While Canada boasts an extensive postal and courier network, have you ever wondered about the USPS's role in making your cross-border business thrive?

This article will delve into who delivers USPS in Canada, what services it offers to Canadian sellers, and why it could be a game-changer for your business. (Jump to answer)

What is the United States Postal Service?

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is the primary mail and package delivery service in the United States. While American-based, USPS is a significant player in the Canadian eCommerce market. It offers Canadian sellers with efficient and affordable shipping solutions.

Whether you're sending parcels to US customers or tapping into international markets, USPS provides reliable delivery services. Providing a diverse range of shipping choices and cost-effective prices, USPS can be a valuable partner for sellers looking to expand their customer base and streamline cross-border shipping.

What shipping services do they offer?

USPS shipping services

The USPS provides a range of international shipping services for packages sent from Canada to the United States. These services cater to a variety of shipping needs and preferences. Some of the noteworthy options include:

Global Express Guaranteed

Global Express Guaranteed, or GXG, provides an amazing range of advantages for packages from Canada to the US. GXG ensures guaranteed delivery within a remarkable 1 to 3 business days, covering most US addresses, including PO Box locations. It is a great option for shipments that need to arrive quickly because of its quick transit time.

In addition to its speed, GXG offers the added convenience of tracking capabilities, allowing you to monitor your package's progress in real-time.

It also includes insurance coverage, which adds financial protection and peace of mind in the event that unforeseen events occur during transportation, making it a complete and dependable option for international shipping.

Priority Mail Express International

The USPS Priority Mail Express International is a highly regarded international shipping service well-known for its dependability and speed. This service covers most US addresses and guarantees expedited delivery within a reasonable timeframe. For sellers seeking to strike a balance between speed and affordability, its efficiency is an essential feature.

In addition, Priority Mail Express International provides the added convenience of tracking, enabling you to monitor the parcel with ease. This option also includes insurance coverage, providing security and protection if unanticipated events happen.

Priority Mail International

The USPS Priority Mail International offers an attractive balance between affordability and reliable international shipping service when sending packages from Canada to the United States. It has an affordable price list and guarantees delivery in a fair amount of time, extending its reach to most US addresses, including post office boxes. Because of this, it's an excellent alternative for people looking for dependable service at a lower cost.

It is important to note that while Priority Mail International has a useful tracking feature, allowing you to see the status of your shipment, it does not include insurance coverage. So, you may want to take extra precautions to ensure your packages are safe while it's on the way.

First-Class Package International Service

Many people choose First-Class Package International Service over other shipping options when sending items from Canada to the United States because it is an affordable alternative. It is also the international mail option for Canadians sending mail to the United States.

Its attractive pricing structure makes it the perfect choice for shippers on a tight budget. However, it's important to note that this cost savings comes with an extended delivery time, which makes it more suitable for non-urgent shipments.

One notable thing to keep in mind is that this option does not offer to track, so you will not be able to keep track of the whereabouts and status of your international mail in real-time. Also, it does not offer insurance coverage, so extra precautions may be best when using this service to ensure the safety and security of your package during transit.

Who does USPS use in Canada?

Canada Post shipping service

USPS partners with Canada Post to handle deliveries within Canada. When USPS crosses the border into Canada, they are routed to Canada Post for final delivery to Canadian addresses.

This collaboration ensures a seamless transition between the two postal services, allowing Canadian sellers to rely on the efficiency and expertise of both USPS and Canada Post. It simplifies cross-border shipping, enabling Canadian sellers to take advantage of USPS's extensive network and Canada Post's local delivery capabilities to reach customers in the US. This partnership enhances the overall shipping experience for sellers and customers in Canada.

How Does Canada Post Come Into Play?

