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Amazon Shipping from Canada to US and Vice Versa: Factors That Increase Your Expenses

Diana Zheng
April 11, 2022

Why is shipping from Canada to the US costly? Why is shipping from the US to Canada so expensive? The answer depends not only on the charges passed on to eCommerce sellers, especially on Amazon but also on every businessman’s knowledge of working around the fees. 

If you are using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) or Amazon FBA as your mode of delivery, we have listed here the different factors under your control costing you money. Once you discover them, you will take full accountability as the answer to the questions posted above rely entirely on you. 

Before we go to that, let us first know what Amazon FBA is and how it works in Canada and the US. 

Shipping from Canada to US and Vice Versa Via Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA is available to both Canada and the US. The services Amazon FBA offers are beneficial to sellers, buyers, and eCommerce businesses in the regions. Ecommerce users can use Amazon FBA locally or internationally. Hence, companies can go across the border and expand their business by storing their products in Amazon warehouses in their neighboring country. 

Aside from storage, Amazon FBA also offers 24/7 customer service. Hence, you do not need to worry about time differences and not to attend to your customers’ needs immediately, as Amazon has a team of experts doing this for you. 

If you are a professional account user, you also have Amazon Prime’s privilege. Amazon Prime has a lot of services for sellers and customers. For buyers, they have access to free, one-day, and two-day shipping. They can also access Amazon Prime entertainment like songs, books, videos, and games. Many deals and perks are offered to Amazon Prime members. As a seller, your main goal is to have the Prime badge to become more attractive to Amazon Prime members. Using Amazon FBA can take you closer to this goal. 

This advantage is offered to all Amazon users in the US and Canada. When shipping locally, processes and fees are a bit manageable. However, when shipping from Canada to the US and shipping from the US to Canada, the story is different. 

We have listed a few don’ts for you to note to minimize the costs you need to pay. Let’s begin. 

The Don’ts When Shipping From Canada to US and Shipping From US to Canada

What affects the expensive US to Canada shipping costs? What are the factors for soaring Amazon FBA when shipping from Canada to US? It may be because of these factors. Please take note of them and avoid doing them moving forward. 

Avoid storage overstaying. 

For items staying in the Amazon warehouses for more than 365 days, or even lesser depending on Amazon assessment, you will be charged the long-term storage fee

In order to avoid this, set clear goals on when you should have sold your products. For instance, make it a goal that you should replenish the Amazon shelves with new products every quarter because you have successfully sold the items sent in the previous quarter. To help you with this goal, you need to strategize on the right Sponsored Ad on Amazon.

Amazon Sponsored Ads have different types depending on your goals. Some of the most common campaigns and their functionality are explained below. Strategize on which advertising means can help you with the goal of keeping your products always off the shelf as soon as you send them to Amazon warehouses. Your shipping from Canada to US and shipping from US to Canada costs will be free from the long-term storage fees. 

Sponsored Ad TypeIdeal for the goal
Sponsored ProductsIf you want to focus on selling a specific product, use this campaign. You may use this to make a new product known or increase an already profitable product’s sales. 
Sponsored BrandsThis type of campaign is best if you are targeting brand awareness. Sponsored Brands will highlight your logo and brand tagline. The goal is for viewers to click through the ad and see the portfolio of all the products you sell. 
Sponsored DisplayDo you want your ads to appear in and out of Amazon? Sponsored Display is the type of campaign you should have. This campaign will increase your audience and target buyers who are searching outside Amazon. 
Amazon Stores If you are looking into having your website but want to maintain it within Amazon, look into Amazon Stores. You will have a unique store URL like the web address you will get when having your website. 

Don’t leave any moving space on your packages–packing efficiency is power.

You might be wondering why shipping from the US to Canada is so expensive and vice-versa. An additional root cause for pricey shipping may be inefficient packing.  

Amazon FBA bases the fulfillment fees per order. You need to pay the equivalent fee for your products’ weight and dimensions. Experts suggest keeping your products and package less than 2lbs as the fees are lower and go for heavier products when you are sure that the sales will be worth the shipping fees. More importantly, experienced Amazon FBA users will suggest going for the minimum dimensions whenever possible. 

You can achieve this through efficient packing. This step begins in planning the packaging of your product. Ensure that your product boxes or covering are shipping-friendly with minimal moving space inside. When packing for Amazon FBA, follow the Amazon packing and preparation requirements to avoid unplanned services fees.  

Don’t lax during October, November, and December.

It’s the season to be jolly during holiday seasons, but not for sellers whose products are still on the Amazon shelves in October, November, and December. The storage fees rise to USD2.40 per cubic foot for standard-size packages and USD1.20 per cubic foot for oversize boxes during these months. 

To ensure that you will not be charged this much in the mentioned months, intensify your advertisement and marketing campaigns. Since it is the holiday season, it may be time to give away some free stuff, bundle some of your products at a low price, or offer discounts. These strategies will make your product listing more attractive to buyers and more comfortable for getting sales. Though the storage fees are higher, the profit you will get in this season will cover the expenses. 

Failure to plan your shipping calendar

The type of shipping speed can also provide an answer to the questions about the costly shipping from Canada to the US. 

When shipping your items to Amazon FBA warehouses, it is better to use standard shipping instead of express options. Standard shipping rates are much cheaper. If you plan your shipping calendar well, “How long does shipping take from Canada to US?” will not be your concern because you know that your items will arrive at Amazon warehouses on time. 

To inspire you to plan a shipping calendar, check the difference in costs between express and standard shipping rates. There is a vast difference. Speedy shipping may work for one-time-only deliveries, but since you are looking into growing your business as a long-term plan by selling in Canada or the US, express shipping is not ideal. 

Shipping directly from China to Amazon US or to Amazon Canada

There are several advantages in shipping directly to Amazon US and Amazon Canada warehouses from your manufacturer in China. First, it allows you to cut the time for a middle man. It may also cut the cost of shipping because the fees you will pay can be included in the manufacturing cost. Nonetheless, we have listed below the two main reasons we discourage you not shipping directly from China to the US or Canada. 

  1. If you are the type of seller who wants to be on top of quality checking your products, shipping directly to Amazon warehouses from factories is not for you. With the type of shipping mentioned, you cannot have a last look at the products you are selling.
  2. Many manufacturers advertising their service may be unreliable. If you are willing to go the extra mile of researching about the manufacturing company or doing an ocular inspection of their factories, that would be great. 

We recommend shipping from Canada to the US instead of shipping from China to the US or Canada. 

Final Thought

There are a lot of workarounds to save when shipping from Canada to the US. You only need to know the causes of the fees and if you have control over them. To minimize shipping costs, planning your advertising campaigns, your shipping calendar, and setting sales goals are the three essential actions you should take. 

If you need assistance to fulfill these steps. Stallion Express can be your partner. We offer these services: Amazon FBA, shipping within Canada, shipping from Canada to the US, and international shipping. 

Not only are we knowledgeable of the ins and outs of delivering your packages anywhere, but we also offer the cheapest shipping rates in Canada. Our handling fees start at CAD2.99 for every package size less than 10 lbs.. However, this shipping fee only applies with  We have the most competitive rates on the market.  

Contact us now at 887-863-7447 for inquiries. You may also visit our website to know us more.

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