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Factors to Consider to Minimize Canada Shipping Cost When Importing Supplies

Diana Zheng
July 18, 2022

Finding the perfect manufacturer can be challenging because they affect the pricing and overall brand reputation. You cannot easily choose the supplier just because they offer cheap rates. You also have to consider the end product quality before deciding.

While Canada is filled with manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors to supply materials for your products, exploring overseas options is something to consider too. However, it may be overwhelming to find a long list of options. Plus, the shipping cost may also affect the process.

This article may come in handy to know the factors to consider to minimize overseas to Canada shipping cost when importing supplies.

Establish Goals

Like any venture, establishing goals and plans is the first thing you should accomplish if you do not want to find your business listless and all over the place. What should you include in your list? As you intend to import goods overseas to Canada, you must consider everything that lies during the process.

Do not forget that each goal must be attainable and time-bounded. Once you have listed the goals you want to accomplish, you can group the goals into two categories: long-term and short-term.

Furthermore, you have to specify the timeline for each goal to track your progress and know which ones to accomplish first. For example:

Short-Term Goals

*Find three distributors from North America in three weeks.

*Get quotes from all listed distributors in one month.

*Identify the cheapest way to send products to Canada in two months.

Long-Term Goals

*A stable logistical network that can scale yearly or according to demand.

*Establish long-term relationships with partners outside Canada.

*Achieve balance between growth and profit in the next three to five years.

As you notice, the goals are specific on what and when you want to accomplish them. However, aside from the period when you want to achieve the goals, you can also notice that the short-term goals are more quantitative. In contrast, the long-term goals are more qualitative. Nonetheless, the plans must lead you closer to what you define as a success than bringing one step back.

Conduct Research Shipping to Canada image

Conduct Research

Knowing the company's expertise lets you know beforehand if they can be an excellent fit for your company. While giving the benefit of the doubt will yield unexpectedly remarkable results, you must directly focus on companies that possess the expertise for your brand and target market.

You are responsible, as the seller, for providing high-quality products and ensuring that your customers will get their money's worth. As mentioned, you should not only partner with a manufacturing company just because they offer the cheapest materials. You also have to ensure that the material has superb quality.

Apart from that, conducting research enables you to plan the budget properly. However, you must not limit the budget to the materials alone. To minimize expenses, you must also consider which international shipping carrier can provide the cheapest international postage rates, as international shipping is costly.

On the other hand, you might also want to ask the supplier if they can provide discounts since you will order in bulk.

Product Quality

If you are not meticulous enough in assessing products, your brand reputation will be at stake. Producing high-quality goods that meet customer standards and demands will lead to lower production costs, increased capital growth, and higher revenues.

Weigh the Risk

While risks are inevitable and impossible to ignore in business, you will discover importing supplies is riskier. You have to consider customer reviews because these are also reliable information about the potential manufacturer.

Apart from that, there are plenty of factors to consider, such as delivery time, shipping rates, and courier service. Plus, an unpredictable situation during the transaction can drastically affect the shipment and materials. You have to plan the freight and logistics to avoid unnecessary issues carefully.

Assess Suppliers' Reliability

How do you feel if someone does not own up to their mistakes? It is frustrating, right? You must find a supplier to help you address and solve an issue as quickly as possible and not leave you hanging when the plan goes wrong. Accountability is essential when looking for a supplier, especially overseas ones.

Moreover, the supplier should provide a delivery option suitable to your budget and products. They should also be able to process the requirements with you to prevent issues with the Canada Border Services Agency.

Use Shipping Solutions

When identifying the most suitable shipping solution for your business, you have to list your budget and the goals you want to achieve during the period. What shipping option can they offer? How much does it cost to ship to Canada? These are the primary questions you should ask yourself when importing since the shipping cost to Canada is not cheap, especially if the country of origin is farther from Canada.

Double Check Order and Shipping Details

Due to the exhausting process of importing, you may overlook minor and significant details that are detrimental to the whole process. To avoid shipping issues and delays, double-check the details you provide. Errors in shipping details will incur an additional cost, so you must be meticulous in checking all the details you input.

Efficient Packaging Shipping to Canada image

Filename: Efficient-Packaging-Shipping-to-Canada.jpg

Altname: Efficient Packaging Shipping to Canada image

Efficient Packaging

Due to the long-distance delivery, a parcel without efficient packaging may damage the materials and products. The supplier must provide efficient packaging for each product to avoid damage.

Leading Canadian Shipping Partner

Once the shipment arrives in Canada, you might want to partner with a shipping company that offers exceptional shipping services, allowing you to get your products to your customers around Canada, internationally, and in the United States in the cheapest way possible.

Whether you send a single small parcel or a large volume of orders, you can trust that Stallion can deliver. You can contact their reliable customer service for further information on different postage options available.

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