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Expand Your Business Worldwide With Fulfilled By Amazon International Shipping

Diana Zheng
July 5, 2022

The number of small online businesses increases each year, so it is expected to have a more crowded market and fiercer competition. Fortunately, Amazon has been helping entrepreneurs to survive the congested niche by offering different services to its sellers, including Fulfilled By Amazon international shipping. This article might pique your interest if you want to know more about it. Furthermore, it is also a good read for sellers who want to understand Amazon FBA and its services quickly. Read on!

How Can Amazon FBA Increase Your Reach Globally?

If you ask, "Does Amazon FBA ship internationally?" the answer is YES. The Amazon marketplace is a top-rated online shopping center that connects customers and sellers globally. It offers numerous services, such as Amazon Fulfillment, giving opportunities to merchants to send their goods internationally. It is another way for an Amazon seller to fulfill an international order.

To start, you have to create an Amazon Global account in all chosen countries you want to sell products. Basically, you will use Fulfillment by Amazon in the country where you listed your items on the Amazon marketplace. There is one exception to this rule. Assume you're already selling on one of Amazon's European marketplaces and fulfilling your orders through FBA. Using the European Fulfillment Network or Multi Country Inventory, you can use your current FBA account to complete Amazon orders from other EU marketplaces.

You can also utilize an Amazon selling tool, Build International Listing, to help you list a product from one marketplace to a target marketplace where the same ASINs exist for both exist in the same market.

On the other hand, many small online entrepreneurs worry about international shipping because it is a risky and tedious process. The FBA shipping allows the sellers to be burden-free from this process as they will do the shipping on their behalf. They have to send the products to the FBA warehouse, and Amazon will take care of the rest of the FBA shipment. Plus, you will earn an Amazon Prime badge which entitles you to Fulfilled by Amazon free international shipping.

It is important to note that if your inventory is located in a country other than the Amazon fulfillment center, you must export the goods from the country of origin to the destination country.

How much do you have to spend with Amazon FBA?

How Much Do You Have to Spend with Amazon FBA?

You will expect those Amazon FBA sellers to have different selling plans than a regular Amazon seller. Choosing your selling account is the first FBA fee you have to pay. You have two options, which are individual or professional selling accounts. You also have to pay the fulfillment fee and storage fee. There are two options you can opt for the storage fees: monthly storage fees and long-term storage fees. Lastly, other charges that you have to settle will include closing fees and refund administration fees. Note that sales tax will also be deducted from your every sold product.

Do You Have Other Shipping Options?

If you need a trusted shipping partner to send your products to the fulfillment center, you can rely on Stallion! It is the leading Canadian shipping provider, offering the most affordable shipping rates at faster delivery times.

However, suppose you wish to process and ship your products yourself instead of utilizing Amazon FBA international. In that case, you can be one of the FBM sellers and trust Stallion to handle your global shipping instead.

You can check Stallion's website to see its unique features and services.

Key Takeaway

Whether you choose Fulfilled by Amazon Ship International or process the shipping yourself, you have to ensure that your buyers will feel satisfied with your overall customer service.  

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