When it comes to cross-border shipments, particularly those going to the US, Canada Post is essential. Here's how Canada Post comes into play for cross-border packages:

  1. Handover Point. Canada Post is frequently the first point of contact when shipping packages from Canada to the United States via USPS or other international carriers. After receiving the shipment, they get it ready to cross the border.
  2. Customs Clearance. Canada Post assists with customs clearance and filling out customs forms for any outbound shipment. They ensure all necessary paperwork is in order, streamlining the customs process.
  3. Transfer to USPS. After clearing customs and reaching the border, Canada Post takes the package to USPS. USPS then takes over for the final leg of the delivery within the United States.
  4. Delivery to Final Destination. USPS completes the final delivery to the recipient's address in the US States. They may collaborate with local carriers for last-mile delivery.

How Do I Track My USPS Package in Canada?

USPS tracking in Canada

USPS tracking is straightforward for international shipping, including those originating from Canada. Once the parcel enters the USPS system, Canadian online sellers can use the USPS tracking number to monitor its status and location as it makes its way to the destination within the United States.

This tracking feature improves the whole shipping experience by keeping you updated on the status of your packages and enabling you to notify your customers.

How long does USPS take to deliver from Canada?

Depending on the exact shipping option you choose, USPS packages from Canada to the US have different delivery speeds. To cater to diverse shipping needs, each USPS shipping service has its distinct estimated delivery times.

Here are the estimated delivery times for each service:

USPS Shipping ServiceEstimated Delivery Times
First-Class Package International Service7-21 business days
Priority Mail International6-10 business days
Priority Mail Express International3-5 business days
Global Express Guaranteed (GXG)1-3 business days

It's important to note that the delivery times mentioned are approximations and may vary based on factors like the destination and customs process. To keep tabs on your package's journey, you can conveniently use the USPS website for tracking.

How much does USPS cost when shipping from Canada?

It's essential to understand that the cost varies depending on several factors. These factors include the chosen shipping provider, the package weight, and the delivery's final destination. These factors should be carefully considered so that your decision fits your shipping needs and budget.

Here is a table of the starting prices for each USPS international shipping service from Canada to the US:

USPS Shipping ServiceStarting Shipping Rates
First-Class Package International ServiceUSD 15.75
Priority Mail InternationalUSD 30.35
Priority Mail Express InternationalUSD 44.95
Global Express Guaranteed (GXG)USD 44.95

You can use the USPS postage calculator to estimate the shipping cost for your specific package.

Stallion's USPS Service

Stallion and USPS collaboration

Stallion is a Canadian eCommerce shipping company specializing in smooth package shipment across international boundaries and from Canada to the United States. As a dynamic service provider, Stallion offers a diverse range of shipping solutions tailored to meet the distinctive needs of its customers.

Stallion’s USPS Shipping OptionsTransit TimeShipping Rate*
USPS Priority Mail2-4 business daysCAD 11.98
USPS Priority Mail Express2 business daysCAD 47.44

*The shipping rate is based on packages weighing 1 kg bound for New York City, New York, from Ontario, Canada.

Final Thoughts

USPS partners with reputable carriers to offer a seamless and reliable cross-border shipping experience, benefiting Canadian online sellers looking to expand their market reach and serve customers in the United States and beyond.

While having serious shipping issues, such as missing, damaged, or stolen packages, does not happen often, they should not be overlooked. Shipping insurance is vital in ensuring that your items are well-protected and from any form of shipping problem, physically and financially.

But what is it? How much does it cost? How can shippers use it? This article will answer these questions. Plus, you will find a cost-effective alternative for a more practical and efficient way of shipping packages nationwide, to the United States, and internationally.

What is shipping insurance?

Shipping insurance operates on the principle of reimbursing the sender for the declared value of items within a package. Still, this compensation is contingent upon the package being insured and subsequently suffering loss, theft, or damage.

In certain instances, insurance coverage is included in the service fee. For example, major shipping carriers like FedEx and UPS provide declared value liability coverage of up to $100 for each parcel shipped.

What are the common shipping issues shippers should know about?

damaged packages due to mishandling during shipment

Shipping insurance typically covers a range of common issues and risks associated with goods transportation. Shippers should carefully review the terms and conditions of their insurance policies to ensure they understand what is covered and what may be excluded. Coverage limits and deductibles may also apply, so selecting insurance aligning with the value and nature of the items being shipped is essential.

