the courier beforehand. The shipping methods also vary so you should find the one that meets your needs. 
  • Choose a shipping service with a good reputation. You may make use of the internet by searching the browser for reviews, or checking out their website for customer comments. Friends and families could also give you good recommendations so don’t hesitate to ask around. If you’re on a budget, don’t opt for the ones that offer the cheapest right away. Always investigate and check the public’s say towards that company.   
  • Since online shopping is now popular, everyone just likes to have their packages delivered as soon as possible. If that’s the case, choose a shipping service that could deliver in just a few days either locally or internationally. Make sure that you also take note of the additional rates for same-day deliveries.
  • The rates should also be reasonable. Don’t assume that local shipping is cheap or that international shipping is expensive. The pricing of delivery or shipping follows tariffs and other factors. However, if you will find the right one, their rates should be fair for their offers. 
  • Finally, the right shipping service for you should have an outstanding tracking system. This ensures that your products are not lost, delayed, or destroyed. A warehouse management system is an effective way to make sure that your shipment is accurately received and delivered. Like every shipping service in Canada, they apply computerized and real-time tracking systems for a very satisfying customer service.  


Understanding how the shipping and receiving services process works is vital to every business out there. Defining the time for its departure and arrival gives every owner the chance to inform their customers on what to expect about their parcels or their orders.
So what are you waiting for? Find that niche for your business. Start it and collaborate your logistics with a team that provides you with a step-by-step process on how to ship and receive your products. Work with a team such as Stallion Express that gives the support you need. Don’t beat around the bush, message us and let us help you!

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