Lost or Theft Parcel During Shipment

Due to the extensive and intricate logistical networks involved in moving products, loss or theft is a common problem in shipping. The sheer shipping volume, coupled with numerous touchpoints in the supply chain, increases the likelihood of errors, security breaches, and lost packages.

Delivery routes, warehouses, and transportation hubs are susceptible to theft from dishonest people or organized criminal operations. Factors like inadequate tracking systems, human error, and natural disasters also contribute to lost packages. The global nature of shipping and varying regulatory environments also present challenges.

Breakage Due to Mishandling

Breakage due to mishandling is a common issue because of the logistics process's intricate and often high-speed nature.

Parcels and packages may go through multiple handoffs and various modes of transportation, increasing the risk of rough handling or accidental impacts. The issue can worsen due to inadequate packaging, insufficient protective measures, or improper labelling. Moreover, time-sensitive deliveries and heavy workloads for handlers can lead to rushed or careless actions.

In a highly dynamic and complicated shipping environment, this problem highlights the value of strong packaging methods, cautious handling procedures, and shipping insurance to minimize financial consequences and guarantee safe item delivery.

Fire and Natural Disasters

These are common issues primarily due to the unpredictability of environmental forces. Ships and cargo are exposed to a wide range of natural hazards, including storms, hurricanes, earthquakes, and wildfires. These events can result in ship damage, cargo losses, or even complete shipwrecks. Fires can also start in warehouses, storage facilities, and transportation hubs due to electrical faults, accidents, or arson.

The likelihood of witnessing such situations rises due to the worldwide nature of shipping exposure to diverse climates and geographies, increasing the likelihood of encountering such events.

Transit Delays

Complex global supply chains, varying customs procedures, inclement weather, and shipping volume can disrupt timely item movements, which can be worsened due to traffic congestion, particularly in urban areas and during rush hours.

Schedules can also be affected by equipment malfunctions, labour strikes, and logistical errors. Due to the industry's interconnectedness, a single delay can have a domino impact on the entire supply chain.


Misdeliveries are common issues because of the complexity of handling numerous packages with diverse destinations. It can occur due to human error, such as inaccurate address entry or parcel sorting errors, as mix-ups are more likely during peak seasons with high package volumes.

In some instances, errors in delivery can also happen due to poor communication between shippers and carriers. Furthermore, unclear or poorly designated addresses can confuse the delivery crew, especially in numerous urban locations sharing street names or numbering schemes.

Hidden Damages

Hidden damages are common because some package issues are not immediately visible upon delivery. Shippers may receive seemingly intact packages only to discover concealed damage upon opening them. This occurs due to the rough handling, stacking, or internal shifting of items during transit. Unfortunately, hidden damages can be challenging to find and report immediately, making the claims process more difficult.

Who is responsible for shipping insurance?

The responsibility for shipping insurance primarily lies with the shipper (sender) or the party with a vested interest in protecting the imported goods.

Shippers typically purchase and arrange shipping insurance to safeguard the declared value of the items during transit. However, clarifying insurance responsibility in shipping agreements, contracts, or sale terms is crucial. In some cases, recipients may purchase additional insurance to protect their interests.

Although shipping carriers may provide limited liability coverage, this sometimes falls short of complete protection, especially for shipments valued at expensive or fragile items. Ultimately, responsibility for shipping insurance is a matter of negotiation and agreement among the third-party vendors (typically the senders) and buyers (typically the recipients).

Is it worth getting shipping insurance coverage?

Whether it's worth getting shipping insurance coverage vary on several factors, including the item value and nature being sent, the shipping method, and the potential risk involved.

Here are some considerations to help you decide:

Carrier Liability Coverage

Check the liability limits of the carrier. If it is insufficient to cover the full value of your shipment, it can be a wise decision to purchase supplementary insurance.

Peace of Mind

Insurance provides peace of mind by acting as a financial safety net in unpredictable situations. This assurance ensures you have a protective cushion to help recover potential losses, fostering confidence and security in your shipping endeavours.

Costs and Value

Consider the expense of insurance in relation to your shipment's worth. Sometimes, shipping insurance premiums can be cheaper than the possible financial consequences of damaged or lost packages. This cost-benefit analysis can underscore the practicality of securing shipping insurance for valuable or sensitive shipments.


Offering shipping insurance options to customers can set you apart from competitors and build trust. It demonstrates a commitment to customer satisfaction, providing added value and assurance, which can be a significant advantage in today's competitive marketplace.

Claims Process

Understanding the insurance provider's claims procedures and any applicable deductibles is crucial. It is essential to ensure that the claims process meets your and your customer's preferences and expectations. This proactive strategy can speed up the handling of prospective problems and offer clarification in the case of a claim.

How much does shipping insurance cost in Canada?

shipping insurance cost

The cost of shipping insurance in Canada varies widely depending on several factors, such as the value and nature of the items sent, the shipping method, the destination, the chosen shipping insurance provider, and additional coverage options.

Generally, shipping insurance can range from a few dollars for basic coverage to a percentage of the declared value of the items. On average, for domestic shipments within Canada, you might expect to pay* around $1 to $3 for every $100 of insured value.

However, for international shipping, the cost can be higher. It's essential to request estimates from insurance providers to determine precise charges for your specific shipments.

How can you purchase shipping insurance?

You can purchase shipping insurance through various methods:

A. Carrier Provided Insurance. When using major carriers like FedEx, UPS, or Canada Post, you can typically include shipping insurance as an option during the online shipping process on their websites or at their physical service locations. These carriers offer straightforward methods for adding insurance to your shipments to protect your goods in transit.

B. Third-Party Insurance. Numerous specialized companies offer shipping insurance, and you can directly purchase insurance coverage from them. This can usually be done online through their website or by contacting their customer service representatives. These providers often offer a range of insurance options tailored to your specific shipping needs.

C. Insurance Brokers. For complex shipping requirements, insurance brokers can be invaluable. They can analyze your unique needs, evaluate various options from different providers and major carriers, and help you secure additional coverage aligning precisely with your specific shipping circumstances, providing tailored protection for your shipments.

D. Online Marketplaces. Certain e-commerce platforms provide the convenience of adding insurance options while generating shipping labels. This feature simplifies the process for online sellers, allowing them to protect their shipments seamlessly as they create labels for their orders, often offering coverage based on the shipment's declared value.

Which major shipping carriers offer insurance parcel delivery?

Many major shipping carriers offer shipping insurance for parcel delivery. Some of the well-known carriers providing insurance options for delivery include:

  1. FedEx. It offers a declared coverage value as an option for shipments, allowing customers to insure their parcels based on the declared value of the contents.
  2. UPS. It provides declared value coverage for parcels, allowing shippers to protect the value of their shipments against loss or damage during transit.
  3. USPS. The United States Postal Service (USPS) offers shipping insurance options for domestic and international shipping, which can be purchased at the time of postage.
  4. DHL. It offers shipping insurance options for international shipments, allowing shippers to protect the value of their packages during transit.
  5. Canada Post. It offers package insurance for domestic and international shipments, allowing customers to insure their packages against loss or damage.
  6. Royal Mail. Royal Mail provides shipping insurance for parcel delivery in the United Kingdom, allowing customers to protect their shipments.

Is there an insurance alternative you can use?

Absolutely! There are insurance providers specializing in shipping insurance. These companies offer alternatives to carrier-provided insurance, often providing more flexibility in coverage options and competitive rates. Shippers can purchase shipment protection directly from these providers to protect their shipments during transit.

How can Stallion Protection help you?

stallion protection

Stallion, a trusted name in the industry, provides comprehensive package protection to Canadian online sellers at exceptionally competitive rates. With their complete coverage protection, sellers can gain peace of mind knowing that their shipments are safeguarded against various potential risks throughout the shipping journey.

This includes protection against loss, damage, theft, and more. Offering the lowest prices in the industry, Stallion empowers every online business with a cost-effective solution that ensures their valuable goods are covered, reinforcing confidence in every shipment, no matter the destination or circumstances.

How do you file claims at Stallion Protection?

You can follow these simple steps to file a claim:

Key Takeaway

Protecting shipments from loss, damage, and theft while in transit is possible through shipping insurance. Provide yourself with peace of mind, particularly for expensive or delicate objects, and minimize financial risk in the shipping process.

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Allow us to entertain you for a quick minute (we promise, you'll laugh).

Due to the rising number of eCommerce stores in the country, offering something that can give you leverage over your competitors is something you must consider carefully. Shipping is one of the major factors that customers consider when purchasing online because it is the process of getting the products from the seller to the customers.

Several elements affect shipping, like the costs, distance, and speed, making it more challenging for entrepreneurs and online sellers to find the most suitable carrier to keep up with their needs. Therefore, you must find the best shipping company for eCommerce to satisfy your customers' demands. Check this article out to learn the qualifications necessary before choosing. Scroll now!

Shipping Method

Each package arrives at its destination at a different speed because shipping companies offer various shipping methods to customers, providing options to customers depending on how urgent they need their orders.

Express Shipping

Express shipping in Canada is the fastest way to get the parcels to their destination earlier. Some shipping carriers also refer to it as expedited shipping. How fast is express shipping in Canada? This shipping option allows customers to receive their packages within 24 to 72 hours. However, it is also the most expensive among the choices. Most of the time, express delivery items are flown by airplanes, which makes it more costly.

Express shipping is also the best option for urgent and perishable items. 

Standard Shipping

Most shipping companies for small businesses offer standard shipping. It is also referred to as regular shipping or delivery. This method does not include overnight shipping or other expedited delivery options. This shipment is typically less expensive and carried out by surface couriers or ground shipping. 

This shipping option is best if your package contains non-urgent or non-perishable items. If you want to keep minimal shipping costs, standard shipping can help you reduce the shipping cost. 

Economy Shipping

It is the most affordable method when shipping packages. Furthermore, the most prominent carriers provide this service because it is a first-rate shipping solution and lowers shipping costs, especially for shipments requiring less urgent delivery. 

If you want to know how the economy differs from standard shipping, it boils down to the volume of shipments the shipping carrier ships. An economy shipment has goods in bulk to reduce the prices, while the standard one carries fewer items, thus the higher shipping cost. 

Local Delivery

It refers to the distribution of products locally in a specific neighborhood or city. Local delivery in eCommerce shipping enables customers to buy products from an online store, online marketplace, or physical store and have those orders delivered to their doorstep. However, local delivery does not guarantee fast shipping. The first class local mail delivery takes about two to three days, depending on the location and season. 

Suppose you are a small business competing against a reputable eCommerce company. In that case, it will help your business if you partner with a flexible shipping service to meet your customers' needs. There are shipping companies for small businesses if you research. Note that whichever shipping method you choose will affect the transit time, so you must consider the urgency of the orders to select the appropriate shipping service. 

Shipping Rates

Similar to shipping methods, each shipping company charges different shipping fees. However, it is affected by other shipping elements, such as the shipping services and destination. 

Free Shipping 

The eCommerce business offers free shipping and other discounts instead of the shipping company; you must ensure that you can compete with this perk. Undeniably, customers prefer shops offering discounts, which benefits your business.

Every online business offers free shipping for various reasons. First is when a customer reaches a particular amount of order in a single purchase, which is one of the most popular reasons why a small business offers free shipping. 

Another reason is when the eCommerce business celebrates a special event, like an anniversary or a local or national holiday. Regardless of the reason, find a shipping partner that can help you provide this advantage.

Real-Time Carrier Rates

It is when the carrier's actual shipping charges are automatically generated during checkout for any individual item. Once the customer has finished placing products in their cart, the rates will accurately represent the cost by considering the order's weight, size, and shipping location. 

To avoid overcharging specific customers or losing money on other purchases, real-time carrier rates enable online businesses to charge each customer the actual value the shipment will incur. 

Flat Rate Shipping

Flat rate shipping refers to a shipping method where the cost is determined by how much you can fit into the issued package or box and not by the weight, size, or shape of the item transported.

Calculation of Shipping Rates

While each shipping provider has different ways to calculate the shipping fees, the common factors considered are the package's dimensional weight, the receiver's location, and the shipping options.

As for the dimensional weight, the standard calculation will be width x length x height. So, getting a box big enough to carry the items but sturdy enough to protect what's inside will help you minimize your cost. 

brand marketing image

Brand Marketing

A business distinguishes itself from competitors. One way to think of a brand is the company's identity, expressed through an identifiable mark, logo, slogan, voice, and tone. Some of the most enduring and well-known brand names have existed for decades, if not centuries. 

Brand marketing is essential as it's how to promote the products and services in a way that strengthens the brand. It entails developing and upholding relationships between a brand and its customers. Furthermore, it goes along with the marketing brand attributes or the characteristics that come to mind when someone thinks of a specific brand. 

Understanding brand marketing helps you get insights into strategies, brand types, equities, relevance, and recognition, which are beneficial in expanding business. 

Packaging Options

What do customers first see when buying products? THE PACKAGING! Thus, your choice of product package will provide the first impression you need to attract potential customers. It is vital in brand recognition, and as new products enter the market, you must develop strategies for establishing an impact immediately and motivating customer behavior to buy. 

Consistency is the key when creating a package. While it is common among brands to change their packaging once in a while, keeping some distinguishable features will help customers identify your brand. 

On the other hand, your packaging can also affect your overall eCommerce shipping costs. Thus, the dimensions of the packages matter in designing innovative and creative boxes and containers. It won't only save you on shipping, but you can also provide an impact on customers, especially your target audience. 

Shipping Insurance and Tracking

Shipping protection and tracking are valuable features in guaranteeing your customers that they will receive their packages safely. For an eCommerce company, establishing trust will help you gain customer loyalty and increase customer retention. 

Shipping carriers are providing a tracking tool to make it easier for customers to know where their packages are. Often than not, this tool is already included in the shipping software offered by companies. So, it would benefit you more to partner with a shipping carrier that provides the best shipping software available. 

Along with your tracking, shipping protection assures customers that they will receive compensation if something happens to their items. While accidents and shipping issues rarely occur, it is always better to provide options for mishaps. 

Not only will you avoid paying for damages, but you can also earn confidence from your customers. 

Customs Clearance

While you can only deal with customs if you intend to send your products across the border or for international shipping, you will eventually take this step when you expand your business. 

Dealing with customs takes too much time and effort, completing the requirements and paying the necessary taxes and duties while ensuring that you do not go against the policy. 

Fortunately, Stallion Express can make eCommerce and commerce shipping possible, especially for small businesses. 

What is Stallion Express? image

Filename: choose Stallion as your shipping partner.jpg

Altname: What is Stallion Express? image

What is Stallion Express?

It is the cheapest way to ship anywhere in Canada, the United States, and internationally and has earned the confidence of thousands of online sellers in Canada. 

Partnered with reputable companies, Stallion has established a well-rounded shipping process and multiple shipping options to ensure the satisfaction of its customers. Aside from domestic, cross-border, and international shipping, they also offer other services, including Amazon FBA, Returns, and Stallion Protection. 

Amazon FBA. Amazon offers an order fulfillment process to lift the burden from the customers in catering to the customer's purchases while handling customer service and marketing plans simultaneously. Stallion can help you bring the items to the Amazon US warehouse at a meager price. 

Returns. It is the cheapest US to Canada Returns you can find in the market. Once an item is returned, you do not have to wait for at least seven business days to get the things back to your hands. Since Stallion Express ships weekly, you can get your items within 24-72 hours upon return. Moreover, a photo will be uploaded, and you will receive a notification through your Stallion account. 

Stallion Protection. Stallion provides complete coverage shipment protection for Canadian online sellers at the lowest pricing in the market. Get the assurance you need to handle any hazards you may face along the way. 

However, apart from these three additional services, Stallion has partnered with Aftership for an efficient tracking service!

Key Takeaway

Although creating a shipping strategy that matches your needs and satisfies your clients will be challenging, Stallion is ready to assist you.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact our reliable customer service for any support you need.

Hey there, Stallion clients! The team has prepared another batch of announcements to share for you to be informed about anything Stallion-related.

Let’s jump into the updates and see what’s new!

General Updates

Stallion Analytics

Stallion Analytics is now live for you to get additional insights when making guided decisions for your eCommerce business. This new service addition shows the countries you ship to, delivery success rate, postage options frequented, postage costs, and much more.

To check out this feature, log in to your Stallion account and click your profile initials icon at the top right part. Click the Analytics tab found in the drop-down menu.

Updated Transit Times

As Stallion continues to improve our website based on your feedback, we have improved the transit times feature based on the live data from our carrier partners. This adjustment applies to all Stallion service sets once you purchase our shipment labels.

This will give you a clearer understanding as you ensure to provide your customers with accurate delivery times.

Stallion refunds

Please note that your credits for Stallion Protection don’t have any expiry dates. Our client support team can process your claims as soon as the concern has been raised and applicable forms filled out.

International shipment dispute

The team advises our clients to use Stallion Protection whenever there are delivery issues or any applicable cases that can be covered by it. However, please note that it is only possible if the client has sufficient proof to provide to our customer support.

Service Updates

APC Service Alert

As of May 6, APC advises eCommerce sellers to check service updates depending on the country you ship to.


Stay tuned to the upcoming summaries for more exciting news to watch out for! You can expect more updates as we welcome the Q3 season in a few more months.

Keep in touch with us by sending an email at [email protected] or calling 877-863-7447 for any clarifications from our client support team.

Taking your online business to an international level can sound intimidating, isn’t it? But once you understand the twists and turns of the global market, you can tap into your eCommerce business’ fullest potential.

Get yourself familiarized with these tricks of the trade by keeping in mind these pointers:

Know what products tickle your customers’ fancy

One way to reach more international consumers is to know what items are hot and popular in the market. If you’re targeting online buyers in the U.K., selling vinyl and eyelash accessories are a few products to consider due to their increased demand in the country. 

A sports water bottle is another trendy item this 2022. This product makes way for profitability from a large audience due to the versatility and convenience it can offer, whether it's a gym enthusiast or a stay-at-home busy bee.

But first, check the allowed items for import shipping.

Different countries have distinct rules on acceptable goods to be strictly followed. Carriers implement this policy in compliance with the U.S. customs prohibiting FDA-regulated products and to avoid unforeseen damages on the way. Doing otherwise will not only drain your precious time but will also affect your seller performance. 

The solution? Further review the allowable commodities for import. Stallion Express offers global shipping while encouraging our clients to check the permitted goods in the destination country.

Visit APC and PostNL restricted items list for your reference in your next shipping transaction.

Whether big or small, keep the shipments secured for long transit

No one can anticipate the transit hiccups as your package makes its way towards a long journey to your customer. Purchasing shipping coverage, securing items with interior packaging, and tampering a fragile sticker are among the options that can relieve your worries once the shipment is on the road.

Check our available shipping supplies specifically for internal cushioning and outer packing to keep your goods in their tiptop form, just like how you shipped them out with utmost care.

Make it personal!

The days (or mostly weeks!) spent waiting for your international shipments to arrive is serious business.

Make the long arrival worthwhile by sending personalized notes along with your buyer’s purchased items. Giving away freebies as a token of gratitude for trusting your online shop is also a surefire way to increase customer loyalty.

Opt for a shipping carrier that provides an efficient delivery option.

Surprises can’t always be good, especially if it’s the unexpected charges upon receiving your package. Ship internationally without having your customers pay for tax and duties separately with APC Priority Worldwide Tracked (DDP) service! 

Your recipient no longer needs to worry about transparency and cost issues as fees will be credited straight to your Stallion account. We’ve created a price summary for APC Priority for quicker access to your much-needed information.


Make your eCommerce business known by reaching customers around the globe. Stallion Express has a wide array of international postage services that suit your shipping standards. 

We have a team of responsive CSRs that can help you navigate your path toward your logistical objectives. Register now for a free Stallion account and begin shipping to international countries with our streamlined platform!

Management is a make-or-break process for any merchant, but it is especially crucial for small businesses. As someone who’s just starting out, many factors will leave you feeling overwhelmed. 

With difficulties in services brought about by the pandemic, shipping becomes especially challenging for many businesses. However hard, shipping is also vital—especially for customers stuck at home. The situation prompts businesses to make sure they manage their shipping services well.

As a small business owner, the key is to learn. Know about the essential factors that you have to consider, and build a strategy that will work under these conditions. For locations like Canada, shipping costs are one of the biggest concerns. Here's a helpful guide to help you get started with efficient small business shipping in Canada

An Overview of Shipping Rates and Expectations in Canada

Shipping is Naturally Pricey

As an amateur merchant, this question might come across your mind: "Why does it have to be expensive here?" There are a couple of answers that best explain why shipping services in Canada can be expensive.

Customer Expectations of Canadian Consumers

Here are highlights of significant data collected from various reports. This showcases the increasing demands and expectations of Canadian consumers. 

Factors to Consider and Tips to Avoid Damaging Your Profits

As much as possible, it is crucial to know your exact shipping costs. It beats the anxiety to know the exact digits and it will be the root of your strategy in avoiding profit damage. That being said, you should begin with the essential factors to work on before creating your shipping strategy.

Package Size and Weight

Package dimensions are what shipping companies use to determine rates. Have your dimensions ready and look for a company that ships that package size.

Tip #1: Organize your inventory based on size and weight. Uniformity is a must when it comes to your package dimensions.

Tip #2: Find a shipping provider that delivers your package size at the lowest rates.

Tip #3: Practice secure and solid packaging to avoid additional costs.

Tip #4: You should know what specific documents you will need when your packages are shipped.


Location significantly contributes to and determines shipping prices in Canada

Tip #1: Continuously research customer location data and Amazon FBA as a fulfillment warehouse near your US customers. 

Tip #2: If you're planning to expand globally, work with well-established shipping companies

Finding the Right Courier

Find a reliable shipping courier to work with for your small business.

Tip #1: Ask the right questions. Find out if they cover your shipping destination, their cost structure, the cost policies, logistics, and customer services. 

Tip #2: Use shipping solutions to help manage your eCommerce platform. They're reliable when it comes to getting you reasonable shipping rates and discounts.

Building Your Shipping Strategy

There are several ways for small businesses to grow their profit margins while avoiding the trouble of too much cost. Here are some of the best tips for small businesses.

Tip #1: Use Third-Party Insurance: A shipping protection like Stallion Protection, is usually half the price of what other carriers charge, so this is a good starting point if you're a small business. 

Tip #2: Look Into Free Shipping: 88% of customers are more likely to purchase when they see free shipping. There are also chances of them buying more than what they intended simply because of the free shipping offer. If you're a small business, you could offer free shipping with a minimum order—this will help with your margins.

Tip #3: Go with Carriers: Although carriers are not as fast as courier companies, carriers are suitable for a large volume of shipments. They also vary in rates and services, so choose those that meet your business needs.

Tip #4: Don’t Neglect Automation: Automated features in your shipping procedure help maximize efficiency. An example is shipping software that provides precise and real-time rates during a customer's checkout. 

Tip #5: Give Back to Earth: Reduce, reuse, and recycle! You can reuse shipping materials and encourage your customers to do the same. An earth-friendly brand catches customers' hearts and contributes significantly to your business’s savings.


As a business owner, you should aim for a shipping service that helps you save costs and satisfy your customers at the same time. While both seem like opposite sides of the coin, with enough research, one can indeed work well with the other. Learn as much as you can, get started with your worry-free shipping, and give your customers a wonderful experience with Stallion Express! Get the ultimate shipping experience with the most reliable and affordable shipping partner in Canada! With a few clicks in your Stallion account, you can ship products across Canada, to the US, or even internationally.

Feel free to check out the perks that await you!